There is nothing admirable about the "resilience" of Nigerians.Nigeria has sunken this deep into a cesspit because of the resilience of its citizens.

Our "leaders" know that even if they have their boots on our neck and feed us shit, we won't revolt because we are "resilient."
Nigerians have endured 10 times what has caused a revolution in other countries. Heck, the French Revolution was triggered by the increase in the cost of fucking bread.

The Arab Spring was inspired by the suicide of one man over mistreatment at the hands of an oppressive police.
I recently saw a news story about some women in some villages in the North who rallied round to raise N1m to get a van that'd be transporting pregnant women from their village to a hospital nearby. A lot of people were fawning over that story. Admirable, patriotic yen yen yen
It is because of such acts of resilience that our leaders will never step up. Segalink once told me that "you only get the quality of leadership you demand."

For Nigerians, the bar is buried underground. And our leaders actually know this. That is why they're not even bothered
We practically source our own water, have to deal with terrible roads, handle our own healthcare and education, handle a huge chunk of our own electricity and security.

The govt practically does nothing beyond collecting tax, jailing critics, looting the public coffers dry etc
Do I ever see this country rising up in revolt? Absolutely NOT. There'd be skirmishes like Sowore's attempt to inspire revolution.

Stupid and terribly poor Nigerians will be given N500 and paired with stupid and equally poor security forces to squash the protest.
Anyway, let's enjoy this rot. Fuel price will get to N200, cost of food will keep rising, people will keep dying from bandits, the clowns at the NASS will keep using us to catch cruise.

But Nigerians are very resilient. How do they say it? Nigeria: Good people, Great Nation.

• • •

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13 Sep
Imagine sending a woman 50K because she gave you a chance to chat with her on social media. This foolishness must not be passed on to the next generation of Nigerian men. Let this foolishness die with our generation. Where is the self-respect ffs?
Yesterday we traded banter about how Nigerian women are entitled, docile and too neck-deep in their narcissism.

An average Nigerian woman feels entitled because there is a horny stupid simpleton out there willing to throw money at her to score some cheap points.
This is why we have a herd of women who feel that a man is responsible for picking up their bills and giving them money after each sexual encounter (quasi-prostitution)

We men created this culture, we keep upholding it. Is your self-esteem that low you need money to prop it up?
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12 Sep
You will never see a thread on Twitter where men of other Nationalities are saying something this good about Nigerian women. I promise you that.
But why are some of you getting triggered because of this nau?😭 I thought it is a fact we all know

When Nigerian men go out there, we are hot cakes. We just need to show other women half the love and effort we show our women here. And they fall helplessly in love. Little effort
The non Nigerian friends (Ghanaian, Kenyan, Hungarian) I've had who have dated Nigerian women have very little good to say about our women.

Like I've been on Twitter for over a decade and I've never seen a appreciation thread for Nigerian women. Prove me wrong please
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8 Sep
Omo, nobody is paying a bride price for my daughter sha. That tradition of paying bride price never made sense to me as a teenage boy. Today as an adult it still doesn't make any sense.
There are loads of these traditions that don't hold any deep meanings aside the delusions (pardon my language) that we attach to it.

I don't get why we hold on stubbornly to some of them as if they've made our society or our lives any better as a people.
If I pay N1500 as "bride price" for a woman I want to marry, that little money carries loads of symbolism that a "stupid man" can exploit.

For me, it has always been a symbol of ownership. And of course we have lots of "stupid men" that have exploited that symbolism.
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6 Sep
Northerner Politicians and wealthy men will send their daughters to the best schools in the US/Europe and let them marry as adults.

And then they'd fund Imams whose preachings promote the "culture" of child marriage while attack dogs like wastepapin defend it on social media
Visit Abuja and see their daughters: beautiful, properly educated with fantastic English accents, with their small veils, enjoying their youth.

But go farther to Zamfara and you'd see a 16 year-old girl with pregnant while carrying a little baby. The wickedness
It reminds me of Fatima whom I grew up with as a child. She was one of the most Brilliant girls in class back then.

She was forcefully married,her future cut shut. In my first year in university,my sister called to tell me she died while giving birth to her second child.Teenager
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31 Aug
Still trying to understand how this debate debate about Adele's hairstyle benefits future generations of "black people" around the world.

And can Black Americans stop forcing other black people around the world to view "race" through the Black American perspective? 🤦🤦
Black Americans are so culturally disconnected from other "black people" around the world and they make no effort to bridge that gap.

They instead continue to ignorantly view themselves as custodians of the cultures of ALL black people around the world.
They somehow assume that other black people around the world share the Black American idea, experience, perspective about race and racism.

Whereas what they need to be doing is to travel more, learn more, connect more with other black people around the world.
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27 Aug
Someone put up a tweet for a missing family member, asking Twitter users to help her Retweet and find her missing niece.

And then Twitter vendors are in the replies advertising their products/services, talking about "It costs nothing to RT my hustle"

You people are very stupid
I will rather choke than buy anything from some of you vendors on this app. You guys have become a nuisance, spam-like bots.

Your lack of emotional intelligence and creativity around marketing your products is why you'd probably never make it past this sorry stage of your life.
Every single viral (or not viral) tweet on Twitter is an opportunity for you to advertise your product. The context of the tweet doesn't matter to you.

I don't know where you guys went to learn this but it is an extremely disturbing behaviour. In fact,it is disgusting tbh 🤦
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