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Cheap dopamine is a trap that's f*cking your potential.

So let's talk about it, and how you can fix it.

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Cheap dopamine sources are known as "Supernormal Stimuli."

Common examples are:
- Netflix
- junk food
- social media
- pornography
- video games

Each release amounts of dopamine that would be impossible to experience in nature.

Porn is by far the worst, all harmful tho.
Modern humans spend much of their lives consuming these.

Why does this matter?

When your brain is flooded with dopamine from these

It becomes "too intense" - your brain essentially goes...

"Woah! That's a LOT. Turn it down!"
So it does exactly that - it turns down the dopamine response.

By reducing the number of dopamine receptors in your brain.

That same stimuli you've been consuming now gives you less of a buzz

Because there are less receptors for dopamine to bind to.
Now that you're not getting as much dopamine from that stimuli..

You need greater stimulation to feel the same way as before.

So you seek that... flooding your brain with MORE dopamine.

Your brain then reduces the number of receptors even more.
This creates a vicious cycle:

- Reduced receptors, need more stimulation
- Seek more stimulation
- Need more stimulation
- Seek more stimulation

Eventually you get to a point where you have so few dopamine receptors that your reward center is "burned out."
Dopamine burn-out looks like this:

- Lethargy
- Lack of motivation
- Loss of enjoyment of life in general

Conversations aren't as enjoyable.

A beautiful sunset makes you feel nothing.

Hanging out with friends isn't as appealing.

Know anyone like that?
You reach a point where your reward center is so burned out that all your brain wants are supernormal stimuli..

And it's no wonder why:

They are the only thing that allow it to feel anything now.

This is a HUGE problem.
Dopamine controls your motivation for everything.
If your reward center is burned out you'll be lacking the zest, passion, energy and drive necessary to live a good life.

If it's really bad, you won't even want to get out of bed.

Good news though!

You can fix it.
You fix your dopamine reward center by pulling away from these activities.

If you watch porn regularly, cutting that out is the best way to start.

It does far more damage than most of the others.

However cutting back on the other activities is big too.
You'll notice most of these activities involve technology.

One of the best things you can do to help your reward center heal and function better

Is developing some new habits that are less technology oriented.

Read, write, journal, draw, exercise, Qi Gong, walks in nature..
The more time you spend AWAY from these huge stimuli

The more your brain will repopulate its dopamine receptors.

As your brain heals you'll naturally find yourself enjoying little things more again

You'll feel more drawn to less stimulating activities..
Life will start to become all around more enjoyable again.

If you really want to go scorched-earth and take it to an extreme

You can also experiment with dopamine detoxing

This is when you starve your brain of dopamine for a while to repopulate receptors more quickly.
For example: going two days with no technology or other dopamine sources AT ALL.


Phone is off.

No computer.

No sexual stimulation.

No alcohol.

No drugs.

Just you, a journal, nature, books - though some recommend avoiding even books.
This process in theory repopulates your dopamine receptors much more quickly than they would otherwise.

And there's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to support that.

Just look up Dopamine Detoxing on YouTube.

You'll find protocols & people's experiences.
So check yo'self.

Don't fall into the modern trap of endlessly consuming supernormal stimuli.

Thanks for making it to the end!

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