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🐹 yoonjin rival rappers au: 2 🐱

Former rival rappers Seokjin and Yoongi have been dating for four years now. It's about time they get married, don't you think?

#yoonjin #yoonjinau

📍don't mind the time and date stamps
📍there are minor inconsistencies with hair color
📍you can directly reply to the thread or qrt, it's okay 🥳
📍enjoy reading 🥰
Yoongi's 5 dongsaengs concoct an elaborate plan to woo Seokjin off his feet so that "he'll have no choice but to say yes" was their exact words.
They would be renting a whole restaurant for the affair, hiring a string quartet, and scattering rose petals and little tea lights everywhere.

Honestly, Yoongi knows that Seokjin is a simple man and that such an elaborate proposal is not needed.
But Yoongi also knows that Seokjin deserves every effort. Seokjin, after all, is the love of his life and if a string quartet and the excessive use of rose petals is needed for the next step in their forever, then he'll gladly do it all.
The rest of the week proceeds without much fanfare. Seokjin and Yoongi go about their daily routines going to the schedules their managers have assigned them to and then going home to one another at night.
The work week draws to an end and finally the nerves finally set in for Yoongi. He's nervous, of course he is, because as much as the kids jokingly say he and Seokjin already act like a married couple anyways, this is still a BIG step.
And Yoongi, despite knowing how much he and Seokjin love each other, still has that annoying voice in his head polluting his thoughts with doubt. So yeah, Yoongi's nervous. A lot.
So when Friday bleeds into Saturday, Yoongi is wide awake on their bed staring at the ceiling while Seokjin quietly snores by his side. Yoongi's body finally tires itself out and let's him sleep on the wee hours of dawn.

"Good morning, Yoongichii" Seokjin mumbles while rubbing the sleep off his eyes.
"Yoongichii?" Seokjin tries again when he gets no reply, not even the usual grunt he receives on the weekends when they sleep in.
Seokjin peaks at Yoongi's sleeping form when he still gets no reply.
"Hmm.. still out like a light, huh?"
Seokjin smiles at Yoongi's peaceful sleeping face. 'He's so cute.. How did I get so lucky?' He thinks.
A few moments pass by and when Yoongi still doesn't stir despite Seokjin's light touches on his sleeping face, Seokjin finally relents and let's his boyfriend have another hour or two of sleep. Seokjin places a kiss on Yoongi's brow before leaving.

Yoongi wakes up to the incessant buzzing of his phone. He blindly reaches out his hand to look for the source, not yet prepared to let go of his precious sleep. When he finally locates his phone, he checks who keeps calling him.
What Yoongi sees immediately wakes him up, 124 missed calls from his 5 dongsaengs in the past three hours. He turns to his bedside table to check the clock. Fuck. He's got about 4 hours left before their dinner reservation. He's totally not panicking.
"Hyung?" Yoongi calls out from their bedroom. He gets up from their bed and goes to wash up in their en suite before looking for Seokjin elsewhere in their apartment.
"Hyung?" Yoongi calls out to the rest of their apartment. When no reply comes, dread seeps into Yoongi's bones. 'Oh no oh no oh no.. He's not here. I can't propose if he's not here.'
Before Yoongi can spiral further in his panic that his proposal is falling apart, the door to their apartment clicks. Seokjin walks in carrying shopping bags from their local supermarket. When Yoongi sees him, his face immediately brightens and his shoulders relax.
"Hyung," Yoongi calls out.
"Oh, you're finally awake. Hello" Seokjin walks towards Yoongi and drops a chaste kiss on his lips.
"You really slept in today, huh? I guess date night is moved?" Seokjin asks.
"I bought some ingredients for dinner since I'd figured you'd be too groggy to go out tonight." He says, gesturing to the shopping bags. "No!" Yoongi shouts out in haste then quietly amends it with "I mean, no."
Seokjin studies Yoongi because of his outburst, scrutinizing every tic that Yoongi makes.
"Okay, out with it." Seokjin finally says.
"Out with what?" Yoongi deflects.
"You're hiding something, I can tell." Seokjin raises on skeptical brow and that enough makes Yoongi break.
"I made reservations for that restaurant you like because I really missed you and wanted to do something romantic." Yoongi explains. "I didn't want a normal dinner tonight, we've been working so hard lately and I wanted to treat you." Yoongi replies, expression hopeful.
"Oh. You could've just said Yoongichii. Now let's go eat some steak." Seokjin smiles at him then goes to put the groceries away.

They dress accordingly, a little fancier as per Yoongi's askance, and then finally leave for the restaurant.
Yoongi's nervous the entire drive to the restaurant, but some of it is pleasantly dulled by Seokjin's reassuring hand intertwined with his. They arrive with minutes to spare before their actual reservation.
They enter the restaurant and what they see takes them by surprise. The restaurant has twinkling fairy lights draped on the walls, there's a smattering of tea lights on the unoccupied tables, rose petals are everywhere, and string music fills the air.
Yoongi's thoroughly impressed, his 5 dongsaengs truly outdid themselves. The entire place is beautiful.
"Yoongi, what's this?" Seokjin asks, turning to Yoongi with wide eyes.
Yoongi takes Seokjin's hands in his, looks him in the eyes, and smiles fondly.
"Hyung, I love you. Even before we met and wrote those diss tracks to make you notice me, I think I was already a little bit in love with you." Seokjin chuckles at Yoongi's words. "It didn't sound like that at the time, though."
"I know. I had a crush and didn't know what to do." Yoongi replies, looking sheepish. "Anyways, let me finish. Seokjin-hyung, with you I always laugh and sometimes my cheeks hurt from smiling too much.
I love how you get along with my family and friends. I love how you understand when I need our silences to be filled with your idle chatter or not. I love how, despite me being rude and writing you a diss track I didn't actually mean, you still opened your heart to me.
And I love how you choose me everyday, even when we fight and have dark days, you still chose me." Seokjin's eyes are shiny with unshed tears now, similar with Yoongi's own.
"Yoongi, I-- Of course, I choose you. I'll always choose you. I love you." Seokjin replies.
"Seeing you laugh at my dad jokes makes me want to combust because my favourite human is happy. I love your family and friends, even that little brother of yours that like to play-fight with me all the time." Yoongi laughs at Seokjin's words.
"Yoongi, you always keep me grounded. You know when I need to hear your comforting words or when to just hold me tightly. You understand me so well we don't even have to talk about things sometimes, you just know." Seokjin heaves a sigh, "That's probably our telepathy, huh?"
Yoongi laughs at their little inside joke. Telepathy, yeah. They have roommate telepathy. Seokjin's smile grows bigger and brighter upon hearing Yoongi's laugh. "Yoongichii, I love you very much."
"Thats good to know, hyung." Yoongi says. "I have one question to ask you though," Yoongi bends down on one knee and brings out the little velvet box tucked inside his coat pocket. "Seokjin-hyung, my jinjinjjara, will you marry me?"
A sob escapes from Seokjin's lips, "Yes. Oh my god, yes, of course." He pulls his now fiancé back to his feet so that their lips could meet. They spend a few moments just holding each other. "Is this why you couldn't sleep last night?" Seokjin whispers once they break apart.
"Yes, sorry about that." Yoongi answers. "Didn't think you'd noticed."
Seokjin raises his eyebrows, "I always notice you, Yoongi."

"Guys, can we come out and give you our congratulations now?" Hoseok's voice rings out from where they're hiding.
Seokjin and Yoongi's wedding is held by the seaside. Its a simple wedding with a tent, pink coloured flowers, and their closest friends and family. At night, the whole pace was illuminated by string lights hung across the entire area. They also had fireworks.
The end.
Thank you for reading 🥰
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While you're here, give my other aus posted on AO3 a read 🥺 Thank you 💜

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