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The firing of State Dept IG Steve Linick may be a BIG HAPPENING.

[They] are fighting Trump & Pompeo hard on this one.

State Dept. IG under GWB left office January 15, 2008. Five days before the incoming Obama Administration was inaugurated.

The Inspector General of the Department of State heads the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of State and is responsible for detecting and investigating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the United States Department of State.
Ok, so let's backtrack. Within a week after winning the 2008 election, Obama and Hillary had spoke over the phone about possibly appointing her as Secretary of State.…
"Obama has already turned to many former members of Bill Clinton’s administration for help in his transition to power, including his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, and co-chairman of his transition team, John Podesta."
--As quoted in the article.
So Obama was in cahoots with Hillary dating back to before taking office.

This didn't begin towards the end of his presidency to ensure Hillary would win to cover his tracks. This looks like 8 years prior, before assuming office in January, they were already plotting.
November 21, 2008 it was reported that HRC would be appointed, however it wasn't official until December 1st, when Obama publicly announced HRC would fill the Sec. Of State role.
I found this archived article from SkyNews. The last paragraph states:

"By picking Hillary Clinton and giving her 'the jewel in the crown' it is clear he is serious about using diplomacy before military force."

So let's go back to the first tweet now. Hillary 'reportedly' was first asked about receiving the Secretary of State position on November 11, 2008.

Why is this relevant?
At the time, the current IG under Bush is testifying before Congress!!…
GWB's State Department IG, Howard Krongard, is charged with actively impeding probes into waste and corruption related to the war in Iraq and other matters.

Krongard testified in July, and in September, House Oversight Committee chair sends this letter addressing allegations.
Howard Krongard's brother, A.B. Krongard, served as the Executive Director of the CIA after being appointed in 2001. The #3 guy in the agency. The controversy between the brothers, was due in part to the fact A.B. acted as a middle man between government contracts...
... being awarded to Blackwater. That's right!! Erik Prince's co.! A.B. resigned 2004, one year prior to Howard, being appointed IG of the State Dept by Bush.

Howard came under fire for looking the other way, as oversight claimed "conflict of interest."…
I gave you that back story, because its important leading up to the crime spree that ensued with Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State.

Let me explain why that is CRITICAL HERE!
Quick recap:
July - State Dept. IG called to testify
Sept - Committee addresses charges and allegations to IG
Nov 4th - Obama wins election
Nov 11th - Reports of HRC being appointed Secretary of State
Dec 1st - Publicly announced

Ready for the bombshell?
State Dept. IG Howard Krongard leaves office January 15, 2009. Just five days before Obama's inauguration. Krongard was BIG NEWS! HRC was given the position, confirmed and sworn into office on January 21, 2009.
HRC served until February 1, 2013 as Secretary of State. 4 years!!

Meanwhile, her entire time at the State Department, OBAMA NEVER BOTHERED TO APPOINT AN IG TO REPLACE KRONGARD AT THE STATE DEPARTMENT during Hillary's crime spree!!!
Now, do you see why I bring up the backstory of Krongard?! Because before HRC was confirmed, before she was publicly given the position from Obama, before the election even, THEY KNEW THE IG WAS ON TRIAL!
It wasn't until September 30, 2013 that Obama appointed Steve Linick to take over the role of IG at the State Department.

Now why do you think [They] are raising hell about Linick being removed from office by Trump and Pompeo?
You think this guy is dirty? Ohhh I don't know, he came in after a 4 year crime spree by HRC and Obama.

Maybe Linick is apart of the fraud on the Trump administration by Obama/HRC holdovers.

I'll show you why I think that, especially with what you know now...
Inspector General Steve Linick had asked for what he called an “urgent” closed-door meeting with House members.... but only Judiciary Committe member Jamie Raskin showed up.…
The article states:
Raskin told reporters that Linick presented a packet of documents, some with Trump Hotel or White House insignia, rehashing conspiracy theories and familiar unproven charges of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden.
The article also goes on to state, Rudy Giuliani told CNN those documents that IG Linick handed to Raskin in an "emergency meeting," were written by himself, meant to be for Sec. of State Pompeo.

Think. October 19th. This is write at the time of the Ukraine call.
I'll let you put your own pieces of the puzzle together.

To me, it looks like Linick came in after HRC's terror at the State Dept. and covered up a bunch of the corruption. As it was being exposed, he played a role in interfering with the Trump/Ukraine investigation...
... and why would all this be a conflict of interest? Well, in recently declassified documents, we find out that Jamie Raskins' wife, then-Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Raskin, was one of the people who requested to unmask General Flynn.
This article by John Solomon, even asks the question... in what possible way, would it be of importance for the Deputy Treasury Secretary to request an unmasking of General Flynn?

Hmmm... you got some 'splaining to do Jamie Raskin. 🧐…
The SWAMP runs DEEP!

Steve Linick is a prime example. Justice is coming. It requires patience. You can see this one may provide lots of dirt, hence the reason the SWAMP is fighting back hard on this one!

Think for yourself.
Godspeed patriots!
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