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>Social upheaval<
>Political upheaval<
>Financial upheaval<

an update> I posted this 12 months ago & it would seem that we are now well placed for the last major upheaval to occur, the first 2 we have witnessed world wide over the last 12 months
2/ I wrote then, that we are 1 major event away from a debt bubble implosion & financial melt-down.
IMO we are now well advanced on the financial melt-down, but it is being stage managed by Treasury to preserve the retirement plans & wealth of individual investors in the markets
3/ to prevent another 1929 scenario (Cabal initiated wealth transfer event) from playing out.
What we are witnessing with the QE to infinity, is a train- wreck in slow motion. But... it doesn't matter because there's going to be a reset...
4/ The only option is a total reset of the currency and financial system, a total debt reset.
For those paying attention, indications are that this new system will involve Quantum Computing, a return to the Gold Standard Currency System and the use of Digital or Crypto Assets.
5/ There are 2 major reasons why a total reset is required.
To defund the deep state cabal and their Petro-Dollar denominated system of debt slavery and financial control.
The second is to transition to a new financial system that has been built in parallel and put into place
6/ over the last 5 years behind the scenes.
Both of these objectives require the old debt system to crash first, before ushering in the
New International Monetary System.
This new IMS requires a stable unit of account, which could be provided by gold, but in the modern era,
7/ this could be better facilitated by incorporating gold with a crypto currency/digital asset (as promoted by Judy Shelton, Trump’s Financial Advisor since 2016 & soon to be appointee to the Fed Reserve Board) to serve as the settlement mechanism.
This would give gold the
8/ ability to be ‘virtually’ teleported to anywhere in the world in seconds, according Ripple CTO David Shwartz. This would be managed by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) on a world wide network called RIPPLENET, which can facilitate a medium of exchange by way of a
9/ Decentralised Exchange (DEX) for assets or asset backed currencies.
10/ There will be 3 different forms of money in this new system, a combination of the old and the new.

1. Sovereign money- The Dollar (or each country’s equivalent fiat currency) backed by gold for use within sovereign borders.
11/ 2. Digital Assets or Crypto currency = XRP for exchange across borders (x-borders) using Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) = global instant payments. Also exchanging value between all markets and asset classes. XRP will be used to balance trade accounts between sovereign
12/ entities or countries, via either Treasury or Central Banks, as the settlement mechanism, so shipments of gold from country to country will not be required.

3. Gold. will be used to back paper currencies to become real money again. Gold will also be used as a stable
13/ point of reference. Exchange rates would be fixed, physical gold could be priced locally (at the sovereign level) to manage and reverse trade flow imbalances preventing one way trade flows. Since this is a global system, the pricing reference I believe would be grams
14/ per gold and not the imperial oz. So prices would be grams/barrel for example.

This new International Monetary System creates what the analysts and politicians are calling for - “ A Global Level Playing Field” which means no hegemonic currency and a fair system for all.
15/ XRP’s role would be to augment the currency system to make it function more effectively, efficiently and at scale to handle the entirety of world trade flows. XRP technically has been purpose-designed to do this function, and at a sufficiently high enough price it would
16/ be able to do this. What is a high enough price?
If we have 90T (dollars) in global money (2017) and it’s to be backed by gold, then total gold supply (190,040 tonnes, 2017) value would need to be at least equal to this. This gives us $475/g or $13,425/oz in todays dollar
17/ value. So if XRP was to be able to move the total value of gold or currency then XRP price would need to be at least $900 to manage this efficiently. I am not necessarily advocating that XRP will be backed by gold, (as this would limit its utility in my view), what I’m
18/ saying is that it will need to be tied to gold without being stabilised at a fixed price, so as to be able to move that value, to manage total trade flows and X-Border currency flows. Remember this is just one function that XRP has been designed for, it doesn’t take into
19/ account the other use cases, such as DTCC and managing the tokenised economy, Micro payments and such, which is still to come.

Additionally Ripple has in escrow circa 50 Billion XRP, which I believe has been allocated or set aside for the purpose of pump priming the
20/ system to prevent a global financial armageddon scenario that some pundits are predicting. This coming crash has been prepared for, for a long time now and I think XRP is the magic bullet designed to transition the world’s monetary system to the new economy.
21/ For those paying attention there is now evidence to support the idea that this new International Monetary System (IMS) will be managed by quantum computing, in what is being referred to as the Quantum Financial System (QFS). This system I believe requires a stable currency
22/ system that is not open to manipulation, hacking or intervention. This can only be delivered IMO by the gold standard combined with Quantum technology.
Gold price will be increased from today’s price to a value that makes all CBs solvent- what ever that price needs to be.
23/ It will be an agreed price between Central Banks. Once on the GS, currency manipulation and devaluations will no longer be possible, it is a fixed rate/ratio against the gold price. This is the International Monetary Level Playing Field.
24/ Welcome to the new International Monetary System, with instant settlement & Quantum protection.
2020 is turning out to be an eventful & interesting year!
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post script.
I've had to simplify/economise due to character limits & thread length.
Where I mention gold, think gold & silver, as IMO they are tied together & will both form part of the asset back currency system, either as a bi-metal backed currency or multi-metal backed
likewise other cryptos will be involved also IMO.
NESARA back-story/history is shown in this doco, which I highly recommend everyone watch.
It's long but worth the time.
The NESARA/claims against the criminal banking syndicate
is part 3; @ 2:00 hour time stamp onwards.👇👇👇


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