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Schiff just walked into a trap. Read the part about the CODEL travel records, which were supposed to have been disclosed in the Congressional Record by now, but they were left out.…
It was **never** supposed to come out that Schiff's own staff had been in Afghanistan in February & were briefed on the Russian bounty info.

They tried to cover their tracks and pretend this came up independently of Schiff. That's why the trip isn't in the Congress. Record.
But once again, just as with the Ukraine hoax & Ciamerella, Schiff and his staff are coordinating this hoax behind the scenes, then acting like it's being brought to them by "whistleblowers".
Oh, what I would have given.... be a fly on the wall... that Gang of Eight briefing on the Russian bounty classified intel... Schiff tried to **explain** to the other 7 members...

...why he didn't say one damn word about this to them since February!
See, Schiff had this unverified and uncorroborated Russian bounty classified info in his hands back in February.

And he didn't say anything to anybody about it.

And then in late June it was leaked to the NYT's with the claim the President had been briefed on it.
So after Schiff and top Democrats & the Fake News Media had spent SEVERAL DAYS shrieking that Trump had 'betrayed our troops!' by doing NOTHING with this Russian bounty information....

Adam Schiff gets **completely outed and exposed**. Image
Schiff **also** knew about the Russian bounty classified information. What'd he do with it?

Well gee, let's check the record.

He did....that's right....NOTHING.

He did nothing with it.

Probably because it was [let's all say it together!] UNCORROBORATED AND UNVERIFIED!
So Schiff has this info since February, sits on it, does nothing with it, then all of a sudden somebody LEAKS this highly classified information on Russian bounties to the NYT's with the false claim that **Trump had been briefed on it**.

It's all going according to plan!

**SOMEBODY** put out the info that Schiff's staff had been in Afghanistan on a CODEL & while there they had been briefed on this unverified Russian bounty classified intelligence.…
Let me tell you what happened here. Schiff and the Democrats do not try this latest highly illegal classified leak unless they have been **assured** there is a firewall and tripwires that will protect them.
Schiff thought he had erased all trace of his staff being in Afghanistan and getting that briefing. The CODEL was not entered into the Congressional Record.

Somebody **assured** Schiff it was safe to go ahead and do this leak and then gin up another impeachment hoax.
It was **never** supposed to come out that Schiff's staff had gotten that Afghanistan briefing on the Russian bounties in February.

That could NEVER HAPPEN.

That MUST not happen.

And HAS.

It HAS happened.

And now he's TRAPPED.

Can't you see he's trapped?
Schiff is now tied directly to the classified intel that was leaked to the NYT's. Right in the middle of his berating President Trump for doing 'nothing' after he was briefed on what was supposedly **actionable intelligence**, the curtain drops and Schiff screams in surprise.
The **very same** information he was claiming to have learned about ONLY when it was leaked by some unknown party to the NYT's, Schiff is now **directly** tied to it.

He can't deny.

Has he denied it?

How **hard** would it be for him to say "I did not know this in February."
Has Schiff come out over the past 3 days and said anything even **REMOTELY** like

"Why no, in fact, my staff never took a CODEL to Afghanistan. They were not briefed on these Russian bounties, I don't know where this rumor comes from. I didn't know in February." ?
In fact, the very next **DAY** after the @FDRLST broke the Russian Bounty Hoax wide open with that report, the Gang of Eight **hastily assembled** and briefed AT LAST on the info Schiff had been sitting on since February:…
"After a briefing by White House officials of several top House Democrats on Tuesday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., complained that “the right people to give the briefing” were “not in the room.”
That was CIA Director Gina Haspel and NSA head Paul Nakasone that gave the briefing, so I have no idea what Schiff is babbling about there.
Schiff and Democrats played their usual game here and somebody set them up.

They must have been ASSURED Schiff & his staff would never be tied to the classified info that was going to be leaked to the NYT's.

They had plausible deniability.

And now they've lost it.
Let me tell you one of the biggest reasons I'd have LOVED to have been in that room for that Gang of Eight briefing.

CIA Director Haspel already filed with the DOJ a **criminal complaint** about the criminal leak of this classified Russian bounty intelligence.
Yes, the DOJ is already investigating the criminal leak.…
The VERY NEXT DAY after filing that criminal complaint with the DOJ over the illegal leak of classified information, CIA Director Haspel is **briefing Adam Schiff** as part of the Gang of Eight on the Russian Bounty intel.

I'd have loved to have seen their exchanges.
They tried the exact same playbook they did with the Ukraine Phone Call Hoax.

And this time someone sprang a trap on Schiff & Co. right in the middle of the launch, while they were pounding the table in their fake outrage.
This is TWICE now the Democrats tried to launch a new impeachment hoax that blew up on them far, far too early.

Remember back in March the play was to claim Trump was briefed on the virus in January & did nothing & they were getting ready to investigate that?
That also was derailed early.

So they sat down in June and put their heads together and came up with this Russian Bounty Hoax for their new impeachment attempt.

And it didn't even last one week.
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