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@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant In multiple interviews Malcolm Michaels Jr, AKA Marsha P (Pay it no heed) Johnson was very clear - HE was a GAY MAN who dressed in women's clothes.

That the Googlearchy fails to report Historical Fact is no Surprise - It's a Woozle Factory - See Woozle Effect

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant Whilst many Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) have demanded that Johnson was there ate the opening of the Stone Wall Riots, Johnson was very clear that he arrived after they started.

The needs of some to abuse history & the world to further thier agenda is a known issue.
@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant That so many Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) Ignore the words of the person they are using is indicative of mob mentality.

Mobs can & will do anything. When they were avised that By Historical Record "Stormé DeLarverie", butch black lesbian was known to be the person who

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant .. started the Stone Wall Riots whilst calling "Why don't you do something" as she was dragged to a paddy wagon by the Police, the RTAs demanded She had to be Trans. Thay also first denied her as Whilst Black her skin tone was White

So Very Very Very Racist of them.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant The Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) & The Googlearchy also refuse to consider Primary Historical Sources such as Eye Witnesses.

A Classic example is Fred Sargeant who was there. Because Fred debunks the Trans Mythology of Trans people throwing the first brick he's targeted.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant The Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) have relied upon what iI call Hollywoodification.

Many take Hollywood versions of The Stonewall Uprising as Holy Writ.

I've seen claims that the 1995 film "Stonewall" proved that Trans people started it.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant In the 1995 film a fictional Mafia Fucking, Black Trans Person called "Bostonia" starts the Riots by punching a police officer in the mouth.

It's a fictional portrayal but many actually believe it's Truth and believe it with Cult-like mentality.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant The 2015 film "Stonewall" is itself fictionalised and the main character never existed.

The filmmakers chose to Fictionalise the start of the Riots & conveniently placed a Brick in the handbag/purse of Marsh P Johnson to agree with memes & trans demands...

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant .. but completely against the Historical Record.

Johnson was clear that they were NOT present at the start and arrived at about 2.00 am.

Again this Film Fiction is taken by many Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) as actual proof of history. Due to their Cult Mentality...
@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant ... Trans Radical Activists (RTAs) refuse to accept what a person said they did when it does not fit the Mythology.

Another Person who is Mythologised way beyond any rational level is Ray Rivera aka "Sylvia Rea Rivera" who claimed to have started the Riots.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant Rivera was not present when the riots started.

Rivera was uptown at Bryant Park where he had been left by Marsha P Johnson. Bryant Park was a haunt used by trans prostitutes and for the imbibing of Heroine. Rivera openly admitted their drug habit.

Rivera was not there

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant In this year - teh 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising there has been a Tsunami of Insanity and cult furvour around Trans.

From Woozles To Mythology To The Wholeseal re writting of LGB History on Wakipedia and other such sites it has been Stagering in it's scale.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant The wholesale renaming of individuals with Birth names Removed and Supposed Trans Names kept under claims of Dead Naming being VIOLENCE.

The retroactive Transing of pronouns has also skewed the Historical Record. It's Very Orwell and 1984.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant Most telling is the actual History of PRIDE has been suppressed to meet the needs of the Cult Of Trans.

The people who actually made the First March, now called Pride, have been whitewashed out of LGB History by Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) and how media Bent the Knee.

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant The First Prides weren't called Pride, and in New York it was the "Christopher Street Liberation Day".

It was not organised by Trans people, and their involvement was basically to turn up on the day and be photographed.

The people who did the Hard Work, ..

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant .. the people who did the Heavy lifting and slogged on for a year to make that First March happen have been whitewashed out of history to make way for the Trans Mythologies.

The names washed away

1. Ellen Broidy - the Mother of Pride

The Historical records are there

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant 2. Fred Seargent - Eye witness to the start of the Stonewall Riots - partner to Craig

3. Craig Rodwell - Campaigerner, Actavist - owner of one of the world's First GAY bookshop "the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop".

And there are more...

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant Now all we can do is wait for the false and abusive PRIDE history that has been written to be Deconstructed and corrected as far as possible.

Future generations will look on 2020 as a year of Homophobic Abuse and Worse - Erasure.

Many LGB folks now think Pride is dead and over.
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