Sipping coffee this morning, the "law" of magical viability is on my mind. Depending on the school of magic you're practicing, you may not know this law; if you do know, it's good to get a refresher.

Can magic help us do incredible things? Yes.

But there's more to it.

The law of viability is simple. You have to ask, "How viable is this in pragmatic terms?" to determine the potential success of (& the amount of work required for) a working.

Let's look at a love spell, as an example. (Just an example, I do not condone compulsive magic)

Say you want a celebrity living in a different part of the world, whom you've never spoken with or met, to fall in love w/you.

On a pragmatic basis, is that viable? Not really.

Can you brute-force magical workings to make it happen? Maybe. We'll get into that momentarily.

But if instead you wanted your best friend to fall in love with you, someone who you hang out and speak with all the time... that's MUCH more viable. In a sense, you're just tipping the scales in your favor.

Even so, it's not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am situation.

Why is that? Because the magical and the "mundane" are intertwined. Magic does NOT operate outside of the mundane, just as the mundane does not operate outside the magical. They're a continuum of one another. The current inertia of your life has to change directions.

Making a large life shift on a mundane level takes a lot of work and time. Magic makes it faster, but it does not happen after a single working. It takes dedication on both sides. Doing magic regularly for a big goal + doing the mundane work that supports the magic.

Back to the celebrity example. Could you magic your way into a rando celebrity loving you? Maybe. That will depend on 2 things.

1. Your dedication to CONTINUALLY do the magic that shifts the winds of fate in your favor.

2. What mundane actions you can take.

So perhaps you decide to go the sigil shoaling route, ala @gordon_white which is great for big goals. It still requires dedicated time to create and tend to the shoal. So you got step 1 covered, if you keep it up.

Step 2 - can you viably get in contact with said celebrity?

Maybe for step 2 you attend a public event where the celebrity is a guest. Perhaps you buy the special backstage passes so you can actually talk to that celebrity on a personal basis. That would be a step in the direction & it gives you a clear aim for your shoal.

But in the case of a stranger falling in love with you, I would propose that it will not be this simple. You may need to repeat this process a few times, with different methods of the magical + mundane.

After all, you're trying to get a relative stranger with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT & SEPARATE life to fall in love with you--why would a single magical working (or even a single magical routine) and mundane encounter shift your life in such a profoundly big way?

Do you hate that example? Fine. Let's apply this to money.

Let's say you've been stuck in a shitty job for years and you want to jump ship to something more rewarding.

You're playing with inertia. It's going to take a big push on your side to go in another direction.

Which means that doing a single money magic spell is not the answer. Will it deliver some money to you? Probably. Will a single money magic spell help you change life direction to a completely different job when you've had the same job for years? NOT LIKELY.

This may require multiple types of magical tech. It certainly will require dedication on your part. And it will require you to also do the mundane work to bridge the gap between your current reality and the reality you are trying to magic into existence.

So perhaps you start by honeypotting your boss so that you can ask them for a good recommendation. Then you turn your resume into an active sigil and annoint it with Regulus and Aldebaran materia to help your talents and potential be seen and valued.

You do a huge sigil shoal & charge it regularly to help influence the tides to bring you the job that's perfect for you. Pray continual daily novena to St. Expedite to speed the process along. Go to interviews using Regulus + Deneb Algedi to gain favor w/authority.

If you're an animist, you can call on your ancestors and spiritual allies to help this process significantly. Our magic becomes extra potent when we ask the spirit world to aid the pursuit of our wishes. We may pray/petition to them daily, keeping our focus on that goal.

In fact, I would say that time can be truncated in our magical work, if we have extremely strong bonds with our spiritual allies. If you do not yet have a relational + devotional practice with your ancestors, land spirits, or other entities, I highly recommend starting one.

Depending on the size of your goal AND HOW VIABLE IT WAS TO BEGIN WITH (including the strength of your spirit relationships), this process could take days, weeks, or months. HUGE goal? Years.

And it certainly won't happen if you lack the dedication to keep doing the work.

"But Amaya, what's the point of doing magic if it doesn't happen quickly?"

This type of thinking is not only short-sighted, but a consequence of living in a world of instant gratification.

I'll entertain this thought anyways.

1. Because it would likely still take longer without using magic.

2. You'll create far more specific and satisfying results if you use magic. This is how we assert our will over "impossible" circumstances in our lives.

Magic has ALWAYS been & IS work. You have to DO IT.

And by do it, I mean having dedication to doing the spells, sigils, rites, devotions and petitions, etc. AND ALSO doing the mundane actions that move the dial toward our goal.

It also helps to break big goals into smaller goals that you can stairstep to accomplishment.

Lastly, spirit knows timing and what is right for you in a way that you can not even imagine. If something doesn't work out, it's bc of a few (or all of these) things:

1. You didn't do the magical work.
2. You didn't do the mundane work.
3. Spirit says this is not for you.

I've expounded enough on point 1 and 2. But on point 3: it's disappointing when we think our magic has not worked, but over time I've found it's usually in our best interest. What looks like luscious green grass could end up being shitty plastic turf.

If your magic is specific + consistent, and your mundane actions support it, but it still doesn't work,that's likely because it was a poor match for your goal, and you just aren't aware of it. Keep doing the work, and watch something else come your way that's MUCH BETTER.

What else can we do to help our magic along? Understanding and utilizing cosmic timing, syncing up with the cosmic weather, can IMMENSELY improve our magic. This can be done using your profections, zodiacal releasing, and electing times for certain activities.

It's the same with using sympathetic magic. It's why rootwork is so powerful! When you want money, put some under your petition candle and use the back of your bank statement to write your petition down. One of many small examples.

The more you pour that desire for change into both magical and mundane actions, getting as creative and practical as possible, the greater your chance for success. Especially when utilizing these principles in regards to petitioning our spirit allies.

To conclude: shifting our lives takes work. Magic can speed it up, but this is not Harry Potter. I could get into the metaphysics of all that, but that's too big a topic for Twitter.

Make your goals more viable, watch your magic flourish. Want a big shift? Do the work.


• • •

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