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Promises made Promises. Now that is the Kind of Nuke I am talking about Sir You the Man as they say. This tiny little paragraph won't mean much to many but it is so huge & literally changes everything It is one powerful major Nuclear Bomb on a global enemy that will set the
Internet Free that will give it back to the people & I am going to explain to you how in this thread. In 2004 I did a a video for a company that asked me to explain the Future of the Internet & How it would change the world. A new frontier of wealth a prosperity for everyone
willing to do the work. Like those who went out West in the old days to find gold & strike it rich. At the time I made many prediction to which the experts of the time all told me I was crazy & would never happen & all of them did every last one except the big one which I even
said in that video that less than 1 % of the true potential of the Internet was even tapped & we would not reach its full potential until certain things happened but they would in fact happen. One thing that I did not put in the video was something that no one agreed with me at
the Time not even the company I did the video for & that was that this relatively new company by the name of Google was going to destroy the Internet they thought the exact opposite & thought they were great but guess what I could not have been more right not only did they
destroy it but soon afterwards other joined them, companies like facebook. I saw the whole thing coming & watch it devour & consume the entire thing. I spoke up about it none stop the entire time but back then it was different back then every body who was anyone knew who I was
Many of the things you see online today originated from me & my ideas things like Amazon which was out & out stolen from me. Things like Google Books actually come from speeches I made back in those days. One day a friend asked to meet with a group of business men about an idea
that they had. Now I was of the mind that I just want to change the world I wanted this new world of the Internet to happen & freely offered my expertise to the world. Except for the Bezo's thing he is just a sleazy POS that actually stole an idea he pretended to want to partner
with me on but I digress because he is not the topic of this thread. So in this meeting they started sharing these ideas & when I tried to add insight into them they shut me down like I did not know what I was talking about. No this made me mad at them for a few minutes but as
continued my anger switched to my friend. The reason why was because I thought I was being punked. I sat their & listened & they said they need to take a brake & could we come back in an hour & they left so my friend says see aren't they great I told you that they think just like
you? I said this is not the slightest bit funny I have been listening to them for 2 hours do you think that I just have all the time in the world to just play games like this? She said whats wrong don't you like their ideas? I said of course I like them they are my F---ing ideas.
She said well I know that you guys think alike that is why I introduced you. I said no they are my ideas & they are talking to me like I could not possibly understand them. She said I am sure they are just similar people sometimes have the same ideas. I said go to their website &
then I sent her 1 of mine. I said do you see that? It is not only my exact worlds but the same color & font from my website. And I showed her a bunch of other things that proved it was all mine & she was shocked. I said so this really is not a joke & she said no. So I later told
the story to one of my biggest client & he said that does not surprise me at all. I said but these people had no idea who I was how could they know all this stuff nearly word for word & not know my name. He said because you are probably the most plagiarized person online. He said
I will prove it. Give me a web address on any of your sites or any site that you created the content on. I did & he put it is a site that tests for that. It had been plagiarized over 37,000 times & that was back when most people online today had never even used a computer. I am
not telling you this to brag that would be impossible given that I am on Twitter anonymously for a reason. I am doing it to illustrate what these companies have done between then & now. So I went from being one of the most well know people online to being someone that if I did
give you my name you likely would not know who I was. In fact more people had heard of me then they had heard of Google when Google had been in business for 5 years. Because & many CEOs have said in front of large crowds when Introducing me "I have never met anyone who knows more
about the Internet than Jennie" So this story is the perfect place to explain what they actually did to the Internet. See I was not some 15 minutes of fame person I was famous for a reason & I was not the only one. So how did I go from being one of the most famous to someone who
most people to day have never heard of & what happened to the rest? As the saying goes "when you own the information you can bend it all you want"? That is exactly what happened. They took over the information, they bought up competitors & shut them down, they paid people off &
completely took over. They started out my having people flood the Internet with worthless information. Back then with about an hour training I could teach anyone to find anything they wanted online. That was part of the future of this great new frontier that was forming. A smart
person could actually find cures for diseases from their computer & I actually did that & cured myself of Wilson's Syndrome & disease discover 30 years early that had no cure & guess what over a decade since I cured myself it still does not have a cure. Here is a hit it has
nothing to do with cooper. If I had to do it today however it would be impossible thanks to Google. So why was I able to do that with that Internet & not this 1 or how was I able to do it at all? Because back them every medical study being done was online. I did not need to test
on an animal I could just find a study that already had & analyses the results. Medicine treats symptoms by mind does not work like that. If your body is too low in a hormone the doctors give you the hormone my mind says what has stopped the flow of the hormone lets find that &
fix it. So that is what I did. I found the problem & fixed it. I don't take anything to manage it because I fixed the problem I did not patch it. My ability to see & utilize the power of the Internet was what made me so famous. So if you could imagine the Library of Congress...
with all of its books & information where you could find anything what is someone went in and destroyed the indexing system, removed the names from the book & just dumped all the books in a pile? You would have destroyed all that information ever though it is all still there...
because no one is going to go searching through that pile looking for anything even if they wanted to they would never find what they are looking for. That is what Google did to the Internet. They started producing tons & tons of websites full off useless information. Well they
did not do most of the work they incentivized others to do it and Amazon & ClickBank came along & helped so now when you searched for a dog breed rather that getting all the sites from the dog breeder you got all these other sites that were just like mini search engines
themselves they were just like a paragraph about the breed and a link to another site and the page had 5 or 6 of them & most of what it linked to was the same thing. It was like pages and pages of books with no cover any you had to open each one to check to see if it had what you
were looking for. Why were they doing it well one reason was ad space to build their advertising empire. See people could make these sites in a matter of minutes by just writing 1 & putting the content into a content spinner and it would give a new paragraph that said the same
thing using different words. And people make money for making the sites by putting Google ads on them and when they were clicked they got part of that money. Google has this way of making their ads so small that people really have no idea what it actually is until they click it.
And they & the site owner gets paid whenever they do. Then they place these ads in places that make you think that that is what you are looking for but when you click it its not. But that is how the system is set up. Google has another trick they do to to make you think that
their advertising actually works. It is fraud, I can prove it and have been since 2011. What they do is they have it programmed so that when people click on a Google ad it raises the ranking of that website in the search engine & if you are on the first page of google you are
definitely going to get sales but they are not from your ads. It is illegal but they have it set in their algorithm in such a way that only an expert like me would ever spot it & who am I going to tell? Shall I scream in from the shadows that they have had me buried in for years?
It is I was to do that who would even believe me as I am someone who few have even heard of today. Get it? Shortly after the company that I was consulting for was purchased by them they went about making me disappear. I remember when @realDonaldTrump was running for office people
started saying they are doing this thing called shadow banning it is this new thing where they make it look like you are online but very few people can actually see you. I nearly busted a gut laughing. This was not something new this has been going on for well over a decade. They
just did not know about it, you know why? Because you can't hear about it from people it happened to because you can not hear them at all. I have been written about in some of the biggest publications online & it was not until recently that you could even find them. In fact
I have some that were 3 years old that you could not find until about a 2 yrs after Trump was elected. You could put the whole title of the article in & it would not come up in any search engine. Now they don't do that to everyone of course but they do have lists of people like
me who they make damn sure don't get out which is the reason I am anonymous on Twitter because when I am not I get suspended for no reason at all. I get suspended on accounts within hours of making them before I even say boo. By controlling the information google insures that
that great new frontier never happens for the vast majority of people. They control what is popular & what is not. On the Internet a hand full of companies literally control the world. It does not matter if you create something great because no one is going to know about it &
they will just steal the idea & have someone else do it. If you are not in the club it does not matter if you have millions of dollars you are going to lose it on the Internet because they are going to destroy what you build they are going to hide you from the world. One example
a company called WOWApp it is like whats app only it has a lot more but it is different in that it shares its ad revenue with its users. It is about 5 years old the company has office around the world & it is the best by far of any program in its class. But I bet you never even
heard about it. & you know why? Because Google makes sure of it & so does social media I follow it because it also uses a model created by me one that if it was not for these tech companies & what they are doing would make them the biggest companies in the world. These companies
don't just have better product but even if they were exactly the same they would still be more popular. I mean would you switch to another company like Twitter if it paid you a couple thousand a year for doing the same exact thing? Of course you would. But even though wow is a
ad server for Google they still don't want them to exist because once they are big enough they won't need Google will they. So for the first 3 years they were in business if you put wowapp into a search engine it did not come up on the first page & Whatsapp & News about it did.
It is literally sending their clients to a competitor someone in the club. Interestingly one of my products go reviewed in a major publication & one of Googles was in it to. They still blocked the article so no one would see mine that is how far they go. Wowpp also does not
advertise at all because the money they would use for that is paid to its user so users were buying advertising on Google for WOWapp & you know what Google did they placed the ads in Wowapp only so the only people that say them were people who were already members & would click
thinking it was some kind of message from the company. It was not until I noticed it an reported it to them that it finally stopped. So people were spending money every time they were clicked the advertiser just assumed that people were not interested in wowapp because they were
paying for all these clicks & no one was signing up for the free programs so they just stopped. Google lost a customer but that does not matter what matters is controlling the Internet. Facebook came along and go people to stop making their own websites & start making Facebook
pages instead & people spend a fortune building up their followers then in 2013 I believe it was they made it so that only 10% of your followers would see anything you post so each post was shown to a different group so no one would notice. If you wanted them all to see it you
had to pay & it is a ridiculous sum of money that you would be stupid to pay if you did & even then it is for just that post. I have used tracking links on posts to track how many people see a post & put them in groups with millions of followers. This is what happens in the 1st..
half hour it would get a bunch of views & then they would just stop cold. They would never register another view. The only way that could happen naturally is if every people in that group was online at the exact same time & I am talking about millions of people. That is how long
it takes for the program to do its thing & hide it without the poster knowing it has been hidden. So you have all these businesses that should have Websites but don't trying to run their business on a foundation working to make sure the people you bring their actually go to your
your competitor & you are the one who brought them there to begin with tell them to follow me of facebook & now they have a new customer they would not have for their clients if it was not for your hard work. But that is not all On Android & Iphone they have complete monopolies
That means they control the whole thing. They will hide your apps or not allow them at all if they compete with one of their own. They will block reviews & have people write bad reviews even though fake reviews are easy to see most people don't notice & they will lie about how
many download or views something has. I one launched an app that said it had 1 down load even though I have a team of over 100 beta testers who were actually in the app I could see it from inside my control panel & communicate with them in it yet Google play said it only had 1
download but they are so stupid because it actually had 5 review & you can review an app without downloading it. So that is how they control what is popular they have programmed the masses that something is only good if it have a lot of downloads, Likes or Views but they
control those. You can check this yourself. Go to an apps that you know is made by google or own by them & read the reviews what you will find is many that make no sense at all for the app itself. The reason is they pay people in 3rd world countries to do them but they pay so
little like $1 per thousand that the people are literally just coming & pasting them into app after app. I once forced Itunes to put my app on their platform they first turned it down saying they could not allow it because it had these certain things in it & I told them it does
have any of those thing but I gave them a long list of apps in their store that actually did have those things & told them I was going to use their rejection & that info to sue them so they let it in but I did not win because as I said it is a complete monopoly they control
everything in your app they control if it works & if it does not. So what they did was whenever I had an up date to my apps they would take 6 weeks or more to actually up date it so that the people on android & the people on apple were seeing to different things & complaining to
me nonstop about why & when was it going to be the same & I had to answer each of those people for 6 weeks until it got so bad it was costing me a fortune is support to have it in there & I pulled it so in the end they one not me. Google play does the same kind of things not
with update but just as bad. I could see just how many people were on my app how many ads the were seeing etc from my platform then I have my Google ad account that told a completely different story which means they were not paying me a fraction of was I was actually earning but
they had no idea that I could see that they don't know what my back code looks like but what am I going to do sue one of the richest companies in the world? He is another example there was another company called Google play, Firefox, Google & IE all
started giving error messages when you would go to their site. They were not the same message but it was a message saying that the site was not safe now normally you can just over ride that an make an exception but you could not do it with & like I said it
was different on each 1. I was in another country when that was going on & one of them was giving me a message saying it was blocked in the country I was in where if I went to another browser it was not blocked in the country but I go the non passable warning message saying the
was not safe. But what Android did was what actually put them out of business because most people using the site used it on mobile you could not get their at all through mobile remember Android controls the whole thing it is a monopoly. But they had an app but since Android
controls the app when you went inside the app appeared to work but none of the videos would play because Google was not allowing that part to access servers & all the users just though was full of bugs & did not work so they gave it
a bad review & deleted it & once you get enough bad reviews you are done no one is going to download an app that has 3 stars. was a very promising YouTube competitor people preferred it because it did not sensor people. That one little paragraph changes
world in ways you can not even begin to imagine it is going to completely change the world because it stops them from doing all of it & opens up that new frontier back up again. But I am going to make a couple prediction that you can take to the bank that are going to happen
first. First you are about to witness a bloodbath on the Internet that will likely spill out into the real world. These SOB are not going to give up control of the Internet without 1 hell of a fight in fact they are going to fight until they literally destroy themselves. Mark my
words on this if I am wrong it will be the very first times in 30 years of making prediction about the Internet. They are going to fight to that point because that is what sociopaths & psychopaths do & that is what these people are. They can't lose losing would mean they are not
superior to the rest of us & that is not a reality that they can live in so they will fight & fight until they literally destroy themselves & force the government to cease control of them. Once that happens we will need time to fix the mess they have made of it which will mean
new companies, specifically & foremost a search engine that actually works & please don't reply to this with a suggestion of one you know about because their are none most use Googles engine & the rest just suck & you would not know the difference if you did not see the Internet
pre Google. You will just have to take my word on that. Once that search Engine is up & full operational winning its place through true honest completion you will start to see the world change rapidly you will start to see new millionaires & billionaire popping up over night
because that is what you get in a free market when you have the whole would as your market place & people are not hidden away fro the rest of the world where someone can get rich selling home made cookies for example without having to pay some site for the privilege just...
because they are the best & word has spread. You will have people from all over the world investing new products, finding new cures, creating awesome new games & app the like you never thought were possible rather that what we have today which is 1000s candy crush games with
different names & graphics & every other game having the same thing. I swear if there is actually 100 unique games that are not just rebranded in Google play I will eat my hat. But the way things are their is no money in creating a new game because it is never going to make it no
is every going to see it so even those who can to day don't . It will be a whole new world where average people will be able to have their own successful business that they run from their home. We already have every thing we need to do it we just need to slay the beast
controlling it now. I have waited so long for this day to come. People will no longer be force to live in huge cities it won't matter where they were born or wear they live it will be an equal place & an equal opportunity but like I said it is going to be a blood bath first
these companies can't compete on an even playing field & they are not about to give up the hundreds of Billions of dollars that they make in a year. So hold on to your hats folks because only God knows where things are going to splatter. @threadreaderapp unroll
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