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It's time for a thread, and I've got fire in the belly tonight.

To start, a bit of a blurb on the Flames game today. To be fair I never watched the game but what I gathered from my Flames followers it sounded like there may have been some questionable calls, but don't quote me.
I have to say considering how strong of a team Dallas has, and then to add in that the Flames are missing Tkachuk, I think they're doing well. They have talent, and when they play their game they can be a threat. I thought Dallas had a fair
edge when the series started but this has been a good series so far. I can see this series going the distance and if Calgary's goaltending can stay strong, and they can get Tkachuk back I give them a real fighters chance to win.

Now onto some other things.

Can someone explain
to me how people like anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have survived to make it to adulthood? Truly. I challenge someone who fights for this cause to give me a sound explanation as to what the heck is going through your head. (and no this doesn't include people that for whatever
reason struggle to wear masks for medical reasons) It makes no sense to me. None at all. So advocates have to try unbelievable hard to get people to fight for education, or healthcare, or workers rights, or LGBTQ rights, etc but don't worry all it takes to get the
mouthbreathers to unite against practices brought about from people far smarter than themselves (medical and science community) to keep EVERYONE safe, is a box of Lucky Lager and the chance to "be on TV".

If you partake in this kind of activity, you are the most useless and
destructive type of human being and it all stems from your overwhelming stupidity. Full Stop.

It's MIND BLOWING, the efforts that need to be made by considerate, intelligent everyday people to try to keep us safe and as opposed to you simply buying in and thinking of the bigger
picture, you focus on "your rights" and the paranoia of, as one of the signs read from the downtown Edmonton walk, "the overreach of the government" Here's a quick education dickheads, the government is actively trying to take your rights as we speak, oh and you complain about
the efforts to KEEP YOU ALIVE?? Seriously, fuck off.

Alright, now onto the return to school. And I ask this sincerely. With how it's layed out currently, what is the plan? If a student in a class of 30 gets sick, what happens? If a teacher gets sick, what happens? Do teachers
get paid while they sit home in quarantine? Does ANYBODY think that this model is going to last, what, a couple weeks tops?

Also, and I want to quote John Lewis, we need to get into "good trouble". Somebody floated the idea of the potential that this government is trying to see
how far they can push us before we snap. I think having people file into a packed building, with tons of germ farms (kids, and yes I have kids. Parents know this to be true) with insufficient methods to protect EVERYONE involved is a disaster waiting to happen. It more than
warrants having the line drawn, RIGHT. HERE. I understand that there are proper channels that grievances need to be pursued, this just feels like a death march. Is there anything that can be done? Send me a DM if you have ideas so that nobody gets in any trouble.
So @samifouad commented earlier about Canada Post trending and then linked it to the fact that the American Postal system is under attack as Trump tries to steal the election by eliminating mail in votes. Now folks, what is with the attacks on Canada Post? Last I checked
we don't have an election coming, and do we even have mail in voting in Canada? Please, stop idolizing America. IMO, and I'm sure there are Americans who would tell you as much, we don't want to be like them.

To come back to another "UCP special", attacks on unions. I wonder if
they got the memo that AUPE has a MASSIVE new building that's going to be wrapping up construction probably in the next 6 months or so in the west end. Go unions Go!

Also the daily reminder that if you want to continue to support the public school system and you want to have
the piece of mind of keeping your kids at home, please look into the online option! This next week we need to make sure we fill Adriana's ear with our displeasure of the complete disregard that this government has taken to keeping people safe upon schools reopening. Jason
Schilling is meeting with her on Wednesday. As much as my optimism is tempered, we'll see what comes out of it. Jason is a very smart individual and I have far more faith in him than ANYBODY in this government.

Alright, last point for this thread. Earlier I read something that
there are folks that believe the teachers don't want the schools to open in September because they what, don't want to teach? I can't choose enough intelligent vocabulary to describe how completely idiotic this suggestion is.

So lets break this down.
As human beings we like:

1. Routine
2. Having purpose and being needed

Careers provide both these things. Teachers, for as long as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, have been ready to rock when schools open in September, and are ready to pack up and head
home for the summer at the end of June. The suggestion, during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, that teachers have what, lost the passion to teach? Are suddenly what, tired of the kids that they spend more time with during the year than their own? Orrrrrr could it be that they're concerned
about those same kids, as well as themselves, being able to come to their workplace and have the support of their EMPLOYER to conduct business in a safe environment? I'm mean I'm no genuis, but that sounds more than a fair request to me.

For those that make such stupid
arguments, do the world a favour. Disappear.

For all those fighting for a #SafeSeptember and for us to #FundABPublicSchools, keep it going. I'm right here with you all.

For another fun filled thread, thanks again friends.


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