4/Which is how the right wing manages to silence dissent of impactful influencers by challenging their preferred outcomes. Military calls this "tenderizing" a target, leaving one so occupied with putting out reputational fires that one can't advance one's own powerful agendas.
5/Another issue: targets such as scientists, scholars, often play by civilized rules, calling biased editors "unusual" or sticking to pointing out flaws in methodologies. But echo chamber uses lies, personal attacks, reputational smears, catchy namecalling; blindsiding civility.
6/Loc 2576 of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars should chill your soul: @MichelEMann explains how pressures from fossil fuel, pharmaceuticals, tobacco etc corrupt peer review. Peer review's importance he notes cannot be overstated; a last bastion of actual truth not spin.
7/@MichaeleMann rightly notes that by politics undermining peer review process for science of climate change, threats to humanity may not be dramatically demonstrated but are all too real.
7/OMG a press release on eve of major vote on climate bill baselessly accused @MichelMann of errors in his finding re human made climate change. @USAtoday op ed claimed he never made his findings public. They did not check his website!! Correction made two weeks later, obscurely.
8/In @WSJ a NEWS reporter writes tendentious article, purports to show that "hockey stick" graph of climate change, was invalidated by a "retired minerals consultant" backed by fossil fuel interests. Full of flaws, article debunked in scientific journal but spin accomplished.
9/@WSJ reporter interviews climate scientists who call fossil fuel backed critic of Mann a "quack", uncredentialed. But those quotes are left on editorial cutting room floor, leaving impression in @WSJ Mann was effectively attacked by challenger. Readers never see these cuts.
10/@WSJ reporter interviews Mann, leaves out fact that Mann states that others can confirm his findings. Phrases it as a claim via Mann without independent verification
11/OMG! McIntyre and McKitrick, fossil-fuel affiliated critics of human caused climate change, assail @MIchaeleMann's data by selective use of datasets that erroneously "bury the hockey stick"! THIS is what @WSJ, @USAToday credit!! Loc 2869.
12/OMG again! The echo chamber repeats that @MichaeleMann mishandled data, and calls his file titled "censored" a nefarious "censoring" of data in everyday usage, when it is a formal statistical term that means data intentionally left out to advance clarity of objective outcomes!
13/Argh. Now we get into the internet era when so many climate denying website are pumping out dubious or discredited data online that scientists cannot correct them in real time. The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, loc 2932
14/Climate scientists have to launch their own website, @r_climate, to counter the waves of highly funded disinformation about climate. I note: this job of countering disinfo (supposed to be done by journalists and government) adds ANOTHER burden to scholars and scientists.
15/Excellent explanations/definitions of academic freedom, why it matters, and the role of tenure in protecting it, Loc 3071. The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, @MichaelEMann. We take this system for granted but need to imagine what we lose when it's lost.
16/oh noooooo....@MichaelEMann is up for tenure at UVA at this point in the book; another big climate bill is threatened. By now this is like foreshadowing music in a horror film. Scene of family relaxing peacefully while monster starts to come around corner of the house...
17/Argh! @MichaelEMann and colleagues get intimidating letters from the Republican Chair of the Senate subcommittee on House investigations, about purported "data errors" cited in the debunked @WSJ article! That's how they roll: set up the fake news, use it for real intimidation.
18/Intimidating letter from Senate to @MichaeleMann demands exhaustive detailing of records, financial support, modifications to research, going back years; implies (falsely) subpoena powers. Requires costly, also burdensome legal advice. The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
18/I'll stop here so that you buy or borrow from a library and read The Hockey Stic and the Climate Wars. If you want truth, science, history, research, and not to be lost in world of disinfo, please know that these tactics are in use across the board; support independent thought
19/ Scientists intimidated by members of Congress in a scene reminiscent of 1950s intimidation of Hollywood but with only outcome of possibility of life on earth at stake.
20/ Wegman, who attacks @MicheleMann in public hearing for putative errors, is identified as having replicated error of earlier fossil fuel funded critics but ignores emails from scientists calling him to account.
21/"I had spent much of my time responding to baseless allegations", refuting charges of misdeeds he had not committed, writes @MichaelEMann. Echoing other influencers, including Pres candidates, whom right wingers sought to usher off the "chessboard". Tactic is to wear one out.
22/ "What Happened to Global Warming?" editorialized climate denier in @BBC in 2009, as internet and news outlets cherry picked data out of reports, taking them out of context to claim falsely that warming had ceased.

• • •

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9 Sep
1/ Fossil-fuel allied scientists write letter to Pres of UVA, where @MichaelMann was teaching, complaining re his Senate testimony. Many influencers now endure calls to publishers, employers, university heads when we bring out messages that contradict right wing agendas.Loc 2559,
2/The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, @MichaelEMann. Literally everyone should read this book. Searing indictment of how climate change scientists are harassed, targeted, silenced by "vast right wing conspiracy" of echo chamber talking heads, special interests, fake news sites
3/ So @MichaelEMann, who is only identifying evidence that can lead to policies that allow us to sustain life on earth, has to take time from his research and peer reviewed publications to RESPOND to a letter from fossil fuel allied scientists to the then-pres of his university.
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21 Jul
THIS is the bad data going into COVID totals: Oregon Health Authority includes in the "TOTAL" of "CASES", with a footnote, "presumed" cases of people presenting with "COVID-like symptoms" such as :cough, fever." SO ALL OREGON FEVERS ARE COUNTED AS "COVID." govstatus.egov.com/OR-OHA-COVID-19
2/ I am not advocating for higher or lower counts, only ACCURATE ones. Including ALL patients with cough or fever AND ALL THEIR CONTACTS, as Oregon Health Authority does, as "COVID", means that it is impossible to know whether or not to visit Oregon, how to advise loved ones.
3/ Read mindblowing fine print for Oregon COVID data: *
"Includes cases confirmed by diagnostic testing... presumptive cases. Presumptive cases are people without a positive diagnostic test who have COVID-19-like symptoms and had close contact with a laboratory confirmed case..
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27 Mar
1/Pls remember that four days ago I warned that Trump would demonize and punish NYC as red meat for his base. "I don't believe you need" 30-40,000 ventilators he says now to NYC. I note this b/c you can foresee events if you know how to read political messaging. He is setting..
2/Up a dialectic netween NYC and red states, identifying NYC as "irresponsible", infectious. History shows that once a group is identified as "infectious" and a threat to the larger group (even though in this case there's medical basis for his messaging), they can be dehumanized
3/ and a reptile-brain mentality from the larger group wants to see them isolated, demeaned and brought low. Add to this the hostility of Trump's base to "liberal elites" on the coasts. These are not conscious antagonisms that Trump is manipulating but demeaning, humiliating NYC
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23 Mar
@HouseofCommons @commonslibrary WHAT?? @HouseofCommons you are totally mis-summarizing the truly newsworthy "key areas" of this dangerous 329-page bill. Whcih we @DailyClout read. Add: delay of elections in N Ireland, Wales, London, Scotland (pp 31-39), end of power to recall MPs, doubled detention w/o trial.
@HouseofCommons @commonslibrary @DailyClout 2/UK, PLEASE do not rely on "summaries", "briefings" for this bill! The Coronavirus Bill which @DailyClout READ last night - video on Youtube channel -- allows delayed elections in Scotland, Wales, N Ireland (til 2030 in N Ireland) and London. 48 hour detention. No recall of MPs.
@HouseofCommons @commonslibrary @DailyClout 3/Shocking mis-summary is provided by House of Commons Library to citizens re terrifying Coronavirus Bill:
"The @commonslibrary
have prepared briefings covering
▪ Childcare
▪ Elections
▪ Food supply
▪ Health and social care
▪ National security
▪ Statutory Sick Pay"...
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21 Mar
@mouseroaring 1/I am so sorry but glad you are taking every precaution. Denial is extraordinary. I'll spell out a bit what's ahead unless steps are taken to avoid:
@mouseroaring 2/People in the more affluent parts of the world have trouble visualizing this - even policy makers have trouble -- as they have not experienced scarcity or social breakdown. But from having been in conflict areas and areas where the rule of law is fragile...
@mouseroaring 3/ and also being informed by the experiences of my husband who's been in conflict areas and scarcity areas around the world...his experience confirm my own re what happens when societies are destabilized by crisis...
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19 Mar
He actually said it: @BillAckman, hedge fund guy, Pershing Square Capital Mngement, urging Pres to do a "Spring Break" total shutdown:
"That is why we are buying stocks. These are bargains of a lifetime if we manage this crisis correctly." Money guys are HEDGING the Depression.
2/Listen to the language of @BillAckman, the billionaire whose "shut it all down" interview "tanked the stock market": if we [hedge fund guys] "manage this crisis correctly".
3/I've been at dinner parties at which hedge fund billionaires were furious at Greece for trying to save its own economy after they'd already hedged AGAINST the Greek economy. Watch a real emergency turn into a "managed" emergency as well as....
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