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.@tedwheeler I am not buying what you are selling. You are a liar, disingenuous, unprincipled and have zero problem in authorizing and committing heinous acts of moral turpitude. Simply said you smell so bad that no amount of bathing will remove your stench. We know you are a
paid puppet and do the bidding for the one percenters who believe only they should govern America. The one percenters who have made it clear there is no place at their table for the middle class or the indigent which in your terms makes them the low class. You are doing what you
are doing for one reason. You want one of the very few coveted entrant positions into the elite supremacist club. What if you don’t make the cut? Have you thought about that? What if you are relegated to serfdom with the rest of us? How do you think that will work out for you
being thrown into the crowd that you spit on? I wouldn’t want to be you. People here is some proof for you. When you click on the BLM donation link up pops the Democrat’s Act Blue donation link. The democrats cannot directly give money to BLM. BLM is not a registered 501c3
charitable organization. But they can donate to Thousand Currents that is a registered 501c3 charitable organization run by - hope you are sitting down- CONVICTED TERRORIST 🔴Susan Rosenberg🔴. Yes, this is the dirtbag that was part of the thug gang M19 or May19th gang. She
went to prison for blowing up buildings that injured people. She is also suspected of helping Assata Shakur escape prison. Chesimard is also known as JoAnn Chesimard a member of the Black Liberation Army and is still, today on the FBI’s most wanted list. Chesimard lives in Cuba
and she is @MaxineWaters ’s bestie! So, leader of Thousand Currents terrorist Susan Rosenberg receives the money from the Democrats and then passes it to the leaders of BLM!

BUT - did you know that not one dime of that money makes it back to Black communities? The 3 ladies who
co-founded BLM have publicly stated their idols are Rosenberg and Shakur. BL doesn't give a rats ass about Black Americans. They, like Antifa, are paid domestic terrorist that receive their money washed buy @TheDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi @chuckschumer and Nazi @georgesoros and host
of other left and right one percenters who pay others to do their dirty work. I have done extensive extensive research on the elite supremacists of the world - from Congress, the UN, to US Ambassadors to liberal and conservative think tanks such as the corrupt @AtlanticCouncil
.@projectlincoln and Palestinian Jewish organizations such as @jstreetdotorg, WHO, WTO, US military leaders - yes you read that correct - military leaders,
These are the founders of Republicans for the rule of law. @MittRomney is no surprise. Afterall, Mitt’s current employee, former CIA Cofer Black was placed within days of @potus’ oath of office on the board of corrupt Burisma. When Mittens didn’t receive the Secretary of State
assignment it threw a real kink into “the plan”. Not one person - not one - has questioned the placement on the board of one of the world’s most corrupt companies. Don’t you find it odd that Biden hasn’t used that as political campaign fodder?
What do these people have in common
1. They are all globalists
2. They all support one order of government either for the world or for their country - one big, huge government
3. The members of this elite supremacist group are the wealthiest in the world.
4. As a group they pay
the majority of income tax in their countries - particularly the US.
5. The group in the US represents one percent of our population and that makes them the minority.
So let me put this into a summary.

The one percent realize that they are the minority and they cannot out vote
us. Because of their wealth and to protect their wealth they view the middle class and the indigent or in their terms the “low class” as a major threat. We now know they create foreign aid packages that contain kickbacks that will line their pockets. We now know that they receive
kickbacks from lobbyists for putting a bill through that will line the pockets of the lobbyist, and the company, organization or entity they are lobbying for. We know they create bills with hidden state bailouts in exchange for payola. They also know there are wealthy individuals
who make valued contributions to society and our country. Wealthy people who are not in the elite supremacist club of the evil wealthy. Our President is a prime example of a wealthy individual who works for free, who has set aside his ability to increase his personal wealth to
serve his country.
So, Mayor @tedwheeler know this - through my extensive extensive research I can personally say you don’t even come close to making it into the coveted club. You are not even on the radar for consideration of one of those few coveted spots. You would do well
to start planning what you will do if the one percent are successful in taking us down and you are tossed aside and relegated to serfdom with the rest of us. After stabbing us in the back by allowing thugs to beat us, even murder, destroy, burn and loot our businesses I am not so
sure it will work out well for you. I do know one more vital piece of info - I would not want to be you.


cc: @POTUS @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom @senatemajldr @SenateGOP @HouseGOP
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