On January 15, 2015, Buhari tweeted this..

Today, 5 years under him, far more "NIGERIANS ARE DYING EVERYDAY DUE TO (his) INCOMPETENCE".

This man fooled his followers, tricked this country & scammed Nigerians!
Let's call for his resignation.

#BuhariResignNow Image
Today, Buhari has so much blood in his hands that the nation has lost count of any estimates of people that have died under him, from Boko Haram attacks, Fulani Herdsmen barbarity, banditry, kidnappings, politically-motivated disappearances & armed robberies.

Despite all that's happening, Buhari's propaganda machines, as long as they get paid or benefit from the bloodletting, continue to fool Nigerians along with their master.

In sane climes, Buhari would have since resigned from office for someone else to try!

The only other time Nigeria bled this much was during the military regime's civil war.

We can not continue to be fooled!

In @MBuhari's own words, "We cannot be the country that loses the essence of our humanity.."


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📌 If victim is conscious (awake) and breathing but only bleeding from a wound;

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