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16 Jul, 3 tweets, 3 min read
(1) If in doubt...

Feast your eyes‼️

“XRP is the future —
It’s a question of WHEN, not IF.”

- Garlinghouse: #XRP is at the CORE of what Ripple wants to do -

“Half of the top 20 banks in the world will actively HOLD AND TRADE digital assests in 2020.”👀

#FutureProvesPast ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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14 Sep
So what’s the MASTER PLAN?

Here’s my 2cents ⤵️


Crash&burn the economy w/ ‘second wave’

Render everyone jobless & unable to pay their bills

Buy out everyone under the cloaking of NESERA debt ‘relief’

Destroy small business through ridiculous laws & regulations around COVID ImageImageImageImage
Mass produce a vaccine to make billions of $ and then make it impossible to function in society without one.

Force everyone to work, communicate & operate within their homes through their computers/phones/tablets/cloud systems so EVERYTHING is logged & tracked. ImageImageImageImage
Instate totalitarian law so you will only be allowed outside under certain conditions.

Filter all information and ban free speech.

Have all money flow through a One World Currency so everything is tracked, traced & filtered back to the buyer/sender. Image
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12 Sep
You may think you know...

But you don’t know.

So here’s a thread,

To help you See,

How much you still don’t know.


#SorryNotSorry ImageImageImageImage
“But Genie...

How could this be?”

😵 ImageImageImageImage

And you shall find. ImageImageImageImage
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10 Sep
A thread on the Highest Truth.

You may not want to believe what you read.

You do not have to believe what you read.

But for those who have the ears to hear...

You’ll know.


Since the fall of Atlantis, the Earth has been a prison planet with only the illusion of freedom. Image
There have been multiple ET forces waring with each other in a battle for total dominion of our Earth & Time Matrix.

This war spans back 250 BILLION yrs to when the Annukai & Draconian lineages lost their Eternal Life DNA strand ascension complex.

These r the ‘Fallen Angelics’
~550 million yrs ago the Metatronic Collective from a neighbouring Universe known as the Wesadek Matrix developed highly advanced technology which allowed them to pierce a whole in the sheath of time&space to enter our Time Matrix.

This is from where the parasitic A.I originates
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30 Aug
Did you know?

The Master Yogi could be buried alive for 2 weeks. No food, water, oxygen or movement & yet, still be living in physical form thereafter.

The Master Yogi could create an energetic field encompassing his body, allowing no physical things to penetrate the barrier. Image
Did you know?

The Master Yogi had control over every organ in his body. Having the power to manipulate the rhythm of his heart, the temperature of his body & the flow of thought, at will.

The Master Yogi could burn himself alive, & yet, feel no pain or discomfort at all. Image
Did you know?

The Master Yogi could communicate with other Yogi’s telepathically, no matter the distance apart they found themselves.

The Master Yogi could harness to Prana of his environment to create a whirlwind of energy as strong as that of a tornado. Image
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26 Aug
Did you know;

The ‘DeepState’ all agreed pre-incarnation to be sacrificed during the peak of Earth’s Ascension cycle all as part of the Annu-Draconian-Illuminati grand plan?

Q is a PsyOp specifically designed to divert your attention away from the ultimate Transhumanist agenda? Image
Trump is a Jehovahian-Annu-Luciferian who is playing a key role to usher in the NWO?

A.I spawned billions of yrs ago in a neighbouring Universe & used wormhole technology ~500million yrs ago to enter our UniversalTimeMatrix in an attempt for full domination of our Consciousness?
Metatron is a consciousness grid-net & DNA reversal programme designed to invert your evolutionary path and suck you into a black[death]hole to harvest your Divine Source Kristos Enegry for inevitable dissolution of your Soul?
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17 Aug
In the coming months and years ahead we will be transitioning through a period of much upheaval.

During this passage of time, we will be seeing an uprooting process occurring of all that has been misaligning us from our dormant yet Infinite True potentials that lie within.
We will witness feats of greatness, acts of pure courage and will once again see Love and Honour reign True in all families, cultures & societies.
We will watch the fall of our governmental structures, the tearing apart our current personal belief systems and as a by product, ascending into higher and higher realms of Conscious Awanreness.
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