#JulianAssange hearings Part 2 - Day 4 (Thread)

A van with blacked-out windows arrives to side entrance of the Old Bailey (likely transferring a prisoner or prisoners to court)

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It appears that the court hearing will start at 10am today rather than 10:30 as we were previously led to believe.
Now it sounds like the court won't be ready to start at 10am though the video link is due to be secured with them nonetheless.
UPDATE: It has been agreed that court will start at 10:30am
As the court apparently awaits the results of a COVID19 test for the partner of one of the lawyers for the prosecution perhaps it's worth revisiting this piece from yesterday.
Supporters are discussing the ability to hang #JulianAssange's banner.

"We're just following an order" that the banner can't be placed one security officer said. "We've just been told [this]" the other tells me when I ask them. Image
After my question to the security officer a separate security officer has now said that the banner can be hanged onto the barrier so long as it says "nothing offensive" on it.

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Whilst the video feed started at 10:30 the court remains largely empty with Ed Fitzgerald QC some discussion and the word "COVID-19" has been mentioned. James Lewis QC (barrister for the prosecution) is now speaking via video link.
The charger for his laptop is about two metres from Mr Fizgerald & it is about to run out of battery in 31 minutes... So I wonder if I should just sign off and try and conserve batter or come back. Joel Smith (also w/ the prosecution), also via video link, says he will phone him.
Court officer says they are just waiting for Mr Assange to make it to the court room.

Mr Lewis says he couldn't get to his home so he is currently in his flat in London. The clerk of his barristers' chambers is rushing to court to pick up his laptop charging cable.
If the hearing goes ahead today it will be the first time that one of these hearings proceed with some of the key lawyers (at least for the prosecution) attending via video link.
Today's #Assange hearing is a bit up in the air. Mr Assange has yet to be brought to court and a number of the lawyers for the prosecution ( eg Mr Lewis and Mr Smith) are attending via video link.

The Judge has yet to enter the court.
Now we can hear the Judge, Mr Smith can hear the judge, Mr Lewis can hear the judge but his picture has frozen. They are going to continue ont he basis that we can hear what is happening in court.
Mr Fitzgerald says he has had the opportunity to speak to Mr Assange and Mr Lewis and invite the judge not to go ahead until junior counsel for the prosection [Ms Dobbins has been tested?]
Firstly we shouldn't really be hear today, COVID-19 would be hear int he court room, secondly there are members of our team who are high risk... finally our client Mr Assange whose vulnerabilities you are aware of.
We could attempt to continue via remote hearing.. but you've made a decision some time ago that Mr Assange would need to be present. For us to be trying to conduct in a remote way we submitt it would not be fair.

Really it would be impossible to go ahead until we know the result
Mr Lewis agree if we adjourn until Monday to know whether or not the test is positive. To try and do something tomorrow afternoon would be highly [INAUDIBLE] for a number of reasons...

Last night I was informed that one of the barristers int eh case might have exposure to the virus and the reason that some of the [prosecution and defence team] don’t appear is out of caution.
The outcome of the test would be known some time tomorrow.

I had intended to take this one step of the time.. but I hear the objections now from both sides against that course of action
If I accede this that does not indicate that I have made an interest of justice decision as to attendance by the parties by CVP.

"Willing to accede for the time being to the joint application to adjourn till Monday at 10AM"
Judge asks for good sense of the press not to report the name of affected individual.

Rebecca Vincent, Reporters Without Borders, explains to @SputnikInt her difficulty in accessing the court today, only to get in just as the case was adjourned till Monday.

John Shipton, #JulianAssange's father, explains to me that he thinks the prosecution’s case is in shambles & that the case against his son represents a thread to UK sovereignty of the UK & that Boris Johnson's attention is needed to "sort out [this mess]".

via @SputnikInt
It's been confirmed to me (by someone in a position to know) that #JulianAssange's defence team has been denied access to their client after today's hearing, due to current COVID-19 concerns. Assange's lawyers are understood to be disappointed about this decision

via @SputnikInt
I understand that the defence team & #JulianAssange are happy about the quality of expert testimony thus far.

Eric Lewis, international lawyer/chairman of Reprieve, has been re-scheduled to testify on Monday due to the adjournment of today's hearing following a COVID-19 scare.
For anyone who may have missed it, the COVID-19 test results of the lawyer on the US prosecution team in #JulianAssange's extradition hearings came back negative. The case will go on as planned restarting on Monday, 14 September, at 10am.
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Final Day?

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(Like the last two days I shall be attending today's hearings from inside the Old Bailey via the press annex. This case may end up finishing one day earlier than scheduled)
Summers QC: Madam we are on the last leg. There are 4 things that need to be done today
-Hamit statement
-Discussion & negotiation overnight into this morning. "The ship is approaching the shore but is yet to birth"
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(Now that I am on the court list I shall be attending via the press annex, though I'll still be watching via video link :)
Statements will be read during the first part of today. Testimony of a Mr Worthington is expected during the second part (as I understand it)
First statement that was read is from investigative journalist Patrick Cockburn. He explains the significance of WikiLeaks publications, noting the release of war logs confirming civilian deaths and other casualties that were suspected by journalists.
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(Today I have entered court to see if the experience in the press annex is any different from viewing via video link.)
Maureen Baird, is the next witness to testify. We are awaiting the arrival of the defendant Julian Assange.
Maureen’s experience in federal corrections began in 1989 as a case manager with the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons where she worked for 28 years. In 2009, Maureen was appointed to the position of Warden at Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, Connecticut
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(Witness Yancey Ellis' video connection is being sorted out)

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The judge has arrived. The first thing to be dealt with will be an application from the Press Association for disclosure of each of the medical reports submitted to the court by the parties.
Fitzgerald QC says he hasn't been able to take representations from his client but judge says she's going to find in his favour anyway, save for Dr Humphries who's edited statement was read out.

The judge is now rendering her decision.
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(Another chilly Friday morning)

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John Shipton and Stella Morris' Mum arrive at the Old Bailey.
Craig Murray arrives not too soon thereafter.
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Medical testimony is expected to continue, w/ govt. & defence witnesses expected to be called.

via @SputnikInt
Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks ambassador, arrives at the Old Bailey.
Dr Nigel Blackwood Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with the NHS & Reader at forensic psychiatry at Kings College, has been sworn in. He is being examined by the prosecution.
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