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Please take note:-
There is a section of #LGBT lurking among us who are trending #ACAB meaning all cops are bastards, not because they have something to do with justice or some other shit but because they qre highly influenced by the #DefundThePolice campaign of the U.S.
you'll see them more often now a days, you can identify them if they've bios filled with gender pronounce, photos of BTS or any other feminine men, have mentioned colour of their skin, their sexual orientation or have 🌈 emoji, on their bio or if they claim to be a fan acc.
This is a new found fraud & radically aggressive community, who is hell bent on bending our free speech and thought process, by playing victim or by attacking in groups, their existence is solely based on emotions they have got nothing to do with science, biology or evolution.
In short, they go around insulting hindu gods, indian armed forces, and conservatives for believing in what they believe in, because they think it's cool and allows them to write resistance or anti state slogan on their accounts. these people have no ideology but opportunism.
as i said there are anomalies in every society perhaps that's why they can't relate to anybody and can't find ideals, these butthurt (literally) snowflakes are high on emotions due to their newfound identity.
they think that if few socialist leading U.S. citizens can pull of the stunt like Defund the PD and demonize the whole police deptt. for few bad apples, they'd be able to do that here but they don't know that conservatism started to take over the globe here 1st, not in the U.S.
now the que. arises why the sudden growth in anti police sentiments? reason is that in TN a father son duo was sexually, mentally and physically brutalized after which they died, (check #JusticeForJeyarajAndFenix)
this hatred stems from neo Marxist literature where everyone perceived to be in power is protected as evil, these frogs in the well are socialism junkies who have no vision as to how should we reform the police but since they know shit, what they do is ostracize cops.
in the garb of this hashtag, they are propagating anti-cop sentiments (dangerous precedent) all over SM, noted they know a little about the social complexity of societies, they live in their own bubble thinking everything can be solved with emotional outrage w/o blinking.
slandering cops & abusing them gives them cheap thrills because police is perceived to be as a symbol of power more than Justice in India which is not good either, to me the country is on a boiling point in which case the silent majority will be deciding the endgame.
many have gotten emotional due to the custody killing of Fenix & Jayraj but wait, before we spill anti-police shit, we gotta ask ourselves
1- Are all cops bad?
2- does every cop join the force to persecute Innocents?
3- do they fear death but putting themselves out anyway?
I've watched police participating in relief work, capturing criminals, helping people especially children from trafficking, abduction, domestic violance, terrorism, drugs, SC/ST from caste based violence and now Corona virus and many things i can't even remember right now.
so are we just going to slander every cop who has or will help us at some point, the idea of demonizing cops and asking people to not engage with them is dangerous, while being at a new place i didn't trust anyone but a cop for whereabouts of certain places.
where does that confidence come from? simple, i've witnessed people that were helped by the police more than those who were brutalised, they were actually very few and the rogue cops were taught a lesson even in those cases, to describe the mindset of these twats i've a story.
i belong to a lower middle class family, while growing up i used to walk more than 5 miles to commute to my school, one day i saw a typical police gypsy, i asked them for a ride and was asked to hop in, in return, out of curiosity i asked them if i were to witness an accident.
and informed the police, will the police bother me for continuing visits and will they keep me under the radar for suspicion?
i didn't get a straight yes/no ans. but the cop said "you watch movies too much" and he laughed, i didn't ask because i was afraid of the police too.
several years later i reported an incident where a drunk bloke had an accident and no one even the adults were even touching him, he was not dying but was in immense pain, so i got near to him raise his hands and leg and asked if he could feel them? to which he replied yes..
i immediately called the emergency number and gave them the location, time of the accident and conditions, i asked for a medic, and after knowing the person on the other side was satisfied i hung up, within 10 minutes there was an ambulance and a police van, cops jumped out...
19 a rush and medics attended the wounded person, they asked for the called to which i responded, the cop pet my back and appreciated me for a call that i made, asked other people to take actions as well while looking down on them for not doing so..
as i was in a rush, i asked if i can go, to which they responded yes sure, thanks!
i was very encouraged by their behavior, i've sought help from them many a times and they did help w/o even me filing an F.I.R., my state police literally have "Mitra" as a prefix to them.
These people who are villifying the indian police have actually never participated in any social work arranged by the police, majority of them doesn't know what a police station looks like from inside let alone experiencing the police brutality, so who are these people?
Ans:- these people are among those who are suffering from identity crisis, desperate to find some ground to hold themselves off, these sociaopaths are not to be trusted, their judgement is flawed because it stems from emotional aspect of situation.
but does that mean that i blindly support the police actions, no!
i know that bureaucracy and corruption is part of the PD but isn't it the case in every deptt.? so then why do we treat cops as if they lack souls, or compassion? pretty weird right!
i know the police need massive reforms inside their deptt. and get rid of the boss culture but it doesn't mean that we should get over enthusiastic and abuse our hard working cops for few rogues, we need to know that there is a fine line b/w criticism and abuse and while you..
are down at this vile path of abusing our hard working cops again, we need to ask are all cops? it is time we stop responding the silly statements of these druggies with abuses but with facts, we need to restore faith of the people in our police departments, Share your story.
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