Greenwald’s day so far:

- still trying to undermine my friendship with KTN, massively obsessed with his secret lover he’s had extramarital affair with for over a year
- worried his husband is going to find out
- is getting divorced by the end of the year
and it’s only 2pm EST
Greenwald’s day so far:

- he hates Assange and wants him extradited, but won’t say it on twitter
- he votes Trump 2020 but won’t say it on twitter
- he hates women, esp. Maddow, but won’t say it on twitter
- he’s anti white academia but won’t tell Chomsky

- it’s only afternoon
Greenwald’s day so far:

- i’m a fraud and i know it
- how do ‘they’ know it, nobody else knows it
- i hope nobody else sees their tweets, i hope they don’t hashtag me
- i hope my husband doesn’t see the mentions, so glad they deleted @davidmirandario
- and it’s not even noon
Greenwald’s yesterday

- should i nitpick on former NSA or military analysts whose atrocious record precludes them from appearing on shows
- tv shows keep postponing my appearances for a reason
- feels like they don’t really want me on
- insert Brazilian drama

it’s past midnight
Greenwald’s day so far..

- how come cancelled NSA and military analysts have regular spots on CNN and i don’t?
- only French or German networks ask me for appearances to weigh in on American politics
- am i cancelled?

- and it’s not even 10am EST
Greenwald’s day so far:

staff meeting over Zoom
- and by adversarial journalism i meant create a lot of adversity, by hating everybody #equally - liberals, dems, repubs, especially liberals
- why? they fight back, that creates #adversity
- questions?

and it’s not even noon..
Greenwald’s staff meeting:

- yeah, why accent on adversity?

Greenwald: translates into advertising I’m planning in the future, increased click thru rates.
also, reflects well on me as the adversarial warrior of the powerful, I’m on the side of the powerless, and the children..
Greenwald’s day so far:

- i steal other people’s tweets, and i know it, nobody else knows it, except now ‘they’ know it
- i pick adversarial content from other twitter accounts i follow, the ones that paint me as adversarial
- adversity is advertising $$$

- it’s not even noon
Greenwald’s day report card

- semi-adversarial content hits and misses
- having been outflanked for a long while: he’s ‘genuinely confused’ but keeps fighting the secret lover’s resistance
- his husband needs to take his phone away again
- it’s almost midnight
Greenwald’s day so far

- if i talk fast enough, no one will notice all the copy/paste principles i’m spouting with the speed of a lawn sprinkler
- if i dominate the conversation on teevee, everyone will see me as the Adversarial Defender of the Powerless
- it’s not even noon
Greenwald’s day so far

- blah, blah, blah liberals
- blah, Krugman, blah, bad Krugman
- ooh, i feel so much better about myself, hiding in the last place cause there’s no place left to hide
- oops, Brazil is no place to hide too
- it’s already five o’clock, time for my Brit tea
Greenwald’s day so far

- ooh, i hope everyone forgot how i incessantly bashed Assange because he was more famous than me
- oh, that was just a small disagreement over policy
- oh, no .. i was the Adversarial Defender of Hillary Clinton Assange hated back then
- what time is it?
Greenwald’s notes:

now it’s convenient to be back on Assange’s side:
- being with Assange paints me as the Defender of the copy/paste principles applied consistently
- also puts me in the League of Famous Whistleblowers
- being with #Assange again is good for my Snowden story
Greenwald’s day so far

- i attack & misrepresent what libruls say to be a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson show, this gets me closer to my libertarian buddies
- it’s pure expediency baby
- don’t take my words seriously, no one should
- it’s only Saturday morning after all
(at the end of the show)
Glenn: may i have ten?
Tucker: sure
Glenn: i like hawkish, big, libertarian, strong, suprematist, hawkish (see my face)
i’ve references..
call (Rio de Janeiro) 55 21 9832-4487
thank you Tucker
Tucker: libruls weak tea..

- it’s not even Saturday Night!
Greenwald in his own word salads:

‘You have no idea how bored I am of white leftists like you who have no relationship with race other than using it as a toy for online posturing and who have zero interest in actual outcomes.’

i think he’s bored of me :(
Greenwald’s day so far:

Glenn: i’m bored

buyers’ remorse ex followers: we’re bored of you too, Glenn
we’re tired of your black&white polarizing every issue, standing behind hollow copy/pasted law&order principles, and pseudo-journalistic expediency..

ex-fans: you’re cancelled
Greenwald’s day so far

- I challenge power centers
- I want power, money and glory
- I go on influencer shows to beg the powerful & suck their $&@£
- I want power, money and glory
- I am not Anonymous
- I want power, money and glory

- and coincidently it’s Saturday Night
Greenwald’s weekend so far:

- i turn down sources that disturb my shallow reality processing
- i turned down Snowden many times, i accepted cas it didn’t interfere with ‘Russiagate is a hoax’
- i protect the President only because of his daughter’s ‘connections’
- it’s Monday!
Greenwald’s year so far:

- i’m a fraud and i know it
- CNN & MSNBC know it, they blacked me out
- only French, German & maybe Russian networks that have no inkling what’s going on will have me on
- and Tucker Carlson, why i’m anti-liberal now

- it’s only September & it’s over..

• • •

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21 Sep
yet, emotions aren’t facts..

they don’t exist beyond our experience of reality - they are a function of our existence ..

there exists only #OR - objective reality ..
#love doesn’t exist beyond the function of survival of human offspring - - when the male stays with his children, he fends off potential male predators from killing them;
#empathy doesn’t exist beyond human kind, it is still very rare in the middle phase of human evolution;
the newest empathic neurotype believe that human predators such as Trump, Bolsonaro, Hitler etc are ‘evil’, yet predatory instincts evolved first in human species, driving predatory species like the Neanderthal for hundreds of millions of years — modern predators are a legacy..
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lameo Lamo seems to have decided to talk to FBI after Manning said ‘he’ was non religious, the convo drops after that:…

is why we have to remove ❌ religions from the face of the earth
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same this piece of shit - Greenwald, motivated by its Jewish delusions parrots the Russiagate-is-a-hoax diatribes protecting the pieces of shits ‘converts’
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❌ remove religions
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easy behavior:
i’ve analyzed recently @ggreenwald in the light of predatory neurodivergence, which yielded baffling results - - and that his pro-Trump stance, utterly unreasonable, illogical defense of treasonous behaviors has a personal, hidden shade, while pretending to be objective ..
... which is unethical, immoral, disgusting — Trump actually retweets this pseudo-journalist, petting his dutiful, obliging, submissive subject on the shoulder: ‘you’re the only one beyond my jingoistic base who defended me’

predatoryNTs always find each other..
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i’m behind this Sunday September the 13th..

though i’m back on the trail of Indian Springs
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seeing a butterfly in #OR is an experience > an idea of eternity
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‘Ontz said the humans used to hunt each other: that must have been a very long time ago. But he didn’t entirely believe it, because Ontz said a lot of highly unlikely things. ‘
- Lem
‘If all those things were done, the world would collapse. It would fly apart. There has to be some harmony among the spruce trees, the rocks, water, grass & sky, otherwise it wouldn’t be beautiful. Otherwise it couldn’t exist at all. So if he were a human, he wouldn’t hunt.’ Lem
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human beings are phosphate-nitrate nucleic vine algorithms within taught organic organisms - - the algorithms learn throughout life, evolving in phases:

- predatory
- social
- empathic
- autistic

Fiat4 of #OR Evolve #evolution
how is the phosphate-nitrate algorithm ‘taught’ how to behave?

by the sheer availability of unattritioned particles outside of it - the environment ‘teaches’ the algorithm, human body ‘learns’ by acquiring available particles..

the particle availability changes as the planets cool -- the attrition rates slow down, particles become finer forming finer molecules, more precise, complex neuro-networks, attracting more complex protein structures aka emotion compounds that tag the environment more precisely..
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