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Dear @timcast

It's not possible to have armed civilian patrols protecting their own neighborhoods while reducing cops to an administrative capacity.

In fact it's one of the worst ideas ever conceived.

You can't train part-time volunteers to the level of professional law-enforcement officers.

Neighborhoods security is much more than walking around with a gun.

Cops have sophisticated communications gear, driving skills, aircraft, psychological skills, crowd-control skills...
Deescalation skills, incredible marksmanship, the ability to work in teams, the ability to immediately recognize suspicious behavior...

The list goes on forever.

Remember George Zimmerman?

How'd THAT work out?
We're LONG past the point at which posses can function.


The press and social media is not the real world.

Cops make 10 million arrests per year.

They kill an average of 500 people in the process.


Have you watched any police shooting videos lately?


"Shoot me! Shoot me, bitch! Shoot me!"
A pawn shop owner in Omaha FIRED WARNING SHOTS, and an unarmed looter attacked him anyway.

He killed the guy, and his friends said that they wouldn't be "degraded" by people trying to stop them from looting.

Civilian patrols will result in WEEKLY RIOTS.
The killing of George Floyd is the most dishonest exaggeration I've ever seen in my life.

FOUR COPS did it.


You know what you're saying?

We need to ban cars if one of them has a mechanical design flaw that kills people.
Remember the Toyota struck accelerator?
Toyota hid the design flaw, and they paid.

I would've forced a much larger penalty on them, but whatever.


People could've put the car in neutral.
There's no excuse for what Toyota did.

But if you're going to drive a car, you need to be PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

In 1995, an 18-wheeler in the lane next to me jackknifed in the rain.

Here in California, everyone drives faster in the rain because they're imbeciles.
I was ready.

The truck was going too fast, so I slowed down to let it pass.

The driver lost control, and the cab turned 180 degrees so that it was facing me.

I knew the trailer would swing into me, so I went onto the right shoulder as fast as I could.
The swinging trailer missed my front bumper by about six inches.

The trucker regained control and drove on, indifferent to the fact that he'd almost killed me.
I had a homicidal homeless woman who kept coming onto my property and kicking my back door.

She kept shouting that she was going to kill me.

The cops arrested her five times. After one arrest, I found these where she was taken down.
I've been told that it's meth pipe.

I wouldn't know.

So she's insane AND on meth.

The last time she came on my property, the cops didn't arrest her. They made her go away.

They were no longer arresting people for trespassing and making death threats.

Pandemic rules.
I'm heavily armed, but California law says that I have to let the person break in and physically attack me with a visible weapon before I can defend myself.

People say, "I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six."

A nice slogan, but not good enough.
Legal bills will bankrupt you, and activists will burn down your house.

So you have to be smarter.

I decorated my yard and gardens with beautiful chunks of concrete poured in 1913. I'd broken it all out from the garage floor of my house in 2000 and saved the pieces.
Each piece is about the size of a Burger King Whopper.

The homeless woman always crows like a rooster.

Where she sleeps in my yard is out of range of my security cameras. There's absolutely no way to film this one spot. You have to go out and look.
Since it wasn't dark yet, I didn't think she'd be out there.

I put on my leather work gloves because it was a chilly evening.

Warm hands are nice.

When I opened my back door--it swings inward--and quietly stepped out, a man shoved me from my left.
It was an ambush. The man came and stood beside my back door, and the woman crowed to attract me.

I fell on the driveway. Next to my right hand was one of my decorative pieces of concrete. I picked it up and got to my knees.
The guy looked like this.

He had something in his right hand, obviously a shank.
"Yeah, bitch! That's right, bitch! Wassup? Wassup? Come on, bitch!"

He came toward me.

People never expect you to close with them.

I hit him the ribs with the concrete. He doubled, over putting his head right in front of me. I neutralized him.
Then the woman attacked. She weighs 300 pounds, so it was more like a waddle.

The man sort of followed the sound of his lady, I guess, and we ended up on my front porch.

Somehow she fell down, and her meth pipe got shoved up her nose. Don't ask me how.
Then I guess her boyfriend accidentally stamped on her face.

They left. They'll never be the same again.

I took a picture of the porch. Each garden chair weighs about 50 pounds. That's her blanket.
That's the first time in my life that I ever had to use my training.

I'm 57 now, with severe osteoarthritis of the spine and hip.

Nice to know 30 years of practice created muscle memory.

Nobody got shot. It happened too fast for me to call anybody.
A civilian patrol wouldn't have done anything, because these people are demented meth-heads.

And civilians don't have the right to stop people on the street and interrogate them.

Sure, the cops in my city are useless, but armed civilian patrols will ATTRACT TROUBLE.
Did you ever hear about the legendary Los Angeles jewelry store owner who shot and killed a total of six armed robbers in four different robbery attempts?

He closed his business because it became a matter of honor for street gangs to take him out.
Armed robbers hit GUN STORES.

The reason crime dropped dramatically for so many years was longer prison terms.

The crime rate in California is skyrocketing.

Gavin Newsom opposes incarceration for ANY crime.
"People don't belong in cages."

The only answer is to move out of madhouses and let them go down the drain.

With armed civilian patrols, it's only a matter of time before they gun down totally innocent drivers or passersby.
Cops must identify themselves.

Armed civilian patrols DON'T have to.

Would you stop for a guy standing in the middle of the street and holding an AR-15?

Of course not.

And then he'd shoot and kill you.

Cops make 10 million arrests per year.

They kill an average of 500 suspects in the process, most of them armed.


This is all political.
We have to remain calm and rational.

If I can defeat tow maniacs trying to murder me, you can darn well not fall for the LIE that everything is going to hell.



We need more of this.…
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