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NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊ Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋ Dame Esther Rantzen and Peter Wanless, the NSPCC CEO and former Principal Private Secretary to Michael Portillo ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➌ Lord Peter Mandelson ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➍ Lady Clare Hazell-Iveagh, who was close to Epstein and Ghislaine ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➎ Keith Vaz ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➏ Richard Branson: Epstein's island neighbor & "Founding Citizen" of Ghislaine's TerraMar—a "fake charity slush fund for child victims of Ghislaine & Epstein's trafficking operation"… ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➐ Rolf Harris

"The NSPCC and the Tavistock Clinic were receptive to him making a film. He had previous connections with the NSPCC, having appeared in films in 1963 & 1973 promoting the NSPCC League of Pity" ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➑ Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff was a celebrity supporter of the NSPCC Full Stop Campaign. The appeal was launched by the campaign's chairman, Prince Andrew. ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➒ Alice, George, Lady Carole & Sir Anthony Bamford

The Bamfords are listed in Ghislaine's Black Book and Ghislaine is thought to be friends with Alice & George. Carole Bamford is friends with Lord Mandelson ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➓ Floella Benjamin

An associate of Ghislaine, Ms Benjamin was inducted into the NSPCC Hall of Fame in recognition of her work for them. The pendant design she wears closely matches a symbol known to the FBI ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➊ Hugh Grant & Elizabeth Hurley

Ghislaine and Grant were friends at Oxford. Ghislaine also had details in her Black Book for Grant's former partner: Hurley, whose later partner, Steve Bing, "knew Epstein" ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➋ Dorothy & Stephen Purdew (Champneys)

They had a close friendship with Jimmy Savile, who abused a woman at the spa before the Purdews took over. The Purdews built a wing named after and opened by Savile. ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➌ Matthew Freud & Elisabeth Murdoch

Matthew is the son of Clement & nephew of Lucian

He put the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell on Freud Communications' payroll soon after Maddie McCann's abduction. ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➍ Nick & Annette 'Nettie' Mason

The Masons are friends of Ghislaine. Indeed, in June 2019 Nettie and Ghislaine shared a car to take part in the Cash & Rocket charity motoring rally from London to Monaco. ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➎ Sir Rodney & Lady Walker

Now an Honorary Member, Rodney was a Vice Chair of the Full Stop Appeal. He founded & was chair of the Sports Steering Group. The Walkers bought Jimmy Savile's Scarborough flat. ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➏ Naomi Campbell

Of Ghislaine & Epstein's friend, Virginia Giuffre has said:

"You saw me at your parties, you saw me in Epstein's homes, you saw me on the plane ... you watched me be abused. You saw me" ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➐ Gerald & Gail Ronson

NSPCC vice-pres Gerald allegedly laundered cash with Shirley Porter; Westminster Council was then the ultimate landlord of Dolphin Square. The Ronsons are in Ghislaine's Black Book. ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➑ Wafic & Rosemary Said

Ghislaine's Black Book

He was a director of British Syrian Society like Lord Steel, Lord Henniker’s son-in-law & James Hervey-Bathurst whose wife is cousin of Ghislaine's ex lover ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➊➒ Daphne Guinness

Her father Jonathan, 3rd Baron Moyne, was active in a ritual abuse network, or so Dr Joan Coleman was informed

Daphne appears to be friends with Ghislaine's close friend Lady Rothschild ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋0 Lady Bottomley

She's close to Lady Rothschild (at the Economist Group) & Lord Mandelson (at The Friends of Arundells & The Ditchley Fdn) who are close friends of—respectively—Ghislaine & the late Epstein ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋➊ Lord Grade

Admits he heard Savile abuse "rumors". His firm 'Gate Ventures' made loans to Ghislaine's friend Fergie. He's close to Harvey Proctor, Cliff Richard & Daniel Janner. Another Stowe School alum ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋➋ Lady Butler-Sloss

Previously chosen to chair the IICSA but had to quit as her brother was Attorney Gen. when the state covered up abuses.

Also seen as unwilling to include mention of Bishop Peter Ball. ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋➌ John Caudwell

He's close to Ghislaine's pals Fergie & Prince Andrew—as well as to Jimmy Savile's pals the Purdews (Champneys)

He reported directly to Andrew as Pres of the NSPCC's North Staffs division ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋➍ Catriona & Finn Guinness & Ms Mulji

Their Walter Guinness Charitable Trust at Biddesden House has been named a Supporter of the NSPCC

The Guinnesses at Biddesden House have been accused of ritual abuse ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋➎ Saffron Aldridge

Ghislaine's Black Book

Husband Ian Wace cofounded Absolute Return for Kids. ARK event attendees: Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, Fergie, Nat Rothschild, the Freuds, Elizabeth Hurley, etc ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➋➏ André Balazs

Ghislaine's Black Book

His exes have included Katherine Keating & Naomi Campbell—both Ghislaine/Epstein associates

Assault allegations. Seems friendly with Daphne Guinness, Nat Rothschild ImageImageImageImage
➋➐ Jacob & Hannah Rothschild

Ghislaine's Black Book (Hannah)

Their Rothschild Foundation has been named a Supporter of the NSPCC

The Rothschilds are close to Ghislaine/Epstein comrade Peter Mandelson

Jacob seems friendly with Naomi Campbell & the late pedophile Lucian Freud ImageImageImageImage
➋➑ Joanna Lumley

"NSPCC Life Patron"—Annual Report 2005/06

Lumley is close to Evelyn & Jacob Rothschild & Fergie—all linked to Ghislaine & Epstein

Seems friendly with Loyd Grossman (Black Book) & Simon Jenkins (linked to the Rothschilds, Savile, Leon Brittan, Lady Bottomley) ImageImageImageImage
➋➒ Geordie Greig

Ghislaine's pal since Oxford. Became close to Prince Andrew after meeting duke at NSPCC ball at St James's Palace in 2000

Knows Dr Wallersteiner of Stowe School. Was close to Lucian Freud ImageImageImageImage
NSPCC - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

➌0 Tim Jeffries

Ghislaine's pal has been an NSPCC supporter for years, taking part in numerous VIP fundraisers.

He's friends with various Rothschilds & knew alleged ritual abuser Lord Montagu (RAINS List). ImageImageImageImage
➌➊ Tom Ford

He was extremely close to Ghislaine & Epstein as their guest in Palm Beach & owner of the adjoining ranch in New Mexico—which he named for MK Ultra

Seems friendly with Lord Rothschild, Mandelson, Naomi Campbell, Matthew Freud, Elisabeth Murdoch, Elizabeth Saltzman ImageImageImageImage
➌➋ Alexander (Alex) & Alexandra vonFurstenberg

Alex, Alexandra, & Alex's sister Tatiana are all linked to Ghislaine

Alex had shares in social network A Small World linked to Epstein, Lynn Rothschild, Weinstein

His mom Diane (Alexandra's mom-in-law) is close to Naomi Campbell ImageImageImageImage
➌➌ Mariella Frostrup

Black Book

Pals include Matthew Freud & ex-wife Elisabeth Murdoch. Was also pals with the late Annabelle Neilson, who was once Nat Rothschild's wife (she also knows Lord Rothschild)

Mariella has been close to the Geldofs—ie Bob & the late Paula & Peaches ImageImageImageImage
➌➍ Neil & Christine Hamilton

Belong to group of pals/ex business partners (Derek Laud, Ian Greer, Michael Brown, Michael Grylls, Michael Colvin, John Whittingdale, Peter Lilley, Michael Portillo)

Scallywag linked it to alleged crimes at Dolphin Square:… ImageImageImageImage
➌➎ Arpad Busson

Ghislaine's Black Book

As well as supporting NSPCC he was a co-founder of ARK—Absolute Return for Kids—which also runs schools via a subsidiary

'Managed money for Bin Laden family'

Friendly with Lynn, Jacob & Nat Rothschild; Freuds; Weinstein; Naomi Campbell ImageImageImageImage
➌➏ Katie Vaughan-Edwards

Ghislaine's business partner & close friend has been a family support volunteer for the NSPCC

Vaughan-Edwards was on TerraMar's board alongside Ghislaine & Kevin Maxwell's lover Lucy Clive

The address for TerraMar & Ellmax? Vaughan-Edwards' own home ImageImageImageImage
➌➐ Clare & George Milford Haven

Pals of Ghislaine and Fergie. They were regulars at #PalmBeach where Ghislaine & Epstein abused

CMH worked for Geordie Greig

Later CMH hired Ghislaine's business partner Katie Vaughan-Edwards

GMH's dad was pals with ritual abuser Lord Montagu ImageImageImageImage
➌➑ Bill Clinton

He accompanied Epstein many times on Epstein's jet & visited pedo's island

Epstein visited the Clinton White House multiple times

Ghislaine was at Chelsea's wedding

Clinton staff in Ghislaine/Epstein black book include Cheryl Mills, Mark Middleton, Doug Band ImageImageImageImage
➌➒ Jodie & Jemma Kidd & Arthur Mornington

Jemma & Arthur were directors of Jemma Kidd MakeUp with Ghislaine

Jodie, Jemma & AM have been major NSPCC supporters—eg via The Jodie Kidd Foundation

Jodie was a director of Skin & Tonic London with Ghislaine's ex PR man Brian Basham ImageImageImageImage
➍o Robert Hanson

Has known Ghislaine since mid-80s or earlier

In this period Hanson was at NM Rothschild, the firm then chaired by Evelyn Rothschild whose 3rd & current wife—Lynn Rothschild—is among Ghislaine's closest friends

Hanson has been an investor in a pornography firm ImageImageImageImage
➍➊ Elizabeth Saltzman

Close friends with Ghislaine & André Balazs

Saltzman was previously married to Glenn Dubin—who victims say was active in Ghislaine-&-Epstein's sex trafficking & rape operation

As well as the NSPCC, she's attended child-related events for Disney & UNICEF ImageImageImageImage
➍➋ Jess Conrad

A freemason & entertainer

Conrad is pals with Cliff Richard. 4 men told police that Richard sexually assaulted them as youths. The CPS said there was insufficient evidence to charge Richard with an offence

As well as knowing Richard, Conrad also knew the Krays ImageImageImageImage
➍➌ Isabel Goldsmith

Has known Epstein & his brother socially since the 80s. Also knows Ghislaine's contacts Nicholas Coleridge (ex Condé Nast which publishes Tatler) & Tim Jeffries

She owns Hotel Las Alamandas Mexico—which she says attracts Hollywood stars & the fashion world ImageImageImageImage
➍➍ Flavio Briatore

Briatore—who was a regular at Victoria's Secret shows—was pals with the traffickers

Epstein & Ghislaine paraded victim Virginia Roberts in front of Briatore & his then-gf, Naomi Campbell, on a yacht in May 01

It was allegedly Briatore who'd invited Epstein ImageImageImageImage
➍➎ William Hague

His close friend and mentor was Leon Brittan. They enjoyed hillwalking together

Brittan was a serial child rapist

Hague appointed Brittan's friend Ronald Waterhouse to lead an inquiry into the North Wales child abuse scandal

The inquiry produced a whitewash ImageImageImageImage
➍➏ The Maxwells

Robert Maxwell chaired the NSPCC Media Committee

Other members included David Frost (RAINS list), Jocelyn Stevens & Alan Protheroe (BBC), "who asked Tim Tate to make inquiries into Leon Brittan abuse rumors"

Ghislaine continued the family's NSPCC involvement! ImageImageImageImage
➍➐ Lady Carina Frost

Her late father, 17th Duke of Norfolk, was a ritual abuser, as was her late husband Sir David Frost, according to victims who confided in Dr Joan Coleman (RAINS list)

Friends of the Frosts have included the Rothschilds, George HW Bush, Fergie, and Rantzen ImageImageImageImage
➍➑ Gillian Shephard

A dossier was sent to her office in 1995 containing detailed claims of abuse at Knowl View. Instead of acting, her office referred the dossier back to Rochdale Council, enabling Cyril Smith & others to evade justice.

Former chair of Cons. Friends of Israel ImageImageImageImage
➍➒ Mike Hancock

Accused of sex crimes & on RAINS List. He's a former NSPCC chair

He was pals with pedophile Ralph Bonner Pink & succeeded Pink as Portsmouth South MP. Pink's wife was an NSPCC chair

Hancock & Pink were pals with Savile, the abuser linked to Portsmouth & NSPCC ImageImageImageImage
➎o Allegra Hicks

Ex spouse Ashley is Lord Mountbatten's grandson who spent childhood family holidays at Mountbatten's Classiebawn Castle where Mountbatten raped boys from Kincora trafficked to him by warden Joseph Mains

Very long close friendship with Ghislaine+NSPCC patronage ImageImageImageImage
➎➊ Dasha Zhukova

Her best pals include

• Ivanka Trump, daughter of Ivana. Ivana allegedly helped Ghislaine to procure

• Naomi Campbell, pal of Ghislaine & Epstein

• Beatrice, daughter of Epstein-loanee Fergie

Zhukova's on a board with Henry Kissinger (Met Museum of Art) ImageImageImageImage
➎➋ James Spencer-Churchill, 12th Duke of Marlborough

His uncle Charles Hornby was a pedophile & trafficker (Playland)

JSC's father hosted dinner for pedophile Michael Jackson at Blenheim Palace with guests including Rabbi Shmuley Boteach & Uri Geller

JSC is on the RAINS list ImageImageImageImage
➎➌ Jonathan Evans

Evans worked at solicitors Leo Abse & Cohen til 1992; Leo Abse was an alleged pedophile

Most of Evans' legal practice concerned criminal & Child Care law

Subsequently as an MP, Evans played a lead role in setting up the Waterhouse Inquiry into child abuse ImageImageImageImage
➎➍ Lord George Magan

Active at NSPCC with pal Mandelson who was close to Epstein

Is from an MI6 family & was a Stowe School governor

Ex trustee of Conservative Party Fdn linked to Mark Bamford (family in Black Book) & John Sainsbury (Bilderberg, Jacob Rothschild, Stowe Schl) ImageImageImageImage
➎➎ Johan Eliasch

Pals with Ghislaine, Evelyn Rothschild, Hannah Rothschild, Naomi Campbell, Shaun Woodward, Camilla Sainsbury

Close to Prince Andrew & was involved in Duke's Pitch@Palace Global Ltd

Ex Tory Party dep treasurer under Lord Magan & Special Adviser to Hague & IDS ImageImageImageImage
➎➏ Ernst & Chantal Hanover

Black Book. Divorced. They know the Astors, Taki, Muck Flick

In 2020 Ernst went to psych unit after cop fracas

As well as NSPCC, Chantal—who is friendly with Jessica de Rothschild—supports Absolute Return for Kids linked to Lord Rothschild & Geldof ImageImageImageImage
➎➐ Prince Pavlos & Princess Marie-Chantal

They know Naomi Campbell, Fergie, Tom Ford, Jacob+ Nat Rothschild, Freuds

PMC is sister of Alexandra Furstenberg & Pia Getty—ALL Black Book. Epstein lived right across from Pavlos home!

PMC has been guest of alleged trafficker Nygard ImageImageImageImage
➎➑ Frank Bruno

1970s: Went to Oak Hall Schl—site of alleged pedo ring

1989: Abuser Nicholas Rabet opened The Stables nearby

Pals with Savile, Purdews, McSweeney, Uri Geller

Bruno required psych care not long after Geller put him in a pyramid—after which he went to Champneys ImageImageImageImage
➎➒ Matthew Kelly

2003: Arrested re claim he gangraped boy, 12, in 1977 linked to Walton Hop & ring with Tam Paton, Steve Jolley, David Christie, Jonathan King

Sri Lanka cops raided MK's Colombo home re fears UK men raped boys procured by MK's houseboy

"Insufficient evidence" ImageImageImageImage
➏o Ivana Trump

Ivana & Ghislaine Maxwell were pals by early '90s

GM often had victim Maria Farmer ride along with her & Ivana as she (GM) scouted streets & parks for girls, Farmer says

Ivana clearly realized that GM was procuring girls to be exploited & assaulted, Farmer says ImageImageImageImage
➏➊ Susannah Constantine

Pals include Prince Andrew, Duchess of Rutland (whose spouse is Ghislaine's ex lover), & GHISLAINE

SC grew up on Rutlands estate

Rutlands rent to Harvey Proctor & used to employ him

Susannah co-owned Notting Hill flat directly below Peter Mandelson's ImageImageImageImage
➏➋ Kate Reardon

Black Book

KR has moved in Prince Andrew's circles & is close to Ghislaine's pals Elizabeth Saltzman, the Bamfords & Clare MilfordHaven

KR's ex boyfriend Lance Gerrard-Wright was among Prince Andrew's closest aides. Lance also once dated Ghislaine reportedly! ImageImageImageImage
➏➌ Earl & Countess of Derby

Were great friends of Ghislaine & Prince Andrew & helped Ghislaine celebrate her 51st. Also had significant contact with Epstein, Bill Clinton & Shaun Woodward

Hugely involved in NSPCC: hosting VIP balls at their home, Knowsley Hall. Major players ImageImageImageImage
➏➍ Sir Mark & Lady Weinberg

Jacob Rothschild's business partner & pals with Evelyn de Rothschild. Bilderberg attendee

NSPCC's Hon Treasurer 1983–91. Heavily involved with NSPCC's Centenary Appeal in 1984, the Full Stop Campaign from 1999 & a Vice-President until 2012 or later ImageImageImageImage
➏➎ Nicky Haslam

As well as Ghislaine he's also pals with Epstein patrons the Rothschilds: including Lady Lynn & husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild; Evelyn's daughter; & Evelyn's cousin Jacob Rothschild & daughter Hannah

Hannah & Ghislaine—same age—both attended Marlboro College ImageImageImageImage
➏➏ Tamara Mellon

Her close pals include Ghislaine, Harvey Weinstein (also ex business partner), Flavio Briatore (ex bf), Elizabeth Saltzman, Nat Rothschild (she also uses NM Rothschild)

TM worked with Fergie on a charity photoshoot

Her late dad was violent associate of Krays ImageImageImageImage
➏➐ Michael Caine

Pals with Prince Andrew & with Lord Rothchild's business partner Sir Mark Weinberg

Caine, Andrew & Weinberg volunteered at NSPCC in same period

Caine was in social circle of Henry & Kathleen Ford centred on Turville Grange that included Evelyn Rothschild etc ImageImageImageImage
➏➑ Ben Holland-Martin

BHM & sister are closely involved in NSPCC. Their mother & paternal grandfather were, too

BHM is in Ghislaine's Black Book, as are his pals Lady Ronaldshay, Kate Reardon and Countess of Snowdon

Intriguing connections to Charles Hornby & Stanhope Capital ImageImageImageImage
➏➒ Lady Victoria Hervey

Has been close to Ghislaine & Epstein, Ghislaine's biz partner Jemma Kidd, Prince Andrew & Briatore

VH & Andrew had dinner with Epstein, Trump & Clinton!

VH was in A Small World online club with Epstein & L Rothschild

VH stayed 10 days in Epstein apt ImageImageImageImage
➐o Muck & Mick Flick

Muck (Black Book) & Mick are grandsons of Nazi-linked criminal Friedrich Flick whom Ghislaine's father reportedly interrogated

Muck tried to fund professorship at Oxford attached to Ghislaine’s alma mater Balliol

Mick's late wife was close to J Rothschild ImageImageImageImage
➐➊ Victoria de Rothschild

Evelyn de Rothschild's ex

Her father built a home in PHIPPS ESTATES *the same year* that Epstein filed to incorporate Ghislaine Corp with a potential original name of Lot 19 PHIPPS ESTATES Corp

Her son boosted TerraMar+ dated Ghislaine's biz partner ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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Fergie SHOPPED while WTC burned

"The day after 911, as dust & death filled Manhattan, Fergie had other things on her mind: ordering lamps from a store in West Village

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NY Post 11-30-2004 ('Fergie SHOPPED while WTC burned')…
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PRINCE ANDREW and Peter Mandelson "were guests at the wedding of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester (a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell) at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue ..."

Richard Kay, The Daily Mail, 02-24-2001
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Jimmy Savile of the Armenian Raphael clan?

Death of 8th Earl of Mexborough’s daughter—

Lady Alethea Savile OD'd said Dr Paul Knapman

Lady Savile was mixed up with people from Barnes, where another famous Savile—Jimmy—was pals with Elm Guest House owner…
Jimmy Savile of the Armenian Raphael clan?

Lady Alethea Savile was once engaged to James Gilbey—but relationship fell apart when he was involved in drama over recordings of phone conversations with Princess Di

DR KNAPMAN said Lady Savile death "suicide”…
Jimmy Savile of the Armenian Raphael clan?

Roundhay & Chapeltown are heart of Leeds' Jewish community:.Chapeltown had 14 synagogues

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We're here to N.S.P.C.C. you aren't believed.

#Rantzen #Bottomley #MonitoringSystems Image
❝ We're here to N.S.P.C.C. that VIP pedophiles are NEVER exposed. ❞

#EstherRantzen #ButlerSloss #LordGrade #VirginiaBottomley #SirDavidFrost #PetieMandelson #MonitoringSystems Image Image
❝ We're here to N.S.P.C.C. that very few suspect us. ❞

#LordMandelson #ImageManagement #MonitoringSystems #VIPedoNetworking Image
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Jun 2

The Rothschilds (who helped Epstein & Ghislaine for Kissinger & Mega) have a son: David

David Rothschild produced PLAYGROUND about Child Abuse

Ghislaine's sex partner #GeorgeClooney was Executive Producer

#ICMEC's Ernie Allen took part


DAVID ROTHSCHILD, Ghislaine's pal & son of her patrons Lynn & Evelyn; TerraMar backer

Exec Producer:
GEORGE CLOONEY, Ghislaine's sex partner

ERNIE ALLEN of #ICMEC linked to TerraMar's Richard Branson, Clintons, McCanns… ImageImageImageImage
This Child Abuse film = Cartel Signaling

Tear it apart for clues

Producer DAVID ROTHSCHILD, Ghislaine's pal & son of her patrons Lynn & Evelyn. Exec Producer: CLOONEY, Ghislaine's sex partner. Interview: ERNIE ALLEN of #ICMEC linked to TerraMar's Rich Branson, Clintons, McCanns Image
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May 31

➊ Lord Derby
Ghislaine's pal. When the NSPCC & its patron Prince Andrew were being steered by top-Rothschild lieutenants Mandelson & Mark Weinberg, Derby was top NSPCC organizer.

➋ Lady Bottomley
Close to Evelyn & Lynn Rothschild, Mandelson & Ted Heath Image

(Dolphin Square roll call)

➌ Lord Steel
A third party alleged that he—Steel—abused his adopted son when father-and-son shared a weekday apartment in Dolphin Square. Steel "hosted Derek Laud in same flat". Steel also shielded Cyril Smith.

➍ Cyril Smith Image

(Dolphin Square roll call, continued)

➎ Lord Edwin Bramall

➏ General Sir Hugh Beach

➐ Sir Roland Gibbs

Survivors have accused the army top-brass above of having participated in child sex abuse: at locations including the notorious Dolphin Square. Image
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Apr 28
CHUCKY'S Coronation

Floella Bejamin will carry the King's sceptre

Helena Kennedy will carry Queen Camilla's rod

MI5's Manningham-Buller will carry St Edward's staff

The Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies, Gillian Merron will carry the Robe Royal ImageImage
In 2016 the University of Buckingham awarded Hon. Degrees to alleged pedophile Lord Bramall and MI5's Manningham-Buller who was pals with pedophile Peter Morrison

The venue was FISHMONGER'S HALL: site of alleged False Flag Terror Attacks in 2017 (500 yards away) & 2019 (inside!) ImageImage
Like Amal Clooney whose husband "was Ghislaine Maxwell's sex partner"—HELENA KENNEDY belongs to Doughty Street Chambers; DSC clients have included Myra Hindley, Harvey Proctor

In 2003 Tom O'Carroll of Pedophile Information Exchange was a panelist on After Dark—chaired by Kennedy ImageImage
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