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On this day in 1976, two Palestinian members of the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary PFLP and two Germans from Far Left terror group Revolutionary Cells hijacked an Air France plane on a stop from Tel-Aviv to Paris via Athens. 1/
They diverted the plane to Entebbe, Uganda – then ruled by brutal despot Idi Amin who personally welcomed them. After landing, they separated the passengers based on whether they were Jewish/Israeli or not. Non-Jews were permitted to leave. 2/
Some of the hostages had numbered tattoos on their arms. Several accounts recall how terrified the Holocaust survivors were as soon as they saw the Jewish passengers being separated. They screamed in sheer terror seeing this horror repeating itself before their eyes. 3/
Most of you will be familiar with the rest of the story. The Raid on Entebbe on 4 July, was a daring rescue led by Sayeret Matkal commander Yonatan Netanyahu (Bibi's older brother). Yonatan was killed in action along with three of the hostages. 4/
All the hijackers and 45 Ugandan soldiers were killed. A 74-year-old British-Israeli hostage, Dora Bloch, who a few days earlier was sent to hospital in Kampala, was murdered in her hospital bed by order of Idi Amin. 5/
90 Jews and 12 Air France crew members (who heroically remained with the hostages) were rescued. There are so many details to the story I would love to mention, lesser-known facts that people may not be aware of, but I'm writing this mainly to underline one central point... 6/
the hijackers were from the Far Left. You see, the Far Left love to pretend that they are the on the side of angels. That they are the paragons of virtue and righteousness. It is this very conviction that takes on a quasi-religious quality. It opens them up to zealotry. 7/
The Revolutionary Cells was a rabidly antisemitic organisation, staunchly anti-Zionist, convinced that Israelis were the new Nazis. To them, anyone who didn't agree with them was a 'fascist', 'elite', 'establishment', 'imperialist', and 'Zionist'. They hated cops and liberals. 8/
When one of the Shoah survivor hostages showed his Auschwitz tattoo to one of the Revolutionary Cells terrorists - Wilfried Böse - who recoiled protesting that "I'm no Nazi!... I am an idealist". Böse was understood to have been plotting to kill Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal. 9/
Revolutionary Cells members denied they were antisemites, claiming they were motivated only by anti-Zionism. They wanted to kill the head of the German Jewish community - Heinz Galinski - because of this 'anti-Zionism'. 10/
In a letter to Der Spiegel, they railed: "instead of reflecting on Galinski's role in the crimes of Zionism, for the cruelties of Israel's imperialistic army, you don't reflect on the propaganda work and material support of this guy, you don't see him as anything other than...11/
... 'a leader of the Jewish community', and: you don't reflect about what to do against this fact, and what could be done in a country like ours. You avoid this political discussion and get excited about the supposed 'antisemitism' of the Revolutionary Cells." 12/
"Everything that is going on now indicates that the intention is the opposite because the struggle against us has become the main purpose. But this will not work! The cops, the justice system, the destructive prison conditions, the torture, the CIA, and the Zionists..." 13/
"...did not succeed in destroying the guerrilla in Germany or anywhere else because resistance and struggle are and remain necessary." By now you may be feeling like this is the sort of language you may have come across from the modern Far Left. And you'd be right. 14/
You see the same patterns of constructing overly simplistic goodies vs. baddies grand narratives. A moral crusade to shadowbox with the big bad wolf of 'imperialism' manifested most commonly in a pathologically obsessive hatred for the world's only Jewish state. 15/
When this desperately deluded 'struggle' against 'the establishment' (and their various 'accomplices', 'traitors' and falsely conscious wrongthinkers) inevitably fails spectacularly – all that is left is to drown one's sorrows in the bitter brew of eternal victimhood. 16/
This is what you'll hear now from the Far Left Corbynista cultists now as they finally begin to grasp how impotent they really are. The betrayal narratives, the victimhood. The 'media', 'the Blairites' and, of course, 'the Israel Lobby', 'the Zionists', and 'the Jews'. 17/
I know this thread is long, so I won't go into too much detail on the PFLP, but suffice it is to say that they share a similar ideological zeal to their German comrades. They have murdered dozens of Israeli civilians - Druze, Arab, and Jew. And children. 18/
They kidnapped a father, Danny Haran and his 4-year-old daughter Einat in Nahariya. One of the PFLP terrorists - Samir Kuntar - shot Danny at close range and then drowned him to make sure, in front of Einat. Then Kuntar used the butt of his rifle to smash the child's skull. 19/
Einat's mother, Smadar, was hiding in a crawlspace with their 2 year-old daughter Yael. The poor child was terrified. In an effort to protect her child from the terrorists, Smadar accidentally suffocated Yael due to trying to stifle any sound she might make. 20/
They murdered Leon Klinghoffer, an elderly American Jewish man in a wheelchair who was shot, killed and then thrown overboard of the Achille Lauro ship. His murderers demanded the release of Samir Kuntar – the man who smashed a 4-year-old's skull and is lionised as a hero. 21/
Despite all this, the PFLP have friends in the Far Left here. Leila Khaled, PFLP terrorist involved in two plane hijackings spoke at the Marxism 2012 conference alongside Owen Jones, Gary Younge, George Galloway, and Tariq Ali. 22/
The Canary ran a fluff piece two weeks ago claiming that "labeling the PFLP as a terrorist organization is as ridiculous as it is hypocritical," and that they are "perfectly entitled to engage in armed resistance" summarising that this was a: 23/
"pathetic attempt to uphold the absurd notion that the West’s imperialist crimes are legitimate, while the slightest attempt to resist them is somehow illegitimate." 24/
Finally, here's St Jeremy the peacemaker laying a wreath for the masterminds of the Munich Massacre with PFLP leader Maher al-Taher. Four weeks later, a Druze police officer and four rabbis in shul would be hacked to death with axes by PFLP terrorists in Jerusalem. /ENDS
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