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Donald Trump Speech from Wisconsin Shipyard June 25
The speech of #POTUS is like a monologue. He starts his speech "Thank you, Lee Greenwood. Thank you very much. Hey, it’s a good song, isn’t it? Lee Greenwood".
Lee Greenwood was born in 1942.

Important events that happened in 1942.
Definition of Greenwood
"I’m thrilled to be here with you on this incredible summer day in Wisconsin on the edge of the beautiful Lake Michigan".

Why did #POTUS said summer? Definition 👇
World War Two: Summary Outline of Key Events
#QAnon ImageImageImage
#POTUS speaks to us in double meaning "I know you went through a little bit of a hard time, not anymore, not anymore. Got you covered for years"
He is speaking to all of us & he has as cover for years.
This is not another 4-year election.

Trump '4EVA'
"Moments ago, I walked the length of the Majestic Freedom class combat ship that many of you have been pouring your hearts and souls out for over a year".
Fincantieri’s FREMM Wins US Navy FFG(X) Frigate Competition - Part 1: FF...
"It’s truly an incredible place, and now the world is watching because you’re here, not because I’m here, because you’re here. But the world is watching you,"
Inter-Dimensional Communication
Undisclosed with Emery Smith
"We’re pleased to be joined as well by commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, a legend on Wall Street, and he’s putting his magic to work"
#POTUS is saying "We’re pleased to be joined" POTUS and somebody else are joined & this other is putting his magic to work?"
"We’ve developed it over a period of time, and we’re up to almost 30 million tests". Could @POTUS be talking "About 30 million years ago North America began to override the East Pacific Rise, an oceanic spreading ridge?"
Human Trafficking by water!
#Q… ImageImageImageImage
They’re big, they’re expensive, and we’re making now thousands a week, and we’re helping many other countries. They call, and they need help because this horrible virus has hit 188 countries, if you can believe it. It came from China, and it hit 188 countries. Not good, not good. ImageImageImage
"It came from China, and it hit 188 countries out of China. Not good, not good". This can be the the countries that are members of the World Bank. 189 including China.
Soon we will be free from the World Bank and will have #NesaraGesara!
#WWG1WGA… Image
At (04:40) #POTUS is thanking "Steve, wherever you may be. Thank you very much. Thank you".
Steve in JG= 900, EG= 426 & SG= 71
Flynn= 426 & 71
Is @POTUS making reference to @GenFlynn?
Is he thanking him?
Is #POTUS going to name him VP?
Did Flynn accepted the proposition?
#QAnon ImageImageImage
At the same time #POTUS said of "the future of this historic shipyard was looking… Can I use the word bleak? Yes, I think we can. It was looking bleak. You were down to 44 people that was getting ready to close up". Also, mentions 44=Renegade
44 is bleak & locked!
#Q ImageImage
"We’re going to have a better year next year, I think, than almost any year in our history".#POTUS is telling us, next year is going to be historic.The best year in History of mankind. Is @POTUS and #Patriots around the world going to finish with the DS/Illuminati/Satanic?
#QAnon Image
"FX, is that good? FX.FX. Is that good? FX. 4X #POTUS mentions FX! = Foreign exchange market!
Interesting how the FX is mention twice in @POTUS speech! Is NESARA GESARA coming next year?
#AmericaFirst ImageImageImageImage
(08:02) I heard that maneuverability is one of the big factors that you were chosen for the contract. The other is your location in Wisconsin, if you want to know the truth".
We want to know the truth Mr. President. Is this the route for human trafficking?…. ImageImageImageImage
(09:03) #POTUS says, 1500 full time employees and an "15,000 additional new jobs will be created through the Wisconsin supply chain. You notice that’s not a supply chain going through China and going through other countries. It’s called the Wisconsin. Isn’t that nice?"
#QAnon ImageImageImage
(09:37) #POTUS NAFTA has been bugging him for 25 years. That's why he became President. They will no longer take advantage of the US. @POTUS mentions "Oh Canada, beautiful national anthem, right? Oh Canada but, they were brutal on trade".
#MAGA ImageImageImageImage
(10:21) "It’s all going to be made right here in Wisconsin. American workers like you are a national treasure.
You are indeed victory at sea. Victory at sea...Your eight decades of industrial heritage could not be replicated anywhere in the world".
#Q ImageImageImageImage
(10:58) "That’s why we’re protecting our defense and our defensive industrial base, which we’re building up stronger and stronger and stronger. And we have other places all over the country just like this".
#MAGA2020 ImageImage
"we have places, great places, incredible people, tremendously, tremendously successful people, people with tremendous talent and we’re doing other things in other locations like the missiles, like the rockets, like the tanks, like all of the things that we’re building".
#QAnon ImageImage
(12:26) "As long as I’m your president, America will never lose that ship building talent or capability...As long as I’m your president, America will never lose that ship building talent or capability".
#MAGA Image
(13:18) "We rebuilt our military. Our military was totally depleted. When I became your president, we had planes that were 50 years old. We had a military that was tired. It was very tired from years of fighting, endless wars, wars that never stopped."What happened in the 1970’s? ImageImageImageImage
(13:18) "Our military was totally depleted. When I became your president, we had planes that were 50 years old. We had a military that was tired. It was very tired from years of fighting, endless wars, wars that never stopped, and you see what’s happening at that front".
#QAnon ImageImage
(14:14) #POTUS speaks of our Military: "but they weren’t given the right equipment so now they are; two and a half trillion dollars. Each [inaudible 00:14:30] will boast a 32-cell vertical missile launcher to take American justice to any foe if necessary on air, land or sea". Image
The ship is 30 times more powerful than the previous generation. That was one that got me. 30 times, think of that. 30 times more powerful than the previous generation, and it will carry an MH60 Seahawk helicopter and an unmanned MQHC Fire Scout drone.
#WWG1WGA ImageImageImageImage
(15:22)"We have other things coming. And you’ll fashion the ultimate symbol of American power and American prestige. Wherever the FFGX cuts across the horizon, it will go as a 7,500 ton message to the world that American might is second to none.… Is second to none. That’s right. ImageImageImageImage
7,500 ton message
#QPost 1855 & 3650
Why did NBC have a 'confidential' con call yesterday w/ a few of its news affiliates re: the need to remove 'potentially' sensitive Tweets?
Panic @ NBCNews?

PANIC IN DC! ImageImageImageImage
(16:01) "I’d like to take a moment to recognize just a few of the hardworking patriots who are helping to bring these monumental ships to life. And that’s what they are. Gary Iad is the third generation of his family to serve at this shipyard. He has worked here for 17 years..." ImageImageImageImage
A generation = 30 years
Again #POTUS is repeating the 30 X3= 90
What is he trying to tell us with # 90
#QPost 1930
9 again!!!
Trust the PLAN
Gary has worked 17 ys
17=Q Image
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