#JulianAssange hearings Part 2 - Day 1 (Thread)

Case starts off w/ formal recognition of the new arrest warrant reflecting superseding indictment. Judge Baraitser then explains that numerous people received right to view the hearing via video link "in error"

via @SputnikInt
She also says that in order to preserve the "integrity of the court" it may be necessary to review the right to view proceedings via video link if pictures or screenshots of the court are circulated (as happened in February).
Judge is currently challenging Ed Fitzgerald QC (defence counsel) as to why it is neccessary for the witnessess to give any summary of thier witness statements which she has already read. The court asked why they shouldn't proceed straight to cross examination.
Ed Fitzgerald QC: Expert witnesses should be able to adopt their statement & taken through key passages of it:
-In the interests of justice:
for Julian Assange to hear the summaries,
-for the wider public to understand and see justice being done
- and it would assist the court
James Lewis QC: Argues against the approach by Ed Fitzgerald he also has opened up very strongly against the idea that many of the defence experts are not actually experts. He says "there is not a single witness he intends to spend less than half an hour, some two hours".
"If it's not new material its repetitions & for learned friend to say it is unfair.. High Court has adopted this method in every single case. If what Mr Fitzgerald suggests.. it's bound to be knew. We think we are being very generous in just simply saying "adopt your statements"
Judge: Each statement will be adopted by the witnessess:
""in my view there is no benefit whatsoever in counsel taken the witnessess through each of thier statements." Neverthless I will give each witness the opportunity to settle themselves or be oriented...
no more than 30 minutes. In some cases considerably less".
Only one witness is listed for this afternoon.
An hours break from now 'till noon so that counsel can consult with their client Julian Assange. This is the first time in 6 months they have been able to see him in person.
Defence argued Witnesses should be able to summarise WS rather than going straight straight into cross examination so:

- the court has key points,
- justice is seen to be done by public
- Assange hears it

*Judge rejected this argument allowing max 30 min*
Very festive atmosphere outside of the Old Bailey. ImageImageImageImage
Amnesty International say they are "shocked" to have been granted the right to observe #JulianAssange's extradition hearings via video link only to have since being revoked. They will seek to reapply saying observing legal cases is their "bread and butter".

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Court hearing arguments regarding the 2nd superseding indictment. Defence are arguing it should be ignored & that the judge should only consider the charges in the 2nd superseding indictment. Prosecution are arguing judge is "obligated to consider" the 2nd superseding indictment.
Prosecution is arguing that judge must consider the "conduct" in the 2nd superseding indictment before deciding on whether or not to "excise" it from the proceedings (ie base her decision on the prior indictment).
“Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong” says Mark Summers QC reacting to the arguments made by the prosecution. "The first submission that we understand that there exists jurisdiction to make repeated extradition requests and therefore we can do this say the US...
...To an extent that is right. There is jurisdiction to make repeated requests.. we’re not saying you can’t ever do this.. what we are saying is that it is unfair to do it 6 weeks before the extradition hearing is listed. ....
if you are going to do it you are going to have to do it in a manner that is fair to all of the parties and the court. [It} is a matter of timing.. [they have done it too late]."
Former British diplomat @CraigMurrayOrg reacted to the judge's decision not to permit summaries of witness statements to be given before they are cross examined. He said this morning failed to give "any confidence" in British justice in this case.

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'Absolutely Ludicrous': Diplomat Reacts to Decision in #Assange Case Disallowing Witness Summaries

My latest interview w/ @CraigMurrayOrg

Supporters and press continue to be camped outside the Old Bailey.

#JulianAssange ImageImageImageImage
Awaiting Mr Assange's return so hearing can resume.
Judge has refused to ignore the 2nd superseding indictment (which modifies fact pattern to charge relating to 'conspiracy to commit computer intrusion') & said it will be considered Defence argued they require an extension until January 2021 now to address this indictment.
James Summers QC for prosecution: “It’s difficult to see how adjourning to January will be necessary & with the history of this case we will just be served with a sleigh of further material which will have no bearing on the small expansion to count 2"

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Judge has adjourned for 10 minutes to consider the matter.
Judge Baraitser rules against a futher adjournment requested by the defence:

"Defence have had ample time to return to court to explain that they had insufficient amount of time they did not do so.. even today, they did not request an adjournment..."

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"This morning I ruled that the [2nd superseding indictment] could not be excised on a preliminary basis. … This cannot have come as a surprise to the defence, they cannot have relied to this ruling going in their favour..."
"It might be that one of the reasons for this is Mr Assange’s situation in custody. [But that has not changed]

Proceedings have already gone on for 18 months and an adjournment would result in “further and significant delay”

"For now this application is refused"
Professor of Journalism Mark Feldstein has connected via video link. He is the very first expert witness to give testimony: “I solemnly and sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.
Awaiting technical matter with the connection to be resolved before Mark Summers QC for the defence starts to question Prof Feldstein.
Judge has risen for 10 minutes so Court can try and sort out the fact that witness can't be seen properly by those in the court. Defence lawyers will call Prof Feldstein right now to prepare for possibility that this technical matter isn't resolved.
Professor Mark Feldstein is now testifying to the fact that leaking of classified govt. docuemnts is a regular occurance that goes back to the presidency of George Washington. This happens "on a daily basis" he says.
Mark Summers QC "Would you expect publisher's to be prosecuted for this conduct if this leaking is criminal?"

Prof Feldstein "Well, no... there has always been a 'source/distributer divide' Because of 1st amndmt concerns they have never prosecuted a journalist....
... journalist or publishing news outlet".
More technical issues. The court cannot see the witness, though everyone watching via video link can. But we can't see the court anymore. Poor guy is just sitting in his chair in his office wondering what's going on.
Court has now risen. Hearings will restart tomorrow. I shall try and get a quick interview with Mr Shipton
John Shipton, #JulianAssange's father, gave me an overview of today's extradition hearing outside of the Old Bailey.
@khrafnsson, WikiLeaks' editor-in-chief, called the decision not to permit a futher adjournment so that defence can address the second superseding indictment a "gross violation". #JulianAssange

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1 Oct
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 18 (Thread)

Final Day?

via @SputnikInt

(Like the last two days I shall be attending today's hearings from inside the Old Bailey via the press annex. This case may end up finishing one day earlier than scheduled)
Summers QC: Madam we are on the last leg. There are 4 things that need to be done today
-Hamit statement
-Discussion & negotiation overnight into this morning. "The ship is approaching the shore but is yet to birth"
-Ms Pierce’s 5 statements working those
.... -Mr Tigar’s statement requires further discussion
-Also in pipeline a short update on Spanish proceedings that has been prepared and needs to be served and reviewed
-There will be during the course of today a very short statement that puts into evidentiary...
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#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 17 (Thread)

Court is commencing now at 10:00 BST

via @SputnikInt

(Now that I am on the court list I shall be attending via the press annex, though I'll still be watching via video link :)
Statements will be read during the first part of today. Testimony of a Mr Worthington is expected during the second part (as I understand it)
First statement that was read is from investigative journalist Patrick Cockburn. He explains the significance of WikiLeaks publications, noting the release of war logs confirming civilian deaths and other casualties that were suspected by journalists.
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29 Sep
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 16 (Thread)

Court is commencing now at 10:00 BST

via @SputnikInt

(Today I have entered court to see if the experience in the press annex is any different from viewing via video link.)
Maureen Baird, is the next witness to testify. We are awaiting the arrival of the defendant Julian Assange.
Maureen’s experience in federal corrections began in 1989 as a case manager with the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons where she worked for 28 years. In 2009, Maureen was appointed to the position of Warden at Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, Connecticut
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#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 15 (Thread)

Court is commencing now at 10:00 BST

(Witness Yancey Ellis' video connection is being sorted out)

via @SputnikInt
The judge has arrived. The first thing to be dealt with will be an application from the Press Association for disclosure of each of the medical reports submitted to the court by the parties.
Fitzgerald QC says he hasn't been able to take representations from his client but judge says she's going to find in his favour anyway, save for Dr Humphries who's edited statement was read out.

The judge is now rendering her decision.
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25 Sep
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 14 (Thread)

Court is due to sit at 10:00 BST

(Another chilly Friday morning)

via @SputnikInt
John Shipton and Stella Morris' Mum arrive at the Old Bailey.
Craig Murray arrives not too soon thereafter.
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24 Sep
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 13 (Thread)

Court is due to sit at 12:00 BST

Medical testimony is expected to continue, w/ govt. & defence witnesses expected to be called.

via @SputnikInt
Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks ambassador, arrives at the Old Bailey.
Dr Nigel Blackwood Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with the NHS & Reader at forensic psychiatry at Kings College, has been sworn in. He is being examined by the prosecution.
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