Gather round kids! It's time for some fun facts about the Street Fighter character Dan!

Dan made his first appearance as a secret/joke character in Street Fighter Zero/Alpha pt 1 (1995).

(a thread...)

#SFVSummerUpdate #SFV新キャラ予想会 Image
However, Dan's roots can be traced years earlier to this official illustration of Sagat from Street Fighter 2 (1991) by Akiman! See that limp goon in Sagat's grip? The pink gi? Ponytail? The tight black undershirt? That's Dan!
#SFVSummerUpdate #SFV新キャラ予想会 Image
From the start it was clear that Dan Hibiki was a parody of Ryo and Robert from SNK's rival fighting game series, Art of Fighting. The unnamed, utterly defeated. throwaway fighter from the Sagat illustration grew into the character we know and love today!
#SFVSummerUpdate Image
The parody goes even further. Dan's father, Go Hibiki is clearly a parody of Ryo Sazaki's father, Takuma Sazaki aka "Mr. Karate!"

Go Hibiki made his first official appearance in Pocket Fighter (1997) where his ghost appears to help his son Dan out in some of his moves. ImageImage
Dan's father, Go Hibiki is canonically the reason Sagat is missing an eye. I always interpreted this as conveying that Go was a dirty fighter (eye gouging is illegal in most combat sports and generally looked down upon). Sagat beat him to death as a result of his foul play. ImageImage
Poor Sagat, losing an eye to Go Hibiki's dirty fighting tactics. Then later losing to Ryu sucker punched him (while using the dark hadou!) after Sagat had already bested him in a fair fight! Image
Anyway back to Dan! There's more to his connection to SNK! It's not quite fair to say that Art of Fighting was simply a Street Fighter rip off. In fact, the creator of Art of Fighting Hiroshi Matsumoto (松本 裕司) was the main planner on the very first Street Fighter!
#SFV Image
Hiroshi Matsumoto (松本 裕司) went on to found Dimps, who developed both Street Fighter IV and V for Capcom, bringing everything full circle! In a way, Dan is the perfect mascot for the 3D mainline Street Fighter games!
#SFVSummerUpdate #SFV新キャラ予想会 ImageImage
Thanks for reading everyone! Follow me for more ADHD Hyper-focus driven threads on Street Fighter (and more!)!! ✌️✨

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In the original Cowboy Bebop, Spike used to belong to the Red Dragon crime syndicate who were lead by a trio of elders dressed like Qing Dynasty emperors, named Wang Long, Sou Long & Ping Long. They are totally unambiguously Chinese. To confuse them for Yakuza is REALLY IGNORANT.
Of course Cowboy Bebop has Japanese influences. Spike is based on Yusaku Matsuda and Vicious is based on Goemon from Lupin III. But it's so clear that the Red Dragon are a Chinese triad inspired organization. And Hong Kong cinema is such a huge influence on the series in general!
This reminds me of when they made the Hollywood DBZ liveaction film, the costume designer said Goku's clothes would be authentically Japanese. Which makes no sense because Dragon Ball is "as Chinese as could be" in Toriyama Akira's own words!

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