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Seokjin gets himself set on a blind date while Yoongi, his roommate, is secretly having crush on him. The dating news somehow activates the curse that The Mins have.

Or au where Yoongi turns into cat because of family curse and needs true love kiss to turn him back.



👑🐱 to notice
✨ possible unscheduled update in the future
✨ unstructured grammars, sowwy english is not my first and daily languange🥺
✨ fluff fluff
✨ idk if i will put angst in the future (prolly not because it's cute cute🥺)

enjoy, regardless!🐱✨
✨ Profiles

Min Yoongi

✍ a literature student in your local university
✍ Seokjin's roommate for three years
✍ He has been madly in love with Seokjin approximately 2.5 years and you don't hear that from me😆

Kim Seokjin

✍ a full time business school student but sometimes doing musical in your local theater.
✍ he is in his final year.
✍ his relationship with Yoongi 👉 Landlord.
✍ have a soft spot for his roommate but no one's gonna say it "again".

Yoongi's circle🐱✨

Min Jimin
✍ Yoongi's cousin
✍ he basically grew up together with Yoon and Tae in Daegu

Kim Taehyung
✍ a local artist
✍ an art student too
✍ yoongi and jimin's friend since they were babies.

Kim Namjoon
✍ He knows Yoongi through work
✍ An editor
✍ He is that genius student who finishes school early
✍ Minjoon is in a relationship all thanks to Yoongi's connection and Jimin's bravery.

Jin's circle🐱✨

Jeon Jungkook
✍ Seokjin's cousin
✍ main singer on your local band
✍ kinda your typical college heartthrob

Jung Hoseok
✍ Jungkook's manager
✍ he is in the same major with Seokjin but not really close (yet)
✍ Yes, the blind date is Kook's idea!

I'll start writing this tomorrow!!! I hope you guys like the concept😆✨

Have a nice day!!
1. "Hyung, are you coming to my show today?"

2. Sounds like husband thingy

3. no

6. I am not tiny!


Actually, Seokjin is not somebody who is in rush to find someone to love. He is young, handsome, charming, and definitely a heart-catcher. Both his study and career go well. He is also backed up with a good family background. Literally, Seokjin can have anyone he wants.
Yet, it is not as easy as one's said.

Seokjin was grooming his hair when Jungkook joined him with a friend. With a jumpy-rabbit walk, the vocalist approaches him while the other one is smiling tenderly to him.

Thus, Seokjin guesses, Hoseok is greeting him.
The Kim bows thereafter, in a good of second before Jungkook throws his big body, giving a tight embrace. This man is definitely a baby, unless his strong physical form which can break any body's bones easily.

"Did I do great?" Jungkook asks almost enthusiastically.
There is a pair of front teeth which shows how happy the Jeon is.

"You have improved so much! That was lit," says the Kim honestly, body bouncing in excitement, "that part, you know."

"Which one?"
"That /I didn't comeback to you, You've already moved on into him, My love and My Scars, are not important to you/."

Seokjin sings along, gather the two men's attention on him. Jungkook, who has known him for years, does not look surprised anymore,
but Hoseok, the pretty man in light figure, gives him admired claps.

"Wow, you sing so well, Seokjin-ssi."

The Kim feels the tip of his ears reddening, "Thank you, Hoseok-ssi."

“Of course, Hyungie,” the youngest adds, “Did not I tell you before he is a musical act?”
“It’s not that great.”

Hoseok beams, probably becomes the brightest one that Seokjin has ever seen. The words that come in between does not help but making The Kim more and more flustered.

“I want to know about you more.”

A wide grin appears on the youngest face
as he pushes the two men into Seokjin’s car. Jungkook’s eyes form two half moons as he waves to the dating partner gleefully.

“Are you sure you are not joining, Kookie?” Hoseok asks.

The vocalist shakes his head in return, “Nope. I am going to do my music assignment."
"Hobi-hyung, I am waiting for good news!” continues the youngest.

Seokjin can say nothing, but watching how Hoseok laughs softly makes him feels sated. He gives a small grimace in acknowledgment before pulling off the break, leaving Jungkook alone under his cupid mood.
“So, Seokjin-ssi, where should I start? Like this?”

He can see the Jung offers a hand to him. A bright smile paints on the smaller man's face as he says, “Hello, my name is Jung Hoseok. You can call me Hobi. I prefer tea to coffee. How about you?”
The Kim chuckles. He is not lying when he says Hoseok makes his heart feels warm.

Thus, he grabs the hand that the Jung offers as he replies, “I am Seokjin. Call me Jin or anything you like. Me too, I prefer tea more. We are going to be a nice match, aren’t we?”
“Who knows,” the Jung winks playfully, “Let’s see.”

Laughter then is shared, joining the Standing Egg’s songs that are busy playing on the background.

It is going to be a good day.

That's how the Kim wishes.

13. It is not a date it is not a date it is—

21. Hewwo🐱✨

34. The reply

38. There is something I need to tell you


“I guess, you don’t like anything, do you, kitten? Or do you love it already, being called with kitten?”

Seokjin squishes the kitten’s cheeks once again before getting a weak hiss from the fluffy ball.
The Kim chuckles as he watches the white baby cat thrusts his little head under the man’s big palm. He guesses, the kitten asks a gentle pet behind his ears. Hence, he does and the soundly purr is enough to tell Seokjin that he is satisfied.

“Do you enjoy your service, Sir?”
A low meow is followed by a big yawn from a tiny mouth. For the first time, the fondness takes over the hollow that Yoongi’s disappearance left inside Seokjin’s heart. The Kim smiles thereafter as he sees the kitten curls up on his laps.

“Are you sleepy? Today is tiring.”
The Kim lays his body down on the couch. He lets the kitten snuggles on the crock of his neck, seeking for comfortable warmth.

There is a brief moment of thought about getting himself a dinner ever since he has not eaten anything but a slice of sandwich this morning.
Nevertheless, there are so many wonders that Seokjin honestly has in his mind that block his appetite.

Why does Yoongi suddenly go? Was he making a mistake? What if an accident happened? However, if it was so, Seokjin would’ve received a call from hospital or police station.
The Kim sighs, “No lie, Kitty. Today feels like a week. I wonder what is Yoongi doing? Why is he gone? Does he hate me? Did I say dumb things when I was drunk? But, Yoongi seemed doing okay before I left tho.”

No response. Just silence and low breathing.
Seokjin tries to lower his glance with an effort of not making any movement, worries he accidentally wake the little creature up. However, the quite snore tells him that the kitten is deeply asleep as it somewhat covers Seokjin with his own sleepiness.

“I miss Yoongi.”
“I will nag at him till his ears hot, for real,” he murmurs as slowly closes his eyes, feeling hot tears are threatening to fall, “He better be coming back so soon.”

Seokjin is not sure how he is falling asleep, but somewhat the couch feels so comforting.
The existence of living-white-cotton ball that darting soundly on his neck provides him an ease.

Thirty minutes before nine o'clock. Twenty minutes, ten minutes,

Thirty seconds—

Seokjin is barely conscious when he hears his phone ringing. Is this the third time already?
Everything somehow becomes too hot despite the working AC. Is it too much body heat that he shares with Kitten? Or is he getting fever?

He was about to get up when he feels something quite heavy laying on top his body.
He wanted to move, but gentle snore averts him from doing it. Soft white hairs and something like ears—are that a pair of cat ears?? The Kim is barely awake, he is not sure—are tickling his face.

Seokjin lifts his head to peek.
The corner of his eyes can see closed-long eyelashes and a high bridge of nose. There is also a hand that curled around his chest, and a body on top of his, and bums, and a pair of legs, and—

/Is it a person?/

The Kim feels his soul leaves his body straightaway.
He recognizes a more than familiar figure that he was searching is sleeping on top of without any string covers the slim body.

However, it is not something that surprises Seokjin most. But the things at the top of Yoongi's head and what is it at the base of Yoongi's bums?
A pair of kitten ears and a tail?

Again, with he same color with the tiny kitten that had been roaming around their apartment? Oh, how Seokjin has connected the two dots.

The Kim has no time to process.
He screams loudly to the point not only the Min is jumping from his sleep, but also a stranger is successfully bragging inside.

“What is going on?”

But nobody answers Jimin. No one is able to.

52. hello, for a short update 😆👋

66. Hello! Very very short update for today i am sorry

74. Hello, Jinnie!

78. Not gonna be long but here we go

86. Hello!







106. What are you regretting, Kook-ah?



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