Good morning communist twitter! Today Im going to see what organizing issues I come across on the feed and I’ll subtweet them here in a “challege:” “possible solution:” format. If you see any organizing issue in your feed youd like a take on, feel free to quote tweet it here.
Challenge: my local protest group makes planning decisions then while we’re doing them, plans change and everyone gets confused.
Solution: make a flier with your group name, the basic details like time, place, & activity, & stick to it. Just making it solidifies the plan & holds you accountable to those you invite. If reqd security is so intense you cant do that, you need a much, much firmer plan anyway.
Challenge: we keep getting new members who drop out after a few weeks/months, and vetting takes a long time so it feels like we’re always vetting.
Solution: make the work the focus, and give every new member a job. People are often joining leftist orgs now to feel like they’re fighting back / doing something to help / meeting new friends who care. If your group isn’t providing enough opportunities for that, people leave.
If vetting takes longer because you’re focused on the work, thats ok. Makes people feel like they’re getting into a secret, serious club.
Challenge: I live in a rural area and theres no communist gun club / gay activism / black liberation group anywhere near me.
To start your own extremely legitimate looking group all you need is a website (or FB page), a google voice number, and an email address. Congratulations, Gay Anarchist Federation of Duluth Mississippi now exists and it terrifies your local chuds the more you post as “them”.
Another option is to join an existing group like a food bank or habitat for humanity group and just be open about your politics. Chuds may give you flak but you’ll find your people fast. This is how I did it when I lived in the deep south and thought I was the only gaytheist.
Challenge: I tried to join my local activist group but no one called me back :(
Solution: Keep trying. Call and email til you get an answer. Groups are getting swamped with new members so theres often an accidental vetting process of letting in those who keep trying to get in touch.
Also, a lot of groups that may be dead are accidentally getting boosted now because of the revolution in the air. BLM Duluth Mississippi might have been one person who forgot they made the account. If it seems totally dead but people seem interested, just make a similar group.
Challenge: the white guys in my activism group have taken de facto control by being the loudest in the room.
Solution: 1st, talk openly about the issue. If they cant take a little comradely criticism, they aren’t actually comrades. 2nd, make rules of order that allow quieter people to be heard. Progressive stack is popular now, Robert’s rules was 10 years ago. Even talking sticks help.
Challenge: we got a group together but we’re having trouble deciding what to do.
Solution: start small but start quickly and stick to a plan. One shot activities are good. For long term activities have a campaign with a time limit and a defined success state. Activities like tabling without those two things are energy drains for small new orgs.
Its much better to do something like a small food drive for the unhoused or join up one weekend to help support a bigger planned protest. Anyone who gets upset at doing small stuff that “doesnt matter” is likely a poison pill, even if its accidental.
Challenge: my students rights activist group met with the administration and they ignored the abuses we brought up. Its all getting swept under the rug.
Solution: University administration are often like cockroaches - scary, disgusting, and terrified of light shining on their activities. Make a name and shame instagram and Facebook page and collect stories from other students. Post them relentlessly. @ local media.
Any minority student at a predominantly white school or female presenting student at a school with ANY admin issues will have personal or second hand horror stories. Its a sad truth, but the tiny power admins get corrupts them with startling regularity.
Challenge: someone in my group is acting creepy / making unwanted advances to members. When some people find out they say the person is just friendly/kidding/socially awkward/does that with everyone.
Talk about it openly at a meeting as something you dont appreciate. Those people thrive on civility norms and “niceness” in leftist spaces. Predators often make themselves look fun, weak, or nonthreatening on purpose. Get a few people to bring it up together if you’re nervous.
The more openly people talk about a sex pests behavior the more likely they are to leave. They hate hard targets and exposure.
Challenge: my local activist group is full of libs
Solution: some libs, especially those new to leftism but still holding onto their programming, can be radicalized by calm but passionate explanation of the ugly truths of capitalism and our bourgeois democracy. Be open about being a communist and be a cool person, theyll see it.
Dont argue against dumb shit like communist black book talking points. Just say “think about the propaganda the US puts out against antifa and its own black citizens when theyre attacked by police. Why wouldnt they do the same against countries that threaten capitalism?”
Challenge: we’re all young in my friend group but we know things in the US are messed up. We just dont know what the solutions are because we’ve been told to just vote and at maximum protest like MLK our whole lives.
When I was in this situation we started an informal reading group. We didnt set weekly times for sitting and talking because that sometimes makes people wait til the last minute to read and thats not the point. Rather we all got the book/pdf and texted each other as we read it.
Texting each other made it more exciting. “Damn! Did you see this quote??” Etc. We still set loose deadlines for chapters to keep everyone on more or less the same page. Some people probably didnt read but still got the benefit of the groups takes on the book.
Challenge: my group has been contacted by the media but none of us have ever given an interview, what do we do?
Practice both obvious and gotcha questions with each other. Practice speaking at 0.75x speed - slow. It will keep you from babbling and give you a little time to think and some gravitas. Ask the interviewer for questions/topics in advance, sometimes theyll do it.
Remember, anything interesting even if it makes you look bad will almost always be included, even with media people who agree with your cause. Ive been made to look like an excited idiot a couple of times. The enthusiasm plays well, just practice what you say.
Challenge: how do you organize under quarantine?
Possible solution: determine what risk is acceptable for each member, social distance, wear masks, meet outside, and provide opportunities for people who cant meet in person. Everyone has to decide whats ok for them for themselves and the group must respect it.
If you totally give up on activism during quarantine, your group will definitely lose people. That doesnt mean you cant do anything or support people on the ground, just be real about it and organize to DO things not just have zoom meetings. This is still possible from home.
Challenge: the group leader has done a ton of organizing over years and is the “heart and soul of the group” but they are overbearing, demand all communication goes through them, or have personality issues.
Hard truth: groups with leaders like this are doomed to stay small and will be plagued with internal problems. People will leave because their work wont be recognized. Often it makes sense to start parallel groups and “coordinate” with the original, personality dominated group.

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