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12 Sep, 25 tweets, 7 min read
Time for another teardown!
This is the Stealseries Sensei [raw] Rubberized gaming mouse, model M-00001, product number 62155.
This is one of the (surprisingly) few mice that have left and right buttons (that can work at the same time), an ambidextrous design, and can be used on linux.
But the right mouse button is going on this one so I gotta replace it.
Opening it up, we see the main PCB
The optical module is mounted on a little daughterboard. Weird.
It turns out this is an ADNS-9500 LaserStream™ Gaming Sensor, from Avago Technologies.
So this is a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser, a type of tiny laser, combined with an optical sensor to detect the movement based on the change in position.
The sensor is 30 by 30 pixels, or almost a kilopixel.
the optical module is reprogrammable, but they don't tell you what architecture it is, they just say you should send over the ROM they provide. mm-hmm.
also it has a way to download the raw picture from the CCD so you can use this as a really shitty camera!
also downloading a frame breaks the SROM, apparently?
But that's not the only microcontroller on the board! There's also a MC9S08JM16!
That's a Freescale (now NXP) chip.
It's an 8-bit HCS08 microcontroller.
It runs at 48mhz, has 16kb of flash memory on-board, up to a kilobyte of RAM, and 256 bytes of "USB RAM".
This architecture is based on the Motorola 68HC08, which is back compatible with the Motorola 68HC05, and is based on the Motorola 6800 line.
There's a mysterious unpopulated connector in the bottom-right.
Some kind of in-circuit-programming connector, maybe?
The LED has a weird little sillicone hat.
I guess it was too bright or too direct, so they just stuck a Light Condom on it to fix both.
This other floating daughterboard here is just an LED that goes inside the mouse wheel, so your mouse wheel can glow. Mine was apparently broken: I didn't notice.
Nothing really on the bottom side of the mouse, other than more indications that this mouse has been in heavy use for like two years...
So that big connector at the bottom was to hook up to this upper PCB which holds 5 more buttons and an LED.
All the side buttons hook up here, plus the middler-middle button (that's usually used as a DPI switch)
The lens.
That sits in the middle of the bottom piece.
The mousewheel motion is sensed by this little vertical module, which I think is entirely mechanical.
Steelseries is apparently making their own switches, I was hoping these'd be standard omrons since I have some of those on hand to swap in.
Desoldered the bad switch.
There's no side numbers, so apparently either they only make one type of switch, or they tell them apart by colors (WHAT KIND OF A KEYSWITCH COMPANY WOULD DO THAT?)
The keyswitch opened up.
wow. I accidentally put it back together without the lens, and it's caused a weird effect: it's INVERTED.
moving the mouse down moves the cursor up, moving it left moves the cursor right
Put it back together and it seems to maybe be working better? I'm not sure.
I'm currently using another mouse (the disaster that is the Roccat Kiro) while waiting for a new Steelseries to arrive from amazon

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13 Sep
I thought I'd play Wario's Woods for #NESWeekend but I forgot two key factors:
1. this game doesn't have a score counter
2. even though I haven't played in a year or two, I'm apparently still pretty good at it. I'm on level 61 now and I don't know when to stop
obligatory mention of the one fact anyone mentions about this game:
Because the ESRB was formed in 1994, there are no NES games with ESRB ratings... except this one.
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It's a Unirex 2.0 Alum8gb flash drive.
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Welcome to California.
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Twitter, what exactly the fuck do you think I do?
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That's weird. A Pro AudioSpectrum 16 is a perfectly normal 90s sound card for any PC... but this is for THE MAC?
Yeah, it's a NuBus card!
With a weird connector, because it turns out it has a breakout box for RCA and MIDI and such, instead of the normal boring 3.5mm stereo jack.
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10 Sep
is anyone else scared that the only solution we're ever gonna get for the Flash discontinuation thing is a Linux-on-JS emulator running an old copy of Firefox with the plugin?
yeah sorry we had to completely discontinue flash because reasons, so now the only way it's possible to even think about playing Crimson Room is to download a 2gb linux image and emulate Firefox 2.0.0 at 5 FPS inside your browser
that said, as terrible a solution as that is, someone's gonna make a lot of people happy when it finally exists and everyone with MyOldGame.swf can finally redeploy it on their site, even if it's now a gigabyte of .js files instead of of 400k of SWF
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