.@AstraZeneca needs to IMMEDIATELY DISCLOSE exactly what is going on with their coronavirus vaccine trial. We're getting word that the "unexpected adverse reaction in a participant" is a female hospitalized with transverse myelitis that includes loss of use of her hands & feet.
The @nytimes confirms that transverse myelitis is the "unexpected adverse reaction".

"a volunteer in the U.K. trial had been found to have transverse myelitis, an inflammatory syndrome that affects the spinal cord & is often sparked by viral infections."

If "transverse myelitis" is indeed the adverse reaction then @AstraZeneca lied to @statnews when they claimed that the pause is "a routine action" & that the "participant is expected to recover." Nothing routine about this. & they simply do not know if the patient will recover.
@nytimes cont'd:

"AstraZeneca’s vaccine relies on a chimpanzee adenovirus that has been modified to carry coronavirus genes into human cells...

Adenoviruses can trigger their own immune responses, which could harm the patient without generating the intended form of protection."
The Australian government already agreed to spend $1.7 billion to buy 30 million doses of this junk science vaccine that can leave people permanently paralyzed. In case you were wondering what could go wrong. They were threatening to mandate it too.

How are @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris gonna explain this? The problem is not Trump. This is @UniofOxford.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission needs to open an investigation into whether @AstraZeneca has properly disclosed, to investors and the public, everything that it knows about the harms of this vaccine.
.@BBCNews has taken money from the Gates Foundation which compromises their journalistic integrity. If the BBC was not already bought, they could send an *actual reporter* to interview the women who were injured by this clinical trial to get their perspective on things.

• • •

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29 Jul
Pharma is going to drop a bomb on our heads both Wed. & Thurs. this week. Expect it, take a deep breath when it comes, figure out how they rigged it (they cheat, always), & fight back like hell across every platform. Pharma is getting desperate, their narrative is unraveling.
The picture is coming into view. Pharma will hunt & (try to) economically lynch all 10 of America's Frontline Doctors. Pharma is weaponizing ACIP to force unsafe 'rona vaccines on everyone. Pharma PR fomenting panic to keep schools closed. Pharma itching to shut down pro sports.
...all while using Big Tech to censor any data that contradicts the Pharma narrative;

using capture of regulatory agencies to block access to safe & effective treatments;

& rigging coronavirus vaccine clinical trials + pumping up stock prices via dishonest press releases.
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29 Jul
The ad hominem attacks on @stella_immanuel, the Black immigrant woman doctor who has successfully treated 350+ coronavirus patients, speaks volumes. Pharma NEVER talks about the actual scientific data because they know that they will lose that debate. So it's all ad hominem 24/7.
Here's the underlying data that the mainstream media does NOT want you to see. The evidence is clear that HCQ works.

The relentless class warfare by bougie progressives on behalf of Pharma against anyone who threatens Pharma profits is vile & sickening.

Yesterday every big PR firm did an emergency Zoom call. They distributed the names of everyone involved with America's Front Line Doctors. Each staffer got 2 hours to dig up dirt. By late afternoon they had a 2nd call to select lines of attack which they rolled out immediately.
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14 Jul
White supremacy and Pharma supremacy are two sides of the same coin.
Jim Crow and Nazism were both disease-based models endorsed by mainstream science/medicine. Hierarchical systems of thought where “those people” were considered always already diseased. That’s how Pharma Dems talk about “antivaxxers” today. 2/
Pharma today is mostly junk science. It makes a certain group of white male elites (shareholders) very wealthy. Pharma gains its power through suppressing other (women’s and indigenous) ways of knowing. Defines "truth" in racialized & gendered ways. 3/
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26 Jun
When I started my research on the political economy of autism, I had already heard all of the slurs: "Those anti-vaxxers are tin foil hat wearing, flat earth, conspiracy theorists!" In doing a Ph.D. you have to use original sources. So I went & interviewed 100s of "those people."
And I discovered that none of the slurs were true. "Those people" were perfectly reasonable, about my same age, smart, kind, professional, earnest, well-informed, and years ahead of the mainstream medical profession in understanding what had happened to their kid. 2/
Literally the only difference between "them" & me was that they had gone to a "well baby" visit that had gone terribly terribly wrong & were now living with the aftermath... of caring for a child who was badly injured, possibly for life. It was an eye opening discovery for me. 3/
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13 Jun
The U.S. vaccine schedule is genocide. Any honest evaluation of the data will reach that conclusion. The facts are widely available. What's weird is that the U.S. vaccine schedule is SELF-INFLICTED genocide. That's the part I cannot explain. Parents EAGERLY sacrifice their kids.
We often make the case that parents "don't know." Yes, there is lots of bullying & coercion by doctors. Yes, Pharma owns the media & government & controls the narrative. But with every crime against humanity: Nazism, pedophile Catholic priests, etc. EVERYONE KNEW but didn't act.
What I'm getting at is the power of hegemony; the gravitational pull of belonging to the bourgeoisie. Social forces can warp people's minds to such an extent that they are eager to sacrifice their own kids to serve the narrative. Dominant culture is indistinguishable from a cult.
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22 Apr
I have been saying for weeks that a safe & effective coronavirus vaccine will not exist in our lifetimes because:
1.) the virus mutates too fast &
2.) mRNA vaccines are Frankenstein technology that will produce iatrogenic injury.
I'm 100% right on the science but...
I'm wrong on the economics & the politics. UNSAFE & INEFFECTIVE coronavirus vaccines WILL appear very soon. LOTS of them. It's a gold rush as every Pharma huckster is racing to get a piece of the expected $1 trillion market. The launch of these unsafe & ineffective vaccines...
will be accompanied by a multibillion dollar PR campaign. So every major newspaper in the world will simultaneously swoon, "We're saved!" CNN, MSNBC, & BBC will run 24/7 promotions for the vaccines. The science underlying the claims will be total junk. But they will ignore that.
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