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Won of the players in the Qanon Psyop @rothschildmd
made this tweet his Job is the Psyop is controlled opposition for a Grift to work you need to have good guys & bad guys & that is what Mike does. He an many others have been here since day 1 of #Qanon spending all day every day
attacking it all with out providing a single bit of proof to disprove it which is actually quite easy & the way he follows Q on Twitter he would not be able to miss a single proof in all this time that proves it is a Psyop. Nope not Mike just like the MSM his job is to be a Q
nemesis & that is why he uses his real name. See Rothschild is a made up name it is not like Jones or Smith you can have that name if you are not related to them & there is not a single one that does not serve satan. But that is the cool thing for him he gets to use his real name
& that just feeds into the #Qanon narrative. Psychopaths just eat that shit up. See if no one was their to attack Q them people would be less likely to get taken in by the grift. In Grifting the good guys & the bad guys are controlled by the same people. But while he never does
more than call names I did find a proof in his post, one so obvious I did not even need to click on it. I saw it in the sample pics. This girl right here is Demon possessed something he did not catch or he never would have posted it because that goes against his part in the Psyop
When a demon enters the human body the shape of the pupils change & they never match each other as you can see in this enlargement. It is what they Deep State hack David Ike calls reptilians his job is to distract you with something absurd like a magician so you can't see what
is actually happening. They can not have people believing in demons. Sure they may say that they worship satan but have you ever noticed it is all in a way that sounds like they are just stupid like it is another religion. Think back at all the stuff you have seen they never even
hint he is real. It is all aliens & reptilians & clones. I study psycopaths & sociopaths I have for years. I seek them out because they are fascinating to me. They are so completely opposite to normal people. So I have seen many times a person being possessed it is not like in
the movies. Their personality just changes right in front of your eyes like someones soul was removed & another was put in its place. It is not scary at all not the ones I witnessed but I imagine that with some of these other people in can be like Madonna or Hillary because
they have done a lot of evil to get where they are. None of the people I dealt with actually sold their sole they just did something stupid like to much meditation or having a black magic tattoo like the ying yang simple on them because they thought it was cool. That is the thing
about black magic it still works even if you don't know what it is. I am also blessed with a lack of fear of them so when one gets uppity I just star them in the eyes with this look like you don't want to mess with me. They will stare back for about 30 seconds to a minute & turn
away & then the personality will change. I am saying this in case it ever happens to you. Don't fear them it is the only power they have. Now this is not to be confused with the eyes of a sociopath or Psychopath with them you will see the whites under or above they eyes or both
as you can see it is not always there it happens when they switch off that part of the brain that is in charge of empathy & compassion they can actually control that, it is what allows them to commit such unspeakable evil as well as just be normal con artists that lie & cheat
Hillary has very bagging upper eyelide she should not even be able to get her eyes to do that but it happens automatically when that switch gets tripped.
Now back to Liz. You can be born with a defect that causes your eye to look that way & it is usually in one eye but either way it is a defect it does not go away & you can find many pictures & videos where she does not have it as seen here. They say the eyes are the widow to the
soul & this might be the very place that, that comes from because when a demon is possessing someones body you can see it happening in their eyes. Notice how they eyes are not even changed the same way. When it happens in every case I witnesses it was like their pupils instantly
turn to liquid that moves weirdly around in their eye as you see in 1 eye it is going down & the other it is moving to the side. Like their pupils are melting then for the most part it stays in whatever shape it moved to & stays that way as they are talking. They never stick
around long with me. Likely because once they get settled in they notice I can see them. I have seen videos of celebrities where it happens for much long & the shape continues to change though. I have just not seen that personally. It is just another proof that these people
running the #Qanon grift are not good people or Christian's like they claim. I mean the fact they post of fetish sites should have been proof enough of that but these people are evil demons can not possess good people satan has no power over God people but they have to actually
His people no one can fool God they only fool themselves He knows who truly loves Him. #Qanon is a Deep State psyop & the deep state serves satan & know that he is real they have chosen him over God because you get to to whatever you want & get things you
did not earn & don't deserve. They prefer that to being Good people and playing fair @threadreaderapp unroll
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