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A thread on Ukraine:

You are watching, unfold before you, the Ukrainian trial run that led to events playing out on your TV’s all across America this week.

Same corrupt players, same goal and @realDonaldTrump and we the people UNITED is the last thing standing in their way
Everything in quotes in thread is taken from an article (linked at the end) describing the documentary “Ukraine on Fire”.

It is the same globalist criminals all working together to achieve what they did in Ukraine. Ukriane was their trial run & became their money laundering OP
“The attacks escalated from torch marches similar to Nazi days to hurling Molotov cocktails at police to driving large tractors into police lines”

Antifa anyone? 🤔
“American politicians visited Maidan, as both Republicans and Democrats, such as Senators John McCain, R-Arizona, and Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut. stirred up the crowds.”
“On Feb. 20, 2014, a mysterious sniper, apparently firing from a building controlled by the Right Sektor, shot both police and protesters, touching off a day of violence that left about 14 police and some 70 protesters dead.”

This is the scenario at the WH they so hope for
“With Kiev slipping out of control, Yanukovich was forced to negotiate with representatives from France, Poland & Germany. On Feb. 21, he agreed to schedule early elections & to accept reduced powers. At the urging of Vice President Biden, Yanukovych also pulled back the police.”
Sound familiar?

Replace @JoeBiden with @MayorBowser or any other politician promoting lawlessness. Let’s face it, Joe is grandpa Antifa and relegated to the basement so he doesn’t expose plans by mistake.

This is a trap that @realDonaldTrump is not going to fall for.
They want very badly to have images of violence or even death as the White House is breached by “protestors”.

They can then run this in a 24 hour loop as propaganda for their sheep.

[they] aren’t going to get that footage but they will get indictments.
“On Feb. 24, Yanukovych asked permission to enter Russia for his safety and the Ukrainian parliament (or Rada), effectively under the control of the armed extremists, voted to remove Yanukovych from office in an unconstitutional manner because the courts were not involved and
the vote to impeach him did not reach the mandatory threshold. Despite these irregularities, the U.S. & its European allies quickly recognized the new government as “legitimate.”

NWO folks don’t care about rules or constitutions. They are mere impediments during lawless journeys
to an end goal of world dominance.

“But the ouster of Yanukovych had all the earmarks of a coup. An intercepted phone call, apparently in early February, between Nuland and Pyatt revealed that they were directly involved in displacing Yanukovych and choosing his successor.”
“Nuland favoring Arseniy Yatsenyuk, declaring “Yats is the guy” and discussing with Pyatt how to “glue this thing.” Pyatt wondered about how to “midwife this thing.” They sounded like Gilded Age millionaires in New York deciding who should become the next U.S. president”
Ya don’t say? 🤔

That’s actually what they do and HAVE DONE!

This was the Obama admin replacing the leadership in Ukraine. The same Ukraine that @JoeBiden oversaw. The same new “leadership” that paid his son millions for a no show job he was uniquely unqualified for
“Anti-coup demonstrations also broke out in the city of Odessa to the south. Ukrainian nationalist leader Andrei Parubiy went to Odessa, and two days later, on May 2, 2014, his street fighters attacked the demonstrators, driving them into the Trade Union building,
which was then set on fire. Forty-two people were killed, some of whom jumped to their deaths.”
Are you seeing any parallels here?

@BarackObama , Soros, @HillaryClinton , [McCain], @ChrisMurphyCT USING far left groups, far right groups and other rioting paid agitators to do their dirty work.
Make no mistake, Antifa & BLM, you are being marched toward certain death by the people signing your checks & promising you the world.

YOU ARE PAWNS & you are expendable collateral damage to them.

Don’t believe me?

Look at this article carefully & compare w/events last week
“How could the State Department know so little about what it was about to unleash, given Ukraine’s deep historical divisions and the risk of an escalating conflict with nuclear-armed Russia?”
Uhhhh, they knew exactly wtf they were doing and it’s exactly WHY they did it.

Our corrupt officials now had a corrupt regime they could control and launder money through and they did just that.

“While high-level corruption persists today in Ukraine and may be even worse than before, the conditions of average Ukrainians have deteriorated.”
Ya don’t say?

@BarackObama @HillaryClinton overthrew Ukraine, put their hand picked people in place and Ukrainians have suffered because of it?

They never gave 2 sh*ts about the Ukrainian people. They needed a corrupt, controllable foreign apparatus and they got it.
There is a reason democrats like @ChrisMurphyCT get nervous when you mention Ukraine election meddling in 2016. He is afraid of being exposed.

Too late Chris!

You were there, in the middle of it all, & you left a massive evidence trail. What did Barry & HRC promise you? Money?
List of bad actors:

Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
George Soros
[McCain] - Sen AZ
Chris Murphy - Sen CT
Victoria Nuland - Asst Sec of State
Geoffret Pyatt - Ambassador

Plenty more - refer to my other threads on Ukraine
Here is the article that the quotes are pulled from.

It is a summary of the Oliver Stone documentary “Ukraine on Fire”. Worth the time of you can still find it.

The parallels are undeniable.

Same corrupt people effecting the plan…
The man that [McCain] & @ChrisMurphyCT were beside is a Neo-Nazi, anti-Semite.

All for the EU Chris?

“However, the party's past is seriously murky. When it was founded in 1995, the party called itself the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), & it had a swastika-like logo”
“One of the “Big Three” political parties behind the protests is the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” After the 2010 conviction of the Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk
for his supporting role in the death of nearly 30,000 people at the Sobibor camp,Tyahnybok rushed to Germany to declare him a hero who was “fighting for truth.”
@ChrisMurphyCT stood shoulder to shoulder with a pro Nazi party in Ukraine and has the balls to call @realDonaldTrump a white supremacist.

Please RT this so that people can learn the truth about this hypocrite, weasel and maybe the media can ask him what he got out of it
Ukriane was a cold, miserable and dangerous place to be at that time but it didn’t stop [McCain], @ChrisMurphyCT @amyklobuchar and @LindseyGrahamSC from being there to support radical, ͏p͏ro-Nazi and anti-Semitic elements in Ukraine.
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