1. Thread: war, art, progress, aesthetics. Between 580BCE and 460BCE Greek sculpture evolved from Kouros, to Kritios Boy, to Riace Warriors and Doryphoros. This period coincided with unprecedented threats to Greek culture. Why did it precipitate an artistic golden age? WAR. ImageImageImage
2. The journey is from archaic simplicity to warlike vitality.
Starting point is the statues of youths like this Attic kouros ("youth") from 580BCE with his rigid, left foot forward stance (an Egyptian convention). This period lasted from the days of Homer to Pericles, 9th-5thC ImageImageImage
3. When Darius invades Greece, the human form in Greek sculpture takes a leap. Kritios Boy 480BCE: musculature more defined, hip heights show advanced skeletal realism. Carries weight like a real person, one hip higher on weight-bearing leg, the earliest example of Contrapposto. ImageImage
4. Now jump 20 yrs - Once Greek sculptors figured out accurate human proportions, they quickly made the leap to ideals. Statues began to take the form of idealized athletes, warriors, and gods. Muscularity and definition increase alongside realism (Raice Warriors, 460BCE). ImageImage
5. In this short period 492-480BCE three things are happening in Greece: existential threat to the Greek city states from Persian invasion -Darius 492, Xerxes 480 resulting in bttls Marathon, Thermopylae, Plataea, Salamis, mil coordination between cities, & aesthetics golden age ImageImageImage
6. “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” How, during a time of near total war for the Greek city states did they unlock & define ideal aesthetic proportions, muscularity, and form? Discobolus (disc thrower) Doryphoros (spearbearer) ImageImage
7. 22yr period of total war: Athens had her entire economy building a massive navy (she was then sacked in 480BCE, her navy saving the Greek world at Salamis), Sparta had whole population mobilized, Thebes submitted, all events should not have allowed for artistic development. ImageImageImage
8. In the face of annihilation, sculpture took on a realistic, rugged vitalism. Gods and heroes were built during this time in the Greek city states. Some of bronze, some of marble, but many more of flesh. Pericles, Themistocles, Leonidas (respective busts) ImageImageImage
9. Early 5thC war-culture-aesthetics spike is not rational product of times. Greek men ascended to the level of godhood, they battled insurmountable odds and won unprecedented victories more unlikely than the farthest fetched Greek myths. Art imitated life. Days of great heroes. ImageImage
10. Nerd historians call this the end of "Archaic" Greece (8thC-480BCE) and start of Classical. Sculpture muscularity and form perfection increases. Great existential threat + heroic figures of flesh = mastery of aesthetic representation. All lead to Alexander conquer world. Fin ImageImageImage

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25 Nov
1/ Thanksgiving commemorates a harvest celebration of Pilgrims and natives in 1621, the year after the landing at Plymouth Rock, MA. What's left out is what the alternative was to a wonderful fall feast with native friends... Starvation, Cannibalism, Death.
2/ Before Plymouth (1620) the three English settlement attempts in later "New England" were:
-Roanoke, 1584 (100% mortality)
-Popham, 1607 (~60% mortality, abandoned after 14 mos)
-Jamestown, 1607 (80% mortality from 1609-10 in during "The Starving Time." Colony survived)
3/ Of the three, Popham is perhaps the least remarkable. A boat of 120 boys and men arrives to Maine in 1607, winter is hard, natives hostile, leader/benefactor Popham dies, resupply shows up and 45 survivors jump (on) ship back to England, 14 months after landing.
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1/ Thread: Hormesis 101. Hormesis is a biphasic dose response organisms have to environmental agents/stressors. It is biological proof that the Nietzschism, "Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker" —arguably the founding premise
2/ of /fit/ + bodybuilding twitter, is in fact true. Origin —> 1880s toxicologist Hugo Schulz discovers that low doses of poison/disinfectant stimulates yeast growth (a sign of health) before becoming toxic/fatal at high doses. What mean? There is a nonlinear, dose-dependent
3/ relationship between stressors and harm or benefit. @nntaleb calls this "Proto-Antifragility", an incomplete, minor league echo of the grand AF concept. So, Hormesis is when small dose = positive health, high dose = death. The premise is simple, the implications are vast...
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1/Tuesday Tidbit

Surprising accuracy of Braveheart —birth of the schiltron:

The Battles of Falkirk and Bannockburn (1st battle and final scene) are considered major turning points in European land warfare w/ first use of that kind of schiltron—12ft pike phalanx (FOR THE PERIOD) ImageImage
2/The formation at Falkirk under Wallace was circular+static. "The front ranks knelt with their spear butts fixed in the earth; the rear ranks leveled their lances over their comrades heads; the thick-set grove of twelve foot spears was far too dense for the cavalry to penetrate" ImageImageImageImage
3/ Not just a clever idea thrown in for the movie, the schiltron pike phalanx used at Falkirk in 1298 is considered the first of its kind in the period, later perfected by Swiss Pikemen + Spanish Tercios in the age of "pike+shot" (pictured) Image
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1/ As a kid in the SW, we were told the Anasazi "mysteriously" disappeared. In 3rd grade I did a project on the "controversial, alternative" theory that the Anasazi were cannibals (who starved / migrated). At the time, there wasn't too much evidence.
2/ This past year at xmas dinner my uncle, an archaeologist at M*sa V*rde, shared with me the latest discovery being hushed in SW archaeology. A number significant, clear cannibalism sites. Pit houses (Kivas) with human bodies separated by parts (same way they butchered animals),
3/ "cut and strip" markes on bones (meat removal).

"As if they didn't want to leave us any doubt at all, at one of these kivas, the last person to leave it hundreds of years ago left a MASSIVE human dump at the bottom of the ladder made up of 100% human protein." -Arch. Uncle
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Me at work.
Me in the car on the way to work. ImageImage
full album listen, it strikes me that Jason made the song Don't Want 'Em, about being too irresponsible to have a dog or kids, "Natalie Portman is my dream girl and I will die with her in my bed", and "dying alone", but prefaced it with wu-tang style martial arts dialogue.
the album takes a lot of risks, Jason repeatedly yells “you know my flava!” inviting the listener to question himself, “Do I really know J-creams ‘flava’? More than once, he says "my flava is Ice Cream!" So is it one flavor? Or is there an inner circle? And, who am I?
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7 Aug
The podcasting bubble is like the photography bubble 50 years ago when film started to become increasingly easy + cheap to shoot.

A "cool thing", that literally anyone can do. Anyone.

Digital exacerbated the oversupply crisis. Such hustles become about who you know
at more advanced stages, even that is not enough.

First fotos were oversupplied, then fotos of celebrities/pretty places.

Same becoming true for podcasts featuring famous people. No longer enough to snag a famous person.
Podcasting is going the way of photography, and both eventually go the way of porn.

If you want to make it in podcasting you need hit all the food groups:

1) Trick a famous person (out of your league) into coming on.

2) Interview impeccably, perfect quality + editing
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