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Sashtang Pranaams to my Spiritual Gurus and the Guru Tattva within me, I am attempting to explain my interpretation of Nirvana Shatakam composed by Adi Shankaracharya

I am not learned in Sanskrit but just practised as instructed by my Gurus and my experiences +
First will share the verses and then the interpretation

Mano Budhyahankaar Chitani Naaham, Na Cha Shrotra Jihve Na Cha Ghraana netre
Na Cha Vyoma Bhumir Na Tejo Na Vayuh,
Chidananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham +
Na Cha Praana Sanjno Na Vai Pancha Vaayuhu, Na Vaa Sapta Dhaatur Na Va Pancha Koshah
Na Vaak Paani Paadau Na Chopasthapaayuh,
Chidaananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham +
Na Me Dvesha Raagau Na Me Lobha Mohau, Mado Naiva Me Naiva Maatsarya Bhaavah
Na Dharmo Na Chaartho Na Kaamo Na Moksha, Chidaananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham +
Na Punyan Na Paapan Na Saukhyan Na Dukham, Na Mantro Na Tirthan Na Vedaah Na Yajnaah
Aham Bhojanan Naiv Bhojyan Na Bhoktaa,
Chidaananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham +
Na Mrityur Na Shanka Na Me Jaati Bhedah, Pitaa Naiva Me Naiva Maataa Na Janma
Na Bandhur Na Mitram Guru Naiva Shishyah, Chidaananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham +
Aham Nirvikalpo Niraakaara Rupo, Vibhutvaaccha Sarvatra Sarvendriyaanaam
Na Chaa Sangatan Naiva Muktir Na meyah
Chidananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham +
Starting with the fundamental question.. Who Am I ?
Adi Shankara uses the method of elimination.
Neither am I the mind nor intellect nor the ego or anything amongst the pancha tattvas,
I am the knowledge, the bliss and consciousness. Chidananda Roopa (Chorus) +
I am not energy, the breath the chemical elements or even the layers of existence. or even the basic actions. (Chorus)

I have no hatred or dislike, nor affiliation or liking, nor greed, nor delusion, nor pride or haughtiness, nor feelings of envy or jealousy. I have no duty (dharma), nor any money, nor any desire (refer: kama), nor even liberation (moksha) (Chorus) +
Neither Virtue nor pride, neither sin nor good deeds accrue to me, No mantras, or pilgrimages are needed for me, I am beyond the observer or the protagonist, (Chorus)

I am beyond birth and death, I have no mother nor any relative, nor friend, nor Guru or Disciple (Wow(Chorus)
I am all pervasive, no attributes no form, no wish for liberation, in fact i dont need any wish. I am everything, every where always in equilibrium (Chorus)

My Experiences and Learning I share below

As Ramana says and so eloquently explained by Paul Brunton, +
We get into a mode of self exploration. Who am I.

When I say "I am doing this" who is it thats really doing something. Is it our body. But the body is worthless after death. All by itself the body has no value. Is it the mind? Mind just thinks. All by itself it has not value. +
Something is driving the mind. Lets look at the intellect. Intellect just analyses. We need something more powerful.

Are we affected by sun, wind, adverse conditions ? Are we affected by the opposites of love and hate, or dark and light. But we can witness these emotions+
like we can see the valley from the top of the mountain. We are at a much higher level. We are beyond the opposites, the cycles of life and death, the material possessions, the body, the mind, the intellect. In fact we are beyond all transient things in life. +
Till the time we realise our true identity (
of being the atman) till we have material attachments, we are obliged to get the fruits of the actions committed with the material identity

To beget these fruits we keep taking birth and the cycle of birth and death will be binding +
The whole purpose of life is to reach this realisation that we are beyond the transient. Sadhana is the means to reach this state. Guru (spiritual masster) is needed to guide us thru this tricky and extremely treacherous path.

Focus on the path and follow the instructions of your Guru to go beyond the opposites as explained in the Nirvana Shatakam and transcend the cycle of birth and death +
we need to realise
Chidananda Roopa Shivoham Shivoham
We are indeed, all knowledegeable and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness

Again prostrate myself at the lotus feet of Gurus and pray that all of us can reach this state of sublime awareness +

Errors if any are mine
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