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Read the shockingly Disgusting attitude of #BillGates towards the people, hear his LIES after LIES about #Science, the facts, how he wants to remove your encryption so you have zero privacy at all (so he can spy in God mode & persecute u in ur homes)…
The very FIRST thing the article says & ADMITS?
But YOU the taxpayer, are being FRAUDED, forced to pay for all this "GARBAGE" bilked, Robbed, Ripped off on them, & guess who is profiting? Of course, HE is.
#Wired acknowledges that his foundation for the DECADE & beyond prior, had made huge investments in vaccines, treatments, & testing. (much of this distribution chains across the poor "low-quality DNA world of #Africa, #India" where 1+Million women were LIED to faces,Sterilized
#Wired then turns full on LIARS just like Blatant Criminal #BillGates, who has over 1 MILLION signatures against him on petitions for #ArrestBillGates 4 #CrimesAgainstHumanity which of course the Loggorheic #Wired interviewer refuses to even acknowledge in Superiority Complex
#StevenLevy who is more than happy to LIE about all of the MILLIONS of ppl calling for his arrest, including Parliamentary members willing to be carried out of their institutions they are so well represented, calling them all instead loggorheic, as LIE about the Science.
Levy claims (Falsely in Fact Check also, on purpose of course in his FRAUDNEWS report.)
"He also became a target of the plague of misinformation afoot in the land, as logorrheic critics accused him of planning to inject microchips in #vaccine recipients"
Levy of course LIES through his face deliberately, Hiding on purpose the MULTIPLE patents #BillGates has paid tens of millions for in development costs, for the #COVID19 & #COVIPASS travel restriction #vaccine #Trackandtrace needle patch programs promoted everywhere.
LEVI LIES Deliberately hiding #BillGates 666 patent released to public eye & promoted everywhere for cryptocurrency #trackandtrace implant with RFID & sensor features even measuring electrical impulses of the nervous system & hosts payments, & Sterilization drug delivery.
Levi LIES Deliberately as a complete FRAUD & CONARTIST always LIES about everything they can to suit their purposes in perfect comfort, expect more of the same from such ppl as they never change once started especially when rich successful adults with more money than need.
His tool of cover-up to LIE to the public to HIDE for his long time interviewee to make his career interviewing the Elites like #Billgates being an ally to him? (No one who challenges him will get this opportunity as all know, Gates would NEVER take an interview from my 3,945
Levi LIES to all the Lesser Scum deplorables, after beginning the article of course with at least several slanders as THE preface to stand on, of #Trump. The priorities shown & "Framing complete" then goes to war versus "the despicable public who should be dictated to"
Levi LIES through his teeth, spitting in your faces deliberately insulting your intelligence, saying "they claimed #Billgates was going to INJECT the chips in the vaccine" so somehow that makes alllll the rest of the programs to get such into you, Magically just dissappear.
The LIARS, FRAUDSTERS, CONARTISTS like a #StevenLevy who support the Elite Criminal Sickophants in a war against your rights, freedoms, safety, privacy, votes, health, lives, countries, &all that is dear in the world, more than happy to spit on the 'so lowly public' like this
He goes into a narcissistic soliloquy how his talks with #Billgates have changed from being yelled at, to laughing & glee (He sure learned to play along with the corruption over time obviously & never challenge him is the translation here obviously) Never more happy todoAgain
#Billgates begins in on the LIES & finger pointing immediately at #Trump & others.
"If we had built up the diagnostic, therapeutic, & vaccine platforms, and if we’d done the simulations to understand what the key steps were, we’d be dramatically better off"
#Event201?? Hello?
#Billgates has 100 BILLION DOLLARS, he is supposedly engaged in "#Vaccine #Philanthropy, so then why is it on the Taxpayer to not only foot 100% of the bill, but put the control to him & Gavi, (over every aspect of human life) & when there are plenty of treatments already99+%
Gates reveals the BLAME ON THE #CDC.
-the US actually made it harder for the commercial testing companies to get their tests approved, the CDC had this very low volume test that didn’t work at first, &

"the #CDC weren’t letting people test"
Remember then? The INCUBATION
#BilGates then says "the #CDC should have been the face of the pandemic" (Who he Bribes & stuffs with ungodly amounts of money in payoffs in the most sickening conflict of interest web of pay for play & favors & loyalty corruption racket the world has ever seen,into GAVI etc)
#Billgates Clearly hates that they haven't been able to erase #Trump from being attention of the #Media, (blame them)& then he admits "We called CDC but told us we had 2 talk 2 White House a bunch of times. “We’re doing a great job on testing, we don’t want to talk to you.”
#BillGates then LIES that "The White House didn’t allow the #CDC to do its job after March" TOTAL BULLSHIT of course. More money & more freedom than ever, lifting regulations for #FDA & endless support. Shamelessly Logorrheic critics Gates, #Wired #Stevenlevy dishonest totale
#Billgates reminds that his well paid for #CDC insiders "They said not to open back up; they said that leadership has to be a model of face mask usage" as he keeps calling them to further Dictate so much as said above to point they tell him to stop calling we don't want talk"
#Billgates spits at the lowly ppl again. "there’s been trillions of dollars of economic damage done and a lot of debts, but the innovation pipeline on scaling up diagnostics, on new therapeutics, on vaccines is actually quite impressive"
Unless you are #Doctors with #HCQ ofc
On the massive economic ruin he caused? "we will have lost many years in malaria and polio and HIV and the indebtedness of countries of all sizes and instability." meanwhile SIDS & autism cases have plummeted in children as 72 (virgins?) #vaccines aren't injected to babies
Then ANOTHER shocker revealing crime after crime:
"it’s because of innovation that you don’t have to contemplate

an even sadder statement, which is this thing will be raging for five years UNTIL NATURAL IMMUNITY is our only hope."

Meanwhile in Cambodia, Vietnam? China? 0
He admits:
"Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, and CureVac. Right now, because of the way u manufacture them, & the difficulty of scaling up, they are more likely—if they are helpful—to help in the rich countries. THEY WONT BE THE low-cost, scalable SOLUTION FOR THE WORLD at large
"This disease, from both the animal data and the phase 1 data, seems to be very vaccine preventable."
The ONLY Challenge tests KILLED ALL THE MONKEYS that received the #vaccine on. EVEN THE #Vaccines put 20% of people IN HOSPITAL with 80% Side effect rate!!
He adits the horrific Side effect of HIS RUSH:
"I bet there’ll be some vaccines that will get out to lots of patients without the full regulatory review somewhere in the world. #China, #Russia, etc" & the DEATH & Damage & risk of even wider spread disease from is MASSIVE.
He then slanders the president AGAIN in LIES & RFKJR
"Every meeting I have with him he is like, “Hey, I don’t know about vaccines, and you have to meet with this guy #RobertKennedyJr. who hates #vaccines and spreads crazy stuff about them.” (#Trump didn't say that obviously)
"Wasn’t #RobertKennedyJr. talking about you using #vaccines to implant chips into people?
"Yeah, you’re right. He, Roger Stone, Laura Ingraham"

They BOTH hiding & LYING about ALL Gate's work & investments in chips, the 666 chip, his education to kids on
Then #BillGates talks about how he is wrangling to get his money on YOUR Tax dollars FOR FREE WITH NO RETURN into his Vax Poison empire, whining about the govt not "showing up" aka handing him BILLIONS FOR FREE into his Toxic injection companies & testing & #Trackandtrace
"So in this supplemental bill, I’m calling everyone I can to get 4 billion through GAVI for vaccines and 4 billion through a global fund for therapeutics"
WHAT? #BillGates has a "Bill" So what, is he in #Congress now or something, wait a minute, was he Elected to something??
So #BillGates, mister 200+ BILLION Dollars, mister "I made 20X on #vaccine investments" & I got 2.4 BILLION into my Gavi Empire & 8+Billion from others, I want 8 BILLION of WELFARE from the Taxpayer to poison the world as TRILLIONS in economic damage & "Cant open up or else"
Levi "what treatment are you going to ask for?"
BG "#Remdesivir. Sadly the trials in the US have been so chaotic that the actual proven effect is kind of small"
-Severe side effect rate 74%
-No #HCQ, no zinc, no zpack, no vitamins, no nothing else.
#BillGates even mentions "#dexamethasone—it’s actually a fairly cheap drug—that’s for late-stage disease" Though it can help at all stages, & there are others he knows about as well, & in combination with, which make #SCAMDESIVIR which is one of the most deadly drugs ever, NO
Then they SPIT in your face in LIES AGAIN:
"I’m assuming you’re not going to have trouble paying for it, Bill, so you could ask for anything."

"Well, I don’t want special treatment, so that’s a tricky thing"
"We’ve had about a factor-of-two improvement in hospital outcomes already, and that’s with just #remdesivir and dexamethasone."

Vast majority of this is from Dex w' ZERO major improvement BEFORE side effects & DEATHS from SCAMDESIVIR the SideEffect Drug
"You helped fund a #Covid19 diagnostic testing program in #Seattle that got quicker results, and it wasn’t so intrusive. The #FDA put it on pause. What happened?"

-Operating without a license
-Zero permits, zero approvals
-#BillGates radical narcissism no care
Of course they never say anything about #BillGates being shut down due to ILLEGALLY operating without approvals, something massive fines & even criminal charges & cease and desist orders would be issued if it were any average #american trying that or even a #health provider
"We showed that the quality of the results can be equivalent if you just put a self-test in the tip of your nose with a cotton swab"

Can you even imagine? He is admitting here how BULLSHIT this whole thing is. Ur nose filtered a lil corona? POSITIVE
Breathing one of the 150+ #coronavirus es into your nose DOES NOT mean "you are infected" yet this is what they are LYING to everyone in CRIMINAL action, DELIBERATELY destroying the economy, STEALING TRILLIONS of Tax dollars, "not special treatment". Ur nose filters always.
If only the tip of the nose is needed for a test, swabbing it with alcohol or breathed solutions of "Disinfectants" which of course the body produces naturally, should be the first thing to be recommended. But to my surprise after I made a line of tech like this nothing still
Of course #Billgates isn't into funding Startups for either #Health & Especially energy, his BEV website is about getting 100 BILLION of FREE ZERO RETURN taxpayer dollars stolen by him from your pensions, not about funding innovators & they say clear will steal your tech.
"Because of what we have done at #FDA, you can buy these cheaper swabs that are available by the billions. So anybody who’s using the deep turbinate now is just out of date. IT'S A MISTAKE, because it slows things down."

#Doctors? What say you on "NO NEED DEEP?"
#Billgates goes on to reveal the SCAM the CRIMINAL FRAUD that testing is even more
"that’s just stupidity. The majority of all US tests are completely garbage, wasted. (Too old if over 48 hours, no good any more)
We're the only country in world where waste most money on tests
& Now CONARTIST LYING FRAUDSTER #StevenLevi goes on the attack against all #Doctors #Physicians citizens & #health practitioners by the MILLIONS dare they speak or question anything from these CORRUPT Sickophantic Elites spitting on & stealing from them & abusing them.
"what you think when you see so many people signing onto this anti-science view of the world."

Can you imagine, he is such a LYING FRAUD that he thinks he is fooling anyone by this kind of LYING slander & Low Level Conartist SCAM play mental game, like you are Children
Levi LYING that the people are somehow "anti-Science" After deliberate LIES after LIES after LIES by both of them about science in same interview, smeared to the whole world as spitting on THOUSANDS of #Doctors who DO THE SCIENCE unlike them. Shameless CRIMINALS both of them
#Billgates responds in shocking Spit in your face LAUGHABLE the Joke is on you fashion just like when he laughed at all of you on TV
"Well, strangely, I’m involved in almost everything that anti-science is fighting. I’m involved with climate change, GMOs, & vaccines" ROFL 🤣
And this is why #Billgates is LAUGHING, laughing at everyone, & #Stevenlevi the Evil SCUMBAG is right beside him sneering at the poor public along with him, sneering & snarling at your #Humanrights how dare you question what they say you "Science denying #Doctors & Physicians
#BillGates LIES AGAIN about you.
"The irony is that it’s digital #socialmedia that allows this kind of titillating, oversimplistic explanation of, “OK, there’s just an evil person, and that explains all of this"

Ofc they KNOW that NO ONE ever said that nor thinks that.
Then #Billgates takes aim at your privacy, #Humanrights & #Freedoms which he hates.
"And when you have posts encrypted there is no way to know what it is. I believe govt should not allow 'those types of lies or fraud' or child pornography [to be hidden with encryption WA orFB
So, your new GOD, #Billgates, is going after encryption.
It was revealed that #microsoft has a "God-Mode" for ALL YOUR COMMUNICATIONS ON THEIR DEVICES & APPS when his friend was trading over 6500 chopped up children pics FROM HIS HOUSE & MSFT security team quit & said so.
#BilGates is angry that he can't read all your encrypted messages. He even claims (Again joke is on you) that "#ChildTrafficking images" meanwhile he squashed the investigation of his friend trading 6500+ Child snuff pics from in his OWN HOME as meeting #JEFFERYEPSTEIN
#BillGates Shamelessly goes on to attack 'That BLACK woman @drstellaemanuel'
"The lies are so titillating you have to be able to see them & at least slow them down. Like that video where, what do they call her, the sperm woman?"
What a sickophant he is, DEBATE HER COWARD!!!
#BillGates then campaigns for removal of searchability of videos he doesn't want that expose his CRIMES
"they didn’t delete the link or the searchability? So it was meaningless. They claim, “Oh now we don’t have it.” What effect did that have? Anybody can go watch that thing"
"We give literally tens of billions for #vaccines to save lives, then people turn around saying, “No, we’re trying to make money and we’re trying to end lives."
BG said it himself best
"We make 20X our money investing in #vaccine."
I guess give back 2.4B
#Billgates then talks about buying #TIKTOK expanding the worldwide control complex he already has, with a stab again at #Trump. (which should never be allowed as this is beyond anti-trust anyone ever imagined) & Trump sanctioned btw like WITLF is Trump's love 4 StabBack Here
He then spits on #Congress re Anti-trust investigations, showing his attitude & superiority complex:
"if you’re super-successful, the pleasure of going in front of the Congress comes with the territory. "I mean, Jesus Christ, what’s the Congress coming to?" @mattgaetz
On masks in the closeout he says
"Do you have a go-to mask you use?"
No, I use a pretty ugly normal mask. I change it every day. Maybe I should get a designer mask or something creative, but I just use this surgical-looking mask.

No one has ever seen even him in one.
Neither of these two absolute COWARDS, LIARS #StevenLevy OR #BillGates will or has interviewed with ANYONE who would ever ask them a tough question, debate them completely, as the LIE SCAM SCHEME like Satanic SNAKES behind their positions of power in Big Corrupt #Media
Neither of them would DARE to take video interview with any of the many professionals, #DOCTORS, #Physicians who are on the other side of the discussion, instead they just LIE through their faces as complete FRAUDS, LIARS, SOCIOPATHS, LYING about all of humanity with a voice.
Feel free to let me know, COWARD LIARS #BillGates #StevenLevy of #Wired when you will do a video interview with myself, or any of the THOUSANDS of #Doctors & Legislators around the world calling #ArrestBillGates for #CrimesAgainstHumanity across multiple nations of the world.
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