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hello i have An Opinion and it is that non-sexual kink is quite honestly god tier
lan zhan Knows wei ying, knows how incredibly his brain is and knows how despite that genius he still forgets little things sometimes. usually about self-care. he doesn't take lunch, or he forgets to pick up his meds, or he leaves his jacket behind at work.
it starts simple. a little peck on the forehead, a hand encircling wei ying's wrist as he stumbles out the door.

"wei ying. do not forget your lunch today."
"ah! thank you lan zhan, such a good husband to me, whoops, haha!"
just casually, over text, you know.

lan zhan [6:07pm]: wei ying. how was your day?
wei ying [6:08pm]: ah good thank u!!! mianmian brought her daughter in 😍😭
wei ying [6:08 pm]: omw home now
wei ying [6:08 pm]: pls be kind to your poor husband when i instanlty crash
lan zhan [6:09 pm]: go pick up your medication.
wei ying [6:09 pm]: oh shit
wei ying [6:09 pm]: thank u honey will make it up to you 💦💦💦
lan zhan [6:10 pm]: you will. don't forget next time.
wei ying [6:24 pm]: got it! [image attached]
lan zhan [6:24 pm]: good boy.

wei ying nearly walks into a lamppost. he is going to make up for this very, very diligently.
it gets a bit... more. lan zhan always makes wei ying lunch, now, when he opens it, he gets a little note inside the lid that says "thank you for remembering. take a moment to breathe before you eat. unclench your jaw. well done."
i mean, it *could* just be his soft and caring husband lan zhan just being soft and caring, but there's something about these little words, little touches, that make wei ying feel really, really good, and really, really, just. safe.
wei ying gets home at the end of a horrendous week, exhausted, wrung out, frustrated, and lan zhan looks up from his laptop with Those Eyes, the ones that Know.

ugh, wei ying hates being perceived, and he loves him for it.
"wei ying," he says, "go into the bedroom and lie down."

ofc, wei ying can't hear those words without *some* kind of physical reaction. "ah, lan zhan, you really know how to welcome someone home." he strips out of his shirt right there. "shall i set up the playlist--"
"wei ying." lan zhan doesn't usually interrupt him. "now."

okay, now *that* wei ying feels through his entire body, holy shit. lan zhan's tone is Do Not Mess With Me sexy. he bites his lip and sways his ass as he leaves the room.
he strips out of his jeans, lies down on his back on the bed. lan zhan has put the flowers he got him yesterday in a vase on the windowsill.

"on your stomach."

his husband doesn't remove any layers of clothing, tragically, as he comes towards the bed.
"oho, er-gege, right to the point, huh?" he rolls over slowly, sticks his butt in the air. "go easy on this poor wei ying."

the bed dips, and a hand presses him to the mattress. "lie down."

why does that tone have such an effect on him?
knees bracket his hips, and lan zhan's braid tickles his shoulder. he feels his breath ghost over his ear. "let yourself be quiet, wei ying."
let himself be quiet? haha, good one, lan zhan. wei ying cannot be quiet, because he's thinking about where this might be going, about what he wants to do, about the vague rumblings for dinner in his stomach, about the nearly empty bottle of hot sauce on the dining table, about--

lan zhan lowers his full body weight on top of him.
warm hand circle his wrists, spread them out across the bed, press them down against the mattress. lan zhan's chest covers his whole back, his sweater tickling bare skin. it makes his breath come just a tiny bit shorter.
they're both half hard, and wei ying's dick is kind of being squished against the bed, but it doesn't even seem to matter.

the feeling of lan zhan covering him, pressing him down--no, *holding* him down--fuck. it's a lot.
his next breath is weirdly shuddery.

"is this good?" lan zhan murmurs in his ear.

"mhm. yep. yep. really, really good."
what the fuck? how can his husband just *lying on top of him* make him feel just as wobbly as two back-to-back orgasms? how can he--just--

wei ying's brain is going all fuzzy and staticcy, and it's nice, it's so nice, when all he has to focus on is the weight of lan zhan's body.
they lie there for what could be 10 minutes, could be an hour. wei ying doesn't really "float", but he feels like lan zhan's words and touches always make him feel. good. safe. peaceful. *calm.*
when lan zhan finally moves, slowly, gently, he feels a bit detached, like he might drift away without anything to hold him there. lan zhan presses kisses to his shoulders, brings his arms in to his chest, pulls him up into his lap and curls him there.
he puts the blanket wen ning knitted them as a wedding gift around wei ying's shoulders and turns on netflix, just atla, just for something there.

"how do you feel? was that okay?" his voice is soft, now, gentle and low and rumbly. wei ying nudges his nose against his jaw.
"feel.... really good, lan zhan. like butter." he knows he's not really making sense. "where did you learn that?"

lan zhan's ears go a bit pink. "i have been doing some reading." he doesn't elaborate. wei ying doesn't need him to.
"mm." he nuzzles lan zhan's jaw, kisses it. "we should do more stuff like that."

"mn. if wei ying would like."

"seems you know what i like even better than me, lan zhan, hey?" he chuckles. "right now, though." his stomach rumbles. "i would kill for some dinner."
WHEW this got longer than i was planning. gonna go to bed now bc it's 2am, might add some more ideas bc wei ying just kneeling with some slight form of bondage to chill out after a long day is my no. 1 fantasy, but for now, BED
ok ppl like this let's keep going

they've experimented a bit in the bedroom, because of course they have, with restraints and biting and lan zhan not letting wei ying come until he says so. but never outside of it.
lan zhan sends him some articles and links. wei ying reads them all avidly. they have several conversations, and write lists, and decide to start slowly and see where they end up.

lan zhan does a lot of online shopping.
they do start slowly, especially with stuff that feels more intentional or uses toy or gear, but this dynamic just seems to come so naturally. especially to lan zhan. a single eyebrow raise and "wei ying" in *that* tone and his entire body reacts.
(they're out for jiang siblings tuesday night dinner, and wei ying will not stop moaning loudly over every bite of food--trying to get a reaction out of lan zhan--while jiang cheng furiously yells at him to stop, he's gonna get them thrown out, and all lan zhan has to do is
put down his glass of water, fix wei ying with a stare over the table, and say, in The Tone,

"wei ying. that's enough."
wei ying falls silent, laughs sheepishly, and starts eating normally. jiang cheng gives lan zhan an incredulous look, and the dinner continues as usual.)
anyway, they've been playing with this dynamic for several months now, and they've experimented quite a lot. (one of wei ying's favourite things is still to have lan zhan lie on top of him with his full body weight.)
jin ling's fifth birthday party is of course huge, expensive, and bristling with every jiang and jin family member, and wei ying is about to explode by the time they finally make it into the elevator of their hotel room.
lan zhan doesn't even need to ask how wei ying is feeling. he settles a hand on the back of his neck, silent, and leaves it there all the way up.
the door of their hotel room closes with a snick, and lan zhan pushes him against it, face towards the wood, pressing him back gently and resting his chin on his shoulder.

"wei ying. what do you need?"
wei ying is feeling jittery and frustrated and wound up. madam yu had eventually managed to accost him and demand why he thought dropping out of his business MA to go work for the local extinction rebellion chapter was in any way acceptable.
the jins had been as they always are, subtle comments on his appearance and not-so-subtle comments about his choices and background and how it compared to theirs.

he feels a bit furious, actually.
"can you--um--"

he exhales forcefully through his nose, and lan zhan's hands pet his waist, waiting.

"need to calm down. can we--do you have anything--?"

lan zhan releases him and crosses the room, unzips his case and pulls out a smaller bag from inside. he lays out the contents on the end of the bed. wei ying feels weak at the knees with how much he loves him.

"what do you want to use?"
oh fuck, of course lan zhan knew that this was gonna be a difficult event for him, of course he brought all his favourites.

"rope, definitely. gag. and, um, blindfold? i just need--need to not think about them right now--"
"ok. thank you. undress as much as you want and kneel by the curtains."

wei ying absolutely love the feeling of being caught when lan zhan does this. trusting him to hold him carefully, to lead him where he needs to go, to make sure he gets there okay.
he does as he's told, strips out of his suit down to his boxers, goes to his knees on the soft carpet by the little sitting area.

"good boy," lan zhan says, coming over to him. he tilts his chin up with a finger, and holds up the gag.

"yep, green, bright fucking green, honey."

lan zhan tips his head back further, and wei ying drops his mouth open, takes the ball of the gag between his teeth. lan zhan's fingers are gentle as they secure it behind his neck.

"mmhm." it feels good, the stretch of his lips, the slight dig of the leather on his cheeks.

"i'm going to blindfold you next."

wei ying nods eagerly. yes, yes please, lan zhan, make it go dark and peaceful.
lan zhan undoes his bun, letting his hair fall down his back, and settles the blindfold into place. the silk is softer than mist over his eyes. lan zhan had really splashed out for this one, with its red lace trim and fine filigree-embroidered ribbons.
the darkness is a blessing. wei ying is still feeling like an over-taut violin string, but the not being able to see is like a shelter from the raucousness of the orchestra.

"i will tie your arms now. spread your knees a little, and put your hands behind your back."
lan zhan pulls his arms into position, folding them flat over each other. the position pulls his shoulders back, adds just enough tension to feel good.

the rope is cool on his skin. it's one of lan zhan's favourites, duck egg blue and incredibly soft.
he can feel the shape of the pattern lan zhan ties onto his skin, a gentle ladder up and down his forearms. a finger slides under to check that it's not too tight. lan zhan hums near his ear.

"can you still tap your fingers, if you need to stop? show me."
he does, and lan zhan hums again. a gentle kiss lands on wei ying's shoulder.

"okay. take as long as you need. i'll be right here."

he stands, and lets wei ying sink.
he doesn't go under immediately. he slows his breathing down, focuses on the feel of lan zhan in the drool from his mouth and the silk against his eyelashes and the rigid hold of his arms. he's here, and he's held, and he's safe.
wei ying floats. the party, the incessant family politics, the frustration and anger and every crashing cacophony of dissonant music fades to a hum in the back of his mind.

it's just him, and lan zhan's hold on him.
he could stay in that place forever.
days or hours or minutes pass, and he becomes distantly aware of the hum of the ac, the sore press of the carpet into his knees, the fact that he needs to pee. he lifts his head from where it's been dropped against his chest, shuffles.
lan zhan is next to him in an instant. he rubs a hand gently over wei ying's shoulder.

"wei ying, sweetheart. are you ready to come back?"
wei ying takes a deep breath, sighs through his nose. he feels so, so much better than he did earlier in the evening. he nods, his body naturally swaying towards lan zhan.

lan zhan chuckles and starts undoing the gag.
wei ying's jaw is sore when he finally has use of it again, and his chin is wet with drool. he wiggles it as lan zhan starts on the knots of the ladder, rubbing over the line each rung has left pressed into his skin.

"mm," hums wei ying, his throat scratchy. "feel nice."
lan zhan kisses his shoulder blade. "good."

he frees wei ying's hands and guides them to his lap, moving them slowly. there's numbness in both his arms and legs. lan zhan helps him to his feet long enough to settle on the bed, still blindfolded, and starts rubbing them over.
the balm lan zhan uses after rope bondage smells of chamomile and green tea, and it suffuses the air as wei ying curls in his lap. eventually he has enough use of his hands back to slide them under lan zhan's unbuttoned shirt and hold him too.
"how are you feeling?" lan zhan asks.

"mmm, yeah, way better. bit gooey. thank you."

"you did very well," says lan zhan, and wei ying feels the praise down to his toes.
"i'm going to remove your blindfold now. close your eyes."

lan zhan's fingers are careful in his hair. his eyes are wet, he realises, but he keeps them closed.

lan zhan turns his head with a gentle press to his chin and kisses each shuttered eyelid.
"good boy. open them slowly."

he does, squinting at first, but the room is softly lit. he enjoys seeing his husband again, and can't help but grin at him.


wei ying presses his grin to lan zhan's smile, kisses him tenderly. he loves him so much, loves everything they do together, but perhaps the most--he loves that lan zhan is his perfect harmony in every way. especially like this.
later they will make full use of the free hotel room, and the other surprises lan zhan packed in his pristine suitcase, and lan zhan will make him feel good in entirely different and thrilling ways.

but for now, this, these two halves holding each other, is enough.
✨ the end!

thank you so much for reading! this was incredibly self-indulgent. interactions/quotes are super appreciated, and if anyone has any good non-sexual kink fic recs, please send them my way!
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