Talking to a lot of people who’ve never been in a physical confrontation who are full of opinions on the right way to police ghettos or de-escalate an agitated mob. Seen too many movies where some philosopher-cop pulls out the perfect line that makes all involved see the light.
There’s a reason cops are cops and you’re the one who calls the cops when someone scares you in a dog park. Putting hands on violent criminals who don’t want to be touched isn’t for everyone. It probably isn’t for you.
We’re hiring people to do a job that gets 85 of them murdered every year. There are some 800k cops in the US. For reference that’s more than all Army & Marine Corps ground forces combined. If there was a lever that could fix this problem, it would’ve been pulled long ago.
That’s not to say there aren’t better ways, but there’s is no perfect way to police violent ghettos where black markets dominate the economy, and if there was, no way to get 800k cops in 18k departments to do it every day. This isn’t fixable the way you’re hoping.
The problem is that there are ghettos, that they’re racially defined, that they’re full of people raised on pop culture that glorifies anti-cop violence, that experience has taught people not to trust authority, and historical grievances that no reform or reparation can rectify.
Protesters and leaders speak in vague platitudes about “seeking justice”, “ending racism”, and “reckoning with the past” because none of them - and none of us - have the first clue how to improve the situation within a time frame that’s acceptable to anybody.
The prison population is at a 20-year low. The black prison population is down 25% since 2006. That’s progress or nothing is. But meaningful improvement will take decades, and in the meantime Officer Chauvons will still run into George Floyds.
These riots have set in stone another few decades of ghetto immiseration. Corporations will recoup their losses, small businesses will be destroyed, residents with the option to leave will do so, city tax revenue will plummet. I can guarantee it because it’s happened before.

• • •

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23 Sep
It was obvious at the time, but it’s no longer disputable that the CIA, Big Tech & corporate press colluded with the DNC to censor true reporting about clear political corruption by Hunter Biden, and serious evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement.…
Conservatives and Trump supporters will not be surprised by this, but my hope is that any liberal/left-leaning who consider themselves good-faith actors, and not simply win-at-all-costs ideological fighters, will listen to this and consider its meaning & long-term implications.
It is possible to be happy, in a general sense, that Trump is no longer President while still recognizing that what the CIA & Big Tech did w/the Hunter laptop reporting was a perhaps unprecedented perversion our system. It’s the kind of thing that ends republics.
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11 Sep
After the recent episode, many are asking for recommendations on how to approach Dostoevsky. Rather than answering all the emails, I’ll do it here. 1/5
Start w/Notes From the Underground. This is the first book where D finally unlocked the secrets of underground psychology: how pride, vindictiveness, spite, ad masochism disguise themselves as virtue. It’s a book of astonishing honesty. Everything follows from here.
Next do Crime & Punishment. If two is enough for you, make them Notes and C&P. I like to describe this book as the story of the protagonist from Notes From the Underground if he had read Nietzsche as a young man. Real-life examples like Leopold & Loeb make it visceral.
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4 Sep
Today is 100th anniversary of the surrender of West Virginia miners to federal troops at Blair Mountain, ending the largest labor uprising in US history, and the most serious insurrection since the Civil War.

The Battle of Blair Mountain was only the climax in a decades-long battle between mining communities and the coal mine operators who controlled their lives and were intent on preventing unionization.
America was still being built, and regional economics was inextricably tied to infrastructure expansion. Coal mines closer to accessible rail & industry had an inherent advantage over mines in southern West Virginia & Kentucky, and the difference came out of the hides of workers.
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3 Sep
Why are liberal urbanites so willing to submit to the any draconian COVID regime? hope Rogan dies? demand irrational measures beyond medical guidelines (eg, masks for vaccinated kids outdoors)? They break the rules when they think no one’s watching, so it’s not fear of the virus.
The thing is, they don’t feel it as a burden because it’s become a game. The game is an old one: identify and punish heretics. There are actual prizes: 15 mins of fame for chasing ppl out of restaurants, rushing Trump on stage, leaking docs, and… harassing COVID rule-breakers.
It’s the gamification of totalitarianism, and there’s a sick brilliance to it. Ordinary liberals actually get excited at the prospect of greater restrictions. They adopt them like a uniform update, no problem, then march out into a newly target-rich environment, locked & loaded.
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1 Sep
This tweet explains the vindictiveness of the woke managerial class, their need to “shove it down your throat”, etc. A normal adult doesn’t point to childhood drama as the driver of his politics of resentment. The whole thread (+ most woke politics) is a revenge fantasy.
The most interesting part of the thread is how his political taxonomy emerges from childhood trauma. He codes the dumb bullies from elementary school as red America, and the soft bullied kids like him as blue America. And all of his politics proceed from that.
He describes - brags, really - about how the soft, bullied kids like him fled to ally themselves w/state & corporate power structures and now wield vindictive power over the kids who used to oppress them. Only a deeply damaged man could say these things in public without shame. ImageImage
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25 Aug
Many right-wingers have been so jaded by the left's constant moral blackmail that they make themselves callous & insensitive to protect against it. Many refuse to admit any compassion because they fear that it will be cynically used against them. And they're right, but it sucks.
Not really. 99% of the people I'm talking about hate most Americans, too. They say "America First" and talk about loving "their own people", but usually all they have for "their own people" is venom about how brainwashed, cucked, etc they are.
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