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1) To all of you self-proclaimed "republicans" or "conservatives" who are begging .@POTUS to declare #MartialLaw & unleash the US Military on the rioters, you are nothing more than a bunch of rabid lunatics who r playing right into the hands of the #NewWorldOrder and #DeepState.
2) They want you to beg for the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act, because just like the #PatriotAct - once that happens, that will be the #NewNormal.

Then once you are desensitized to seeing the US Military on the streets, you can drop your pants, and bend over ....
3) to take (with a smile) whatever they want to give you - including forced vaccinations, which .@POTUS AKA #BLOATUS stated the "US Military would help administer" as he signed the #OPerationWarpSpeed Bill.
4) What did the #PatriotAct & the #NationalDefenseAuthorizationAct (#NDAA) do for 'Merika?

Did it make you safer, or did it give the #FBI #InfraGard #JTTFs #DHS #NSA the right to gang-rape many of us for our assets and reputations - in addition to having our Constitutional ....
5) Rights suspended, which in turn opened the door for 24/7 harassment & surveillance in order to destroy our families & interfere with our livelihoods?

#TrustThePlan - is that it?

LO Focking L.

This is the plan you dumb lemmings.

To see this as a "partisan" conflict ....
6) when in reality we have a #OnePartySystem - in which "democrats" and "republicans" are both corrupt as fock.

The present state of America is not the fault of the "left" per se.

Indeed it is the fault of the entire population who has allowed corruption to continue ....
7) unabated on both sides of the aisle.

Since most of my follower-base is right, I have no need to reference the socialist trash on the left; but I will reference Lindsey Graham, Cheney, Pompeo, Papa Bush, GWB, All-I-do-is-yap (never any action) Trey Gowdy & now .@POTUS ....
8) who abdicated his power to socialist maggot #JaredKushener and #Ivanka (another known socialist) #Pompeo, #Gates and Fauci.

Here is a example of what suspending the #PosseComitatus & unleashing the US Military will look like in the United States:

9) Our "troops" and LEOs are brainwashed fools, tripping on power and they have absolutely no problem with shooting at your or your family.

Remember #RandyWeaver?

That is becoming the #NewNormal instead of an exception.

Why didn't the LEOs and National Guard ....
10) move in on the looters and rioters, screaming "Light them Up?"

Instead they attack women on their own doorstep, in a peaceful US neighborhood.

Y'all ready for #LockDown Stage 2?

The #NWO #DeepState and Trump's socialist advisors were not content with 40 million of us ....
11) suddenly unemployed, mom and pop businesses destroyed and the education of children, college & university students halted.

Now - as many of us have experienced with the #HumanScum AKA #FBI #InfraGard #JTTFs #DHS & #NSA they r going to gang-rape you for everything you have.
12) "Oh, #BackTheBlue" you cry.

Well I do back LEOs - except for those that engage in #FusionCenter-coordinated terrorism at the behest of the #FBI #DOJ #DHS.

What happened to #GeorgeFloyd was a tragedy, but "our Boys in Blue" along with #FBI #InfraGard #DHS have also been ....
13) targeting white, Christian, conservatives and their families since BEFORE 9/11 and it grew worse under the Cheney-Bush regime and then went on steroids during the reign of #BathHouseBarry Sotero.
14) The following programs (many which constitute domestic #terrorism),


all now all "rolled into one" and presently coordinated through #FusionCenters ....
15) as the "American #PhoenixProgram" which constitutes hard-core domestic #terrorism (by #FBI #DOJ definition) sanctioned and perpetrated by #FBI #DOJ #InfraGard #JTTFs #NSA & the US #CyberCommand.

In reality, the Posse Comitatus Act was discreetly suspended after ....
16) the US-organized 9/11 #FalseFlag Op in which thousands of Americans died within a few hours - and even more during the subsequent two decades as #FBI #InfraGard #DHS #DOJ #JTTF personnel circle-jerked over their power-grab and seeming impunity whilst engaging in ....
17) the asset-rape and destruction of innocent lives, under color of law.

So those of you who are calling for the US Military to be unleashed (AKA suspension of the #PosseComitatus), blame your own selves for the inevitable destruction of your lives and families ....
18) because you begged for the "government to come save you," instead of becoming a rational voice in a vacuum comprised of irrationality - or a community leader.

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