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Mini Thread; 14th Amendment & The Insurrection Act.


I am gonna try and be brief. I saw a 4chan post shared earlier. It got me digging a little. The puzzle I began seeing come together is damn near crystal clear - to my mind, anyway.

Here are is the 4chan post:
(2) So this got me wondering, as I was unfamiliar with this amendment.

Section 1: This section guarantees any born, or naturalized citizen of the US equal treatment by States, afforded them by The Constitution
(3) Section 2; This section states that it is within the Governments power to reduce any given state’s electoral votes should that state, or its representatives be involved in a rebellion against the US.
(4) Section 3; This is the spicy Section. If anyone who has taken The Oath to serve the US is caught acting *against* the US, their Constitutional protections are gone. Meaning - Governors and Mayors can be arrested.
(5) Section 4; This section states that any monies owed by the US are null and void if payee is involved with an insurrection against us. Annnnd who is the largest chunk of our debt owed to?

(Hint; they is asshoe).
(7) The list he mentioned:
(8) Here is Lightfoot literally saying she only wants those who pledge allegiance to the NWO;
(9) Here is a fantastic dig on De Blasio (Warren Wilhelm), and his ties to the C👀A, and Marxist Communism;…
(10) Another great dig here. This one is highlighting how Cuomo got away with murdering the elderly;…
(11) Does anyone remember Operation Jade Helm?? This article is from 2014;…
(12) Jade Helm was a massive training op involving untold amounts of military gear moving about the country. Its purpose was to train soldiers how to work undetected amongst civilian and urban populations;…
(13) Seem to you like these units were being trained to disperse and defeat an insurrection?? Because it sure as hell seems that way to me.

Now look here at Section 5; Congress is needed to enforce this legislation.
(14) ..... Unless the Insurrection Act is declared, and members of that very same congress are subject to arrest Re; Amendment XIV, Section 3.

My IA thread to serve as a reminder;
(15) Dont lose sight of this, either; What do you reckon Xi told POTUS?!
(16) And also - Trump’s expanded powers right now due to “CoVid”.

(When every single link title is reeeeeeee’ing over his current power, you know [they] are panicking.)
(17) ‘Member this? Seems pretty fucking relevant right about now, eh?
(19) He is saying POTUS cant declare it too soon, nor too late. Timing is key here.

So when will this happen? Understand - I am not privy to anything and this is all an observant and educated guess. Ultimately, my guess is as good as yours. That said, here is my opinion..
(20) As bad as it all seems, I have a feeling we havent seen the worst. Yes, these riots are offensive and disturbing, but they still havent tripped “the line”.

What I mean is; they need to be bad enough for even the general public to say “holy shit this needs to end”.
(21) That is the kind of public reaction you need to send the military in. And for that reaction to be triggered, you need MASSIVE riots and destruction.

Im not fear mongering, nor trying to scare you - but we aint seen nothing yet. This will ramp up as we get closer to 11-3.
(22) We see them planting the seeds already. Biden, Gore, Clinton, and many others saying Trump wont leave Office if he loses. This article really breaks down how the public is being conditioned;…
(23) Trump will win in a landslide. [They] know this. So when he wins, they will accuse him of cheating. He will of course deny this, and refuse to concede or handover the election.

This will trigger MASS unrest. LA 92, except every major city.
(24) Which brings us to 11.4. This is the day I believe we see the IA invoked, and possibly some arrests and action.

If youre into numerology, twig this; 11-4-2020.


Or, 5:5.
(25) Look, I wont sugarcoat shit and call it a tootsie roll - it is going to get ugly. Real ugly. But remember this ...
(26) This is a well laid plan. And we are protected. I firmly believe this is why sports have no fans, we have no concerts, very few movie theaters open, and few schools open. It mitigates the risk of a major FF.

Have trust in God, or whatever you put your beliefs in.
(27) Know and trust that the boomerang is coming, and what you are seeing is [them] panicking like NEVER before. We are on the precipice, folks. Prepare yourself mentally, and spiritually. Strap on your armor, and be prepared to stand in your truth no matter what.
(28) God wins. But the seas are gonna be rough. Just know that a calm sea never made a skilled sailor, and every single drop, decode, and bit of intel has been preparing us for the next 60 days.

Hold fast, keep the line, and stay frosty. If you see something, say something.
(29) Take what I say and discern it FOR YOURSELF. I am not an authority here, just a keenly observant Anon. I share this stuff to help folks be prepared and aware. No more, no less.

As always, thanks for dropping in, yall!!

Be well, and stay safe, frens. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Credit to @Beer_Parade. His tweet is the one that got my gears spinning.

Adding another relevant tweet here, this one by @re5iQam
Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh.

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