1. Some have accused The Leave Alliance of being a "remainer troll account". This is both offensive and inaccurate. We are a leave campaign - but we did not swear an oath of loyalty to the Tories or the #Brexit Party. We owe them nothing. We seek to uphold the values of Brexit.
2. The referendum of 2016 was to decide whether we leave or remain in the EU. Nothing more, nothing less. There was never a plan or a consensus on what should happen after. Brexiteers don't own that. That must be an inclusive debate. The principle of self-determination.
3. For an age, the United Kingdom has freely engaged as an independent country in alliances and treaties with other countries. It has a long history of entering into commercial agreements and conventions at an inter-governmental level. We wish to uphold that tradition.
4. It is our view that the UK can flourish again as an independent state trading both with our friends in the EU and the rest of Europe, while developing other relationships throughout the world as trading patterns evolve.
5. Within the United Kingdom, our vision is for a government respectful of its people who will take on greater participation and control of their affairs at local and national level, and particularly in matters of trade where the people have been excluded.
6. We do not see any of this reflected in the current manifestation of the Tory party or its leadership. This government is secretive, authoritarian, centralising, deceitful, reckless and corrupt. Counter to all the values the leave movement was built on.
7. We have been scathing of the EU for its secretive lobbying, its corruption, waste, incoherence and inertia. If it was not tolerable in Brussels, Brexit does not make it acceptable in London. Loyalty to Brexit as an endeavour means upholding certain democratic principles.
8. In that regard, the Brexit blob and its propagandists are more disloyal to our cause and the values therein. We didn't remove a remote undemocratic kleptocracy merely to fashion a new one in its image so Toryboy spads, party donors & cronies could get their noses in the trough
9. What is required of us is that we accept the realities of our decision - and respect that the EU is a power - one we had a hand in creating, and must accept the consequences of that. Any future relationship was always going to be one of compromise.
10. Being free of the EU does not mean we are free from the rule of law - national and international, nor does it free us from our responsibilities to the people of the UK, and our regional and global obligations. We seek to lead by example.
11. To obtain the best for our own people means collaboration and cooperation - but a mid ranking power can only do that by way of sincere engagement and by being an honest broker. Nothing about this government indicates they recognise that.
12. Britain is rightly proud of its cultural exports - particularly our system of government and our system of justice. It is our adherence to that which guarantees our future and our longevity beyond the transient EU. It is those principles we must put first.
13. In order to meet our international objectives and foreign policy goals, the UK must be seen as a reliable and trustworthy actor. The Tories, though, are shattering that reputation - lying to our allies, lying to us and deceiving themselves. And we are poorer for it.
14. No deal Brexit offers us no solutions. It merely postpones the decisions and shirks the responsibilities that come with our decision to leave, leaving others to pick up the pieces. Pretending we can function outside of the rules is both dishonest and dishonourable.
15. Loyalty to Brexit does not mean loyalty to the vacuous groupthinks of the crooked Tory right or the ignorant mantras of Farage's mob. They are the "traitors" - many of whom never cared a jot about the values we defend.
16. Call us remainers of you like - but that says more about your ignorance. The term is redundant anyway. We fight for democracy, accountability, transparency and prosperity. That fight did not end on Brexit day. Brussels was only part of the problem. Tories are the other part.

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9 Sep
The Tories are trading on old divisions. Johnson pulling that "Starmer is a remainer" shtick is old hat. When jobs dry up and food gets expensive, Johnson will find that voters can be as fickle as he is. What worked in the last parliament won't cut it after January.
Corbyn was always the "backstop" for the Tories. So long as he was in place they could keep abusing their power without consequence. They haven't quite adjusted to the new reality. Like Wile E Coyote running over the cliff, they haven't looked down yet.
The Tories must know by now that Johnson is a spent man. They know he has to go even if they're not yet publicly admitting it. But who have they got to replace him who isn't tainted? When it comes to political talent, the cupboard is bare.
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8 Sep
The reason the sea border is there is because Boris Johnson put it there. Not because it was better - but for political theatricals - pretending to his gullible supporters that he was the conquering hero who could reopen the deal where May could not. And they bought it.

This was never anything to do with getting the right deal. It was purely an act of cynical electioneering and an exercise to satisfy the vanity of Johnson. Everything he does is for political expediency. Boris first, party second, the UK a distant third.
They knew the consequences. They knew it was a charade - but their pals in the Tory press - Fraser Nelson, Allister Heath and all the little toryboy columnists went along with it. They never gave a toss about #Brexit. It was just about installing the fat oaf.
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2 Sep
1. Easy to see what Frost is playing at now. They're trying to get standalone deals in areas they want, leaving the rest for later, or not at all, (while the EU wants a single overarching deal).
2. Frost thinks the EU will cave and go for something rather than nothing, which is precisely what the UK wants, therefore it can afford to hold out (or thinks it can). They are gravely mistaken.
3. The EU works to an all or nothing principle, and it is not going to fall for the UK's manipulation. We are at grave risk of getting nothing. At the last minute, the UK could realise that EU is not going to cave, and then will scrabble at the last minute for anything it can get
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1 Sep
1. Aid spending is essential for the UK. Some African states don't want "free trade". They rely on tariffs as a source of government income. They are easier to collect and their internal revenue collection is poor. In some regions there's nothing to tax.
2. Many of these countries suffer from corrupt governments who, because they get by on income from mineral wealth, are not accountable to taxpayers - the few that their are. Thus the aim is to help them build their own alternative tax base.
3. Abolishing tariffs on African goods doesn't do much for them if they can't meet EU/UK standards. Consequently aid is needed for capacity building. But that's no good if trade infrastructure is poor. ie bad roads, antiquated ports.
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1 Sep
1. #Brexit thread!

A fishing deal is proving to be an obstacle with the EU. The EU has an extremely rigid negotiating position that essentially amounts to replicating the quota shares that exist now. Britain hasn't made a workable counter offer.
2. Britain is wants annual talks with the EU on fishing rights, but is deeply resistant to the idea of giving the EU long-term guarantees about access to British waters and quotas. EU uncomfortable with the uncertainty.
3. Brexiteers argue that the EU negotiates annually with the Norway and demands the EU offers the UK a similar arrangement. But, as ever, it's more complicated than that. The Norway fishery only covers three species in defined areas, which makes management fairly simple.
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1 Sep
1. The #ForeignAid debate follows a familiar pattern. Cherrypicked and distorted examples of "waste", years out of date, to paint a picture of incompetent civil servants flinging cash at dictators and dodgy consultants. It does happen but it's a grossly unfair portrait of UK aid.
2. The more egregious examples stem from the Blair era but we closed a lot of it down in 2011. What remains is export finance, investment and technical assistance. Much of the fabled excesses are complete fabrications by the Daily Mail.
3. The debate is distorted because aid is such a wide subject header much like trade with multiple methods and disciplines all interrelated. To say "aid doesn't work" is to write off a galaxy of foreign policy initiatives. It's stinking populism.
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