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1. News: UNSEALED: Bill Clinton stayed on Jeffrey Epstein's orgy island w/ Ghislaine Maxwell & 2 young girls b/c he owed the pedo 'a favor', says Virginia Roberts: She saw Al Gore, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum on Epstein jet Lolita Express - Thread 7.31.20…
2. News: Finally, a peaceful night of protests in Portland: Local cops take over guarding courthouse from federal agents ahead of their planned withdrawal as hundreds of demonstrators gather for a 64th night…
3.News: Tucker Carlson Rips Obama for ‘Desecrating’ John Lewis Funeral with Campaign Slogans —

‘Political Power Is Their Religion’
4. News: Farage Investigates: Brexit Leader Uncovers Hotel Refusing Brits While Housing 147 Migrants…
5. News: Italy: Bus Drivers Take Martial Arts Training to Better Enforce Coronavirus Rules - WHAT IS DS PLANNING FOR THE WORLD?…
6. News: Wisconsin governor orders masks statewide…
7. News: Big Tech Whistle-blowers Urge Lawmakers to Tackle Silicon Valley Bias: ‘Please Do Something Already’… #BigTech #BigTechHearing
8. News: Greg Steube Pledges ‘No More’ Big Tech Donations… #BigTech #BigTechHearing
9. News: Arizona Police Association Endorses President Donald Trump… #Trump2020Landslide #Trump2020LandslideVictory
10. News: Mark Levin: Obama ‘Abused the Black Community More Than Any Modern President’…
11. News: The funeral for civil rights icon John Lewis is yet another example of how our hideous elites have turned the rest of us into 2nd class citizens. Social distancing for thee but not for we.…
12. News: Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued statewide mask order, setting up conflict w/ Republican legislative leaders who oppose requirement & successfully sued earlier to kill his “safer at home” order… #COVID #coronavirus
13. News: British actor-comedian John Cleese attacked President Donald Trump, declaring him a “complete a**hole,” and smeared the President’s Supporters as “very stupid” in an interview with the Daily Beast.…
14. One Marine is dead and eight are missing after an amphibious assault vehicle 'mishap' off the coast of Southern California during training exercise… #Military #Prayers
15. News: President Donald Trump’s tough-guy image masks his caring and generous side… #Trump2020Landslide
16. News: Florida face mask hell a chilling warning for America - In Key West, “if you step out of your front door without a mask, you will be punished with 60 days of jail,” wrote Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini on his Twitter page.… #COVID
17. News: US Economy Actually Contracted 9.4% in the 2nd Quarter 2020 – Not the 32.9% Reported by the Liberal MSM… #Trump #Winning #FakeNews
18. News: Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Unsealed: Allegations Against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Others

— FBI Had Evidence of the Crimes for Years
.… #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
19. News: US Attorney Billy Williams of Oregon Goes Off On Media For Failing To Call Out Criminal Activity Of Rioters (VIDEO)… #Riots #terrorism #Terrorist
20. (1 of 3) News: Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing (Part 1)
20. (2 of 3) News: Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing (Part 2)
20. (3 of 3) News: Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing (Part 3)
21. News: President Trump Has Enormous “Emergency” Powers - 1978 law gives president 123 statutory powers. He could round up a lot of people, a lot of groups.… #Trump2020Landslide #Trump #Hero #SavingAmerica
22. News: Ilhan Omar Funnels Another $600,000 to Husband's Consulting Firm in Just 3 Weeks - Bringing Grand Total Over $1.7 Million! SICK OF BEING RIPPED OFF YET?… #thieves #CORRUPT
23. News: BREAKING: Evidence Shows FBI The FBI Failed to Drag President Trump into the Epstein Mess. But they sure tried.… #Trump #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
24. News: Arrest of Gym Owners Is Microcosm of Democrat [deep state's] Broader Agenda… #COVID #Enemywithin #Infiltration
25. News: Judge Demands ‘Reckless’ Soros-Funded Democrat Prosecutor Release Records In Crooked Prosecution Of Ex-Missouri Governor Eric Greitens… #CORRUPT #Soros #Enemywithin #Infiltration
26. News: Patriot Herman Cain Defended The Tea Party.… #RIPHermanCain #RIP
27. News: A day after Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said state police would protect Portland’s federal courthouse, RIOTERS Light Severed Pig Head with Police Hat Ablaze… #TERRORISTS #TERRORISM
28. News: Rasmussen Poll: President Donald Trump Approval Rating Bounces Back to 50%… @realDonaldTrump #WINNING #Trump2020Landslide
29. News: Scottish Christians Warn HATE CRIME Bill Could Criminalize the Bible… #GOD #JESUS #BIBLE #RELIGION
30. News: LISTEN TO THIS: FAUCI EXPOSED: Jim Jordan’s Grilling Proves It’s All Political -

Fauci Can't Say Protests Spreads COVID-19
#coronavirus #CovidHearing
31. News: Initiative seeks to increase evangelical vote in November:

'Churches alone can make all the difference' - '2020 is also about the Supreme Court'…
32. News: White House Senior Policy Adviser: Nobody who mails in a ballot has their identity confirmed…
33. News: Gregg Jarrett on President Trump's election delay suggestion: Mail-in voting is 'recipe for disaster'…
34. News: TODAY: President Trump leaving soon to meet with sheriffs in Florida at 3:30 pm ET! @realDonaldTrump @MAGA
35. News: Evangelist says 'revival' meetings targeted in Chicago: ‘You can riot … but worshipping God is dangerous’…
36. News: Tennessee lawmaker Katrina Robinson charged with theft of federal grants, allegedly used it for personal expenses - An investigation has been ongoing since 2015, with the case expected to go before a grand jury.… #Crooks #Politicians
37. News: NYC church barricades front door after homeless try breaking in, defecating on steps…
38. News: President Trump doubles down, warns November will bring 'greatest election disaster in history' - 'People oughta get smart,' Trump said…
39. News: 'Everybody Loves Raymond Star' Brad Garrett slams Ellen DeGeneres after she blamed her staff in her apology amid 'toxic culture' on her show and claims it's 'common knowledge' that she treats people 'horribly'…
40. News: Florida shuts down testing sites as it prepares for Hurricane Isaias to hit TOMORROW with winds of up to 80mph before barreling up the East Coast to NYC… #Weather
41. News: OMG! Documents Released in Epstein Case Last Night Contain Redactions – THAT CAN BE UNREDACTED WHEN COPYING TO NOTEPAD… #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
42. News: 'The girls couldn't be BLACK.' Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ordered victim Virginia Giuffre to recruit young, WHITE GIRLS and if they weren't 'they had to be EXOTICALLY BEAUTIFUL,' unsealed docs reveal… #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
43. News: UNBELIEVABLE! Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force… @realDonaldTrump #BackTheBlue #DEMOCRATS #INSANE
44. News: Florida teenager, 17, is charged with 'masterminding' massive Twitter hack which compromised high-profile accounts including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kanye West and Elon Musk…
45. News: Ellen DeGeneres APOLOGIZES to Staff over Show’s Culture of Sexual Harassment…
46. News: Obama Privately Warns Top Democrat Donors: Trump Voters ‘Glued’ to Breitbart, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh… #Trump2020Landslide #TRUMP2020
47. News: 911 dispatchers in Texas city stop asking callers about coronavirus symptoms, concerning firefighters…
48. News: AOC blasts missionary who sacrificed life to help lepers in Hawaii -

Calls Father Damien artifact of 'patriarchy and White supremacist culture'…
49. News: Pro-Biden video [Million Muslim Votes] on Voice of America triggers investigation - Official warns content may have constituted election interference…
50. Read Thread to See How Seattle's Hard-Left City Council is Trying to ABOLISH POLICE DEPARTMENT & Replace w/ University-Style Group of Activists Trained in "Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming, Anti-Racist Praxis." #BackTheBlue
51. News: Supreme Court DENIES Request to Stop Construction of the Border Wall… #TRUMP @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #WINNING
52. News: Ruth Bader Ginsburg discharged from hospital after procedure earlier this week… #Justice
53. News: Kanye West stands by abortion remarks: 'I’m concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry'… #SaveTheChildren #SaveTheBabies #Prayers
54. News: Meghan McCain criticizes Fauci for his answer on whether protests spread coronavirus when he was questioned by Rep Jim Jordan… #covidhearing #COVID #COVID19
55. News: Andy McCarthy: 'ABSURD' to Claim President Trump's Election Delay Tweet was Impeachable Offense - It Was Federalist Society Co-Founder Stephen Calabresi Who Called Trump's Tweet Grounds for Impeachment… #TRUMP #TRUMP2020 #MAGA
56. News: Sean #Hannity explains why he wrote first book in 10 years, says US is 'at a TIPPING POINT'…
57. News: Apple Being Investigated By "Majority" Of States Over Claims Of Deliberately Slowing Old iPhones…
58. News: Hundreds Of Angry Protesters Gather Outside Hamptons Billionaire Mansions To Demand Wealth Tax -

'Also, the rent is too damn high...'…
59. News: Progressives, establishment Democrats set for major clashes in Aug. 4 primaries…
60. News: Time's Up For TikTok - President Trump To Order Bytedance To Sell US Operations…
61. News: FCC's Brendan Carr Slams Twitter's "Orange Man Bad Policy" -

“It’s the inconsistency, the arbitrary exercise of power that I think is contributing to putting big tech under the spotlight.”
.… @realDonaldTrump #Trump #MAGA
62. News: White House Has Submitted '4 Different Offers' On Stimulus Which Democrats Have Ignored: Meadows… #COVID #Relief #Check
63. News: Leftie James Murdoch Resigns from News Corporation, the Parent Company of FOX News Over “Differences in Editorial Content”

64. News: “You Won’t Be Safe in Joe Biden’s America” – Trump Campaign Ties Joe Biden to the Radical Left in Hard Hitting Ad (VIDEO)
65. News: Alaska Republican State Legislator Gary Knopp [no passengers] and 6 others die when his PLANE [with no passengers] Crashes (July 31) Into Another Mid-air Killing Everyone Aboard.…
66. News: Republicans look to fill vacant East Texas seat of Appeals Court Justice David Bridges, who KILLED IN CAR CRASH Saturday July 25th (leading contender for Spy-Chief Ratcliffe seat)…
67. Liberal Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) says “red states are getting what was coming to them” on coronavirus.

Amy McGrath smiles and nods. #KYSen

— h/t @Cooksey__ #COVID19
68. News: President Trump: ‘China Must Be Very Happy’ Democrats Using Coronavirus to ‘Screw Up’ Election [July 31]… #Trump #China
69. News: Sen Tom Cotton is pressing Google CEO Pichai for answers regarding meddling in U.S. presidential election after explosive Breitbart News investigation just proved they are blocking search traffic from Breitbart News & other conservative websites…
70. News: Ellen DeGeneres is telling show executives she's had enough and is READY TO CALL IT QUITS as staffers slam her apology…
71. News: Jeffrey Epstein 'forced underage girls to have sex with Prince Andrew so that he could get incriminating information to use as potential blackmail'… #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
72. News: James Murdoch RESIGNS from Newscorp (Fox News): Seen Fund-Raising for Biden: Is Against Most Fox News Head-Liners [calls them climate-change deniers]

The father, Rupert Murdock [behind the scenes] actually retained the title Executive Chairman
73. News: President Trump announces he will BAN TikTok in the U.S. by executive order as soon as TODAY [Saturday] - does not want to let an American firm buy the operation… #Trump #China
74. News: Could Congressional Black Caucus chair Karen Bass be Joe Biden's VP pick? Californian revealed to be a frontrunner - but Florida Democrats warn she praised Fidel Castro as 'Jefe'… #Socialist #Communist #Biden
75. News: Woody Harrelson dad was REAL Natural Born Killer: His father was a psychopathic hired assassin who even claimed to have murdered JFK: Woody insists his dad was innocent of murdering Judge Wood, that he was a SECRET CIA operative… #Hollywood #JFK
76. News: But remember your grandma can’t have a funeral because her life just wasn’t as important as John Lewis’s. Sorry. Those are the new rules.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) July 30, 2020
77. News: Investigation Into Death of DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney is Still Open while the FBI finishes their analysis of evidence, the Amador County Sheriff’s Office announced last Friday.… #Patriot #Hero
78. News: Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr went on the attack on Friday, saying those who oppose protests during the national anthem are “race-baiting.”… #NBA #boycott
79. News: Police: Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested After Back the Blue Rally in New York… #BLM #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter
80. News: Self-proclaimed Marxist, Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisse Cullors says the DNC Platform Must Call for Defunding Police, Abolishing ICE… #Infiltrated #BlueLivesMatter #Democrats
81. News: Bill Clinton is denying the ever visited Jeffrey Epstein Caribbean estate after newly released court documents claim the former president and “2 young girls” were guests of the late sex predator in the early-2000s.… #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
82. News: VIDEO: Ami Horowitz Goes To Portland; Rioters Promote Violence, Say It’s TIME TO "END The American Experiment”

Predictably, most of the people condoning the violence and chaos were white kids… #America #Infiltrated #Riots #AntiAmerican
83. News: Money Talks: Nancy Pelosi Funnels $14,000 to Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar’s Campaign… #Democrats #Infiltrated
84. News: Ontario, Canada Govt Medical Official Warns Against Mass Coronavirus Testing

– ‘Will Not Actually Achieve Anything’, False Positives ‘Almost half’ in Low COVID Areas (Video)… #Numbers #COVID #coronavirus
85. News: FINALLY! Top Dr. Ramin Oskoui on Crazy Dr. Fauci:

“I’m Hearing Someone Who Frankly Is Very Manipulative and Dishonest” (VIDEO)
.… #Fauci #COVID
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