I’m now going to give the five dimensional chess explanation of the current debacle...
It goes something like this.
The government is in a terrible mess.
Through what can only be described as abject incompetence it failed to understand the WA it had so triumphantly trumpeted.
The WA makes no trade deal impossible for this government as a practical matter.
Sure, the government is cool with no deal to some extent but even this government knows that the pandemic transforms it from disaster to calamity.
At the same time, the government is in deep political trouble: the pandemic response has been terrible; Starmer is quite good; the ERG is threatening trouble.
So you need to find a way of getting the best deal you can but with the right signalling to all sides.
Detonating the WA has the pleasing positive attributes of luring Labour into a Brexit trap, demonstrating to the ERG you’re hard as nails, and maybe persuading the EU to give a little more.
But at the same time, you know the Bill has virtually no chance of becoming law.
At which point, you can blame the nasty remainers saboteurs and sign the deal.


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10 Sep
A key question is whether the government agreed the WA in bad faith (ie knew it would renege on parts of it).
If this is the case (and there appears to be some evidence for it), the implications are startling.
If the EU had thought sections of the WA would later be unilaterally disapplied then there would not have been a deal (at that point).
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6 Sep
1. Another Sunday marooned on the desert island of pandemic and Brexit, I reflect once again on the burning question of our time:

Is the government’s appetite for no deal evidence of shambles and incompetence or is it a clever negotiating tactic that reveals a deeper plan?
2. Let’s take shambles and incompetence first.

In this line of argument, the government is so clueless that it might actually think no deal during a global pandemic is a good idea or at least not a really really bad idea.
3. At first blush, the evidence of incompetence seems compelling.

As an unamuse bouche I refer you to describing no deal as an ‘Australian deal’ (shudder).

Even a one thousand tweet thread would not be sufficient but instead perhaps consider the following...
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23 Aug
1. As I perused this fascinating piece, the first thought that leaped to mind was not ‘those dastardly Europeans’ or ‘this dastardly government’ but ‘ecological fallacy’, a phrase one occasionally encounters on this twitter.

2. Ecological fallacy is a clever term used by clever people. I can tell because I had to look it up in that unimpeachable source of wisdom, Wikipedia.
3. One of the many things I like about twitter is all the new language that I had never heard during the many years I lived on top of my column.
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14 Aug
Following Recent Events...

Defining A Pandemic
- August 2020 Version

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8 Aug
The coronavirus pandemic has done some interesting things to time or at least to my / our perception of time.
Of course we live in the present (the immediacy of the moment) but we also live in the past and the future.
We live in the past at the same time as the present, not in a historical sense, but in the sense of our weight of experience and memories.
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26 Jul
1. Let’s imagine a Society in which there are only two categories of information - fact and fiction.
2. The former is Knowledge, defined as everything this is true (in the sense that it has objectively probable existence).

Happily, Knowledge is the basis on which the Society’s institutions are organised - ie government is based on objectively demonstrable facts.
3. The second category is Stories and represents everything that is untrue, not in the moral sense of lying (though that as well), but in the broad sense of everything that can be conceived but does not have actual existence (ie is not objectively demonstrable).
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