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F it! I’m starting #ZAnon. The Left answer to #QAnon:

1)All of the GOP are in the KKK
2)They are going to take black Peoples guns
3)The Post Office is theirs. They open all mail/packages & throw out #BidenHarris votes
4)They created Covid to kill blacks Image
5)They own the company that makes the voting machines. All votes go to republicans no matter which candidate is selected.
6)Putin is their President so therefore he is our President.
7)They are working on legalizing slavery of blacks...#ZAnon
8)They have a database containing all negative tweets about the #RacistInChief. After the election, 1 by 1 those tweeters will be sent to “re-education” camps to be programmed into magats
9)Red hats will have to be worn @ all times when outside...#ZAnon
10)When 1-9 appears to be proven false, they not. They are only using mind control devices they got from the Men in Black to make us forget.
11)Do not forget, #ZAnon is ALWAYS CORRECT...even when wrong. The End ✌🏾😂😂😂
Yeah, there’s more. New developments are always happening but #ZAnon must appear unconcerned:

12)Tell no one of #ZAnon, except 4 everyone you know.
13)There’s a thingy going on @ a McDonalds basement w/kids in cages & the gop
14)They follow all on Twitter
15)The, They, Them & Those people (maga, gop) are always trying to kill you, make you sick & keep you w/o $.
16)You are “Human Capital Stock” to them
17)They MAKE you take 2 steps back every time they ALLOW you 1 step forward
18)YOU CAN’T WIN...w/o #ZAnon
19)The #RacistInChief’s brother may or may not have died. Either way, the story of his death isn’t what it seems...maybe.
20)They are making a “whites only” vaccine for black People. It won’t work.
21)It really isn’t what it is but, #ItIsWhatItIs...#ZAnon
22)#QAnon was started by #ZAnon but, was sold for an undisclosed amount to THEM (gop, maga)
23)They’ve added something to the water (bottled & tap) that increases #racist tendencies. Does not affect POC although, @ the end of the day, it does😡...#ZAnon
24)They are drafting a law to make the #RacistInChief President for life (in name only. #putin will still call the shots)
25)They killed Biggie AND Tupac. @MichaelCohen212 buried the bodies
26)#QAnon trolls #ZAnon
27)#ZAnon trolls #QAnon #InThisTogether
@MichaelCohen212 28)The gop & the #RacistInChief are puppets of #Putin
29)#ZAnon is their public enemy #1
30)Flotus was artificially inseminated with demon sperm obtained from an alien in Area 51
31)Area 51 is a Covid free vacation spot 4 registered republicans...#ZAnon
32)#ZAnon never sleeps but, #ZAnon just woke up...Good Morning. Coffee?
33)Fox News broadcasts from hell. The set was added to fool us.
34)OANN broadcasts from hell too. They are in a better section. The #RacistInChief authorized it.
36)#ZAnon never lies...down w/them (republicans,maga,#racists,#RacistInChief)
37)Some truth are in this thread but, everything listed is 💯 #Facts
38)#ZAnon keeps it REAL
39)#QAnon keeps it FAKE...#ZAnon
40)They are planning to force all women to be in the kitchen or the bedroom. Allowed in other rooms to clean only
41)They are going to repeal all laws & make new ones to strip women's rights
42)They HATE women
43)#ZAnon is against 40-42...@LadyOni70 #KHive
@LadyOni70 B4 I continue the list of the things the “Surface State” is all about, I want to thank the 6-10 People that are down with #ZAnon

44)WE are ALL Z. Keeps the “SS” guessing
45)They building camps to house dissenters
46)They will end free speech...#ZAnon
@LadyOni70 47)The “Surface State” lies. ALL THE DAMN TIME
48)They are called the Surface State b/c they do everything in plain sight. Why hide? There have been no repercussions so far🤷🏾‍♂️
49)Trust your gut. It is THAT bad
50)They are going to microchip us all...#ZAnon
51) Don’t watch Fox News/OANN. Subliminal messages are broadcast to make viewers racist, weak & dumb AF. OANN is better @ that but, Fox does it well
52)They are working w/CHY-NA, not against them
53)The SS isn’t powerful. They are pawns of Putin...#ZAnon
54)*Alert* They are trying to shut down the internet & wifi in America. Trying to stop the DNC Convention
55)If it doesn’t work it’s b/c #ZAnon sounded the alarm
56)They are working to preempt every channel & website to broadcast the RNC convention...#ZAnon
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Keep Current with I Am Not Your Negro. Serial #864511032020 #VOTE

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