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Daily attacks are normal.
But, what are the odds this particular hit re: FB censorship push comes the next day? [think battlefield and mission(s)]
The 'Guardian'.
Information Warfare.

@juliacarriew Cant Hide
RT Frens! #WWG1WGA #GodWins #DigitalSoldiers…
Quote: “Everything about our research suggests that these people are not irrational; they’re hyper-literate, even if they’ve come to beliefs that are empirically inaccurate. That’s partly because they have a fundamentally different epistemology to judge what is true and false.”
LOL that is Will Partin talking.

Maybe he's right!!!

Maybe we're *shudder* Using a different epistemology!
This is Will Partin 👇

You'll be forgiven for thinking he looks more like a Guevara fanboy than a respected Philosopher of Epistemology
Call me old fashioned if you like

But I don't think a professor is an unimpeachable source

See the fallacy "Appeal to Authority"

Don't be intimidated by "credentials"
The root of "credential" is the same as for words like "credible" or "creed"

You know, like telling people who are "credible sources," and who are not "credible sources"

The truth of a proposition is not determined by its "credibility" but by whether it is true.
Truth is what corresponds to its referent.

Truth about reality is what corresponds to the way things really are.

Truth is “telling it like it is.”
That is why truth doesn't need to be defended

It is what it is

You don't need credibility [journalists, scientists, researchers, academics] or authority to defend something that it truth.
The reality is truth is a stubborn thing, it doesn't care what you think of feel.

You think the honey badger is badass?

Reality is unforgiving for people who live in fantasy.

But isn't that the crux of the problem?

We are living in a time when fantasy is paraded as fact

Where antirealist ideologies are not only the norm, but in fact seek total supremacy

We know that Civilization cannot survive the decent into the irrational…
Quote: “When a common sense of what is real and what is correct breaks apart, it becomes nearly impossible to reach a democratic consensus.”

Guess what, Will Partin agrees!

This is not controversial:

Civilization cannot thrive if they cannot face reality
Let me ask the question differently:

Is this about truth, or is this about the election?

Is this about REALITY, or is this about POLITICAL POWER?
Friends I know I've gone on this topic that seems academic and distant compared to pandemics and riots

But how you answer Pilate's question

"What is Truth?"

Literally determines the future of human civilization
The word "Enlightenment" literally means to give intellectual or spiritual light to; instruct; impart knowledge to

America was built upon the foundations of the Moderate Enlightenment (Locke, et al) and the Didactic Enlightenment (Thomas Reid, Scottish Common Sense Realism)
This is why the theme Dark to Light keeps coming up

Going from a state of blind unknowing to a state of learning the truth

Waking up from the night of dream (antirealism) to the day of awakening (realism)

Some proofs you have to experience for yourself
So who are we going to be?

Are we going to be relegated to living in the darkness or are we going to be children of the light?

Put another way

Do we believe what other people tell us is true
What they tell us to believe

Or do we use our abilities to find and discover truth?
In every tribe, society and civilization in history

There was one class of people who had the unimpeachable right to tell the culture's creation narrative

They alone were allowed to tell it, establish it, verify it.

They were the culture's priest-class
With the Enlightenment, the power of discovering, knowing and telling the truth became the province of not just a few, but of every man

It unleashed humanity in ways that are still reverberating throughout civilization today
Despite our progress we have a new priest-class that wants the exclusive authority to tell the story of mankind for themselves

They are a new priest-class that seeks for themselves control of the platforms & of the information that is shared

They want to tell us what to believe
Journalists are the priest-class that seek full control of the story of our times

They want the sole right to tell our story of who we are as a people and what we have seen and experienced

With social media, the authority of the priest-class is being challenged as never before.
That is why the priest-class at The Guardian sent Julia Carrie Wong on her mission:


You have a choice.

Do you simply bow down, cow to the power, and accept the new ruling priest-class narrative without questioning or objection?

Or do you relentlessly seek the truth, dispute the lies, challenge the narrative, post+share the truth, teach and share with others?
The point where living within the truth ceases to be a mere negation of living with a lie and becomes articulate in a particular way is the point at which something is born that might be called the “independent spiritual, social, and political life of society.”

- Václav Havel
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