“If you don’t vote in this election it’s because you’re a selfish, privileged elite who can’t understand the needs of the oppressed.”

This is a bald-faced lie fabricated (ironically) by political elites in order to bully other ppl into voting. [thread]

The older richer & whiter you are the more likely you are to vote. There’s a multitude of reasons for this but most pertinent is that ppl are more likely to feel represented by our two-party political system if they are older richer & whiter. nytimes.com/interactive/20…

Non-voters are more likely to be poor, less educated, and non-white. Surveys of low-income and POC citizens report high levels of voter disengagement due to feeling unrepresented in politics and the belief that voting won’t make a difference.


People try to say that low-income and POC voters have lower voter turnout due to voter suppression. But when this demographic is ever actually ASKED why they didn’t vote, it’s overwhelmingly because they didn’t want to.

Is voter suppression a real thing? YES. Does it disproportionately impact low-income and POC people? YES. For what it’s worth I myself am among the large number of POC voters who have been turned away at the polls due to voter ID laws. This is a real issue. It’s impacted ME.
But blaming voter suppression for the ASTRONOMICAL LEVELS of voter disengagement amongst low-income and POC communities is just lazy.
Low-income and POC people are literally TELLING us why so many of them don’t vote, and it’s overwhelming because they are CHOOSING to stay home because they don’t feel represented by the two-party system.

It’s easier to pretend that poor and POC voters aren’t voting because they lack agency than it is to grapple with the very real political statement that MILLIONS of poor and POC people are making in choosing not to vote.

Ppl are further manufacturing the lie that not voting is a “privilege” bcuz it’s easier to believe that ppl don’t participate in the two-party system for selfish reasons than it is to acknowledge that our system caters to only a fraction of wealthy society.
This lie is intentional. It’s meant to shore up power in the two-party system and silence defectors, most of whom are poor and POC in the first place.


PLEASE vote in this election and vote like your life depended on it. I DO NOT WANT 4 MORE YEARS OF DONALD TRUMP. Let’s get him out and then talk about changing things. 👏PLEASE VOTE👏
But stop spreading the lie that non-voters are just a bunch of privileged elites. They are not. Spreading this lie serves to silence the voices of millions of poor and POC non-voters who don’t feel represented by our political system.
If you’re able to vote in this election & actually feel like one of the two major candidates even remotely approximates your political goals, however terribly they do so, THAT is a privilege. Recognize it acknowledge it & work to bring change so that more ppl can feel represented

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31 Mar
LGBTQ people experience some of the highest rates of medical discrimination in the country. When we experience illness, many believe we deserve to be sick & die.

And now it’s legal in Arkansas to deny us ANY healthcare service on the grounds of “moral conscience.”
The only qualifier in this bill is that doctors must provide care in the case of an “emergency.” This is laughable, as the vast majority of healthcare services—many if not most of which are lifesaving—do not fall under the category of “emergency.”
Some argue that the bill does not name LGBTQ people explicitly, so it’s not actually targeting LGBTQ people. Again, this is laughable. We all know what demographics this law is going to be used against the most. Laws like these in the US *always* target LGBTQ people and women.
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30 Mar
I’m gay & celibate & can honestly say that celibacy has been a life-giving experience for me. Gay celibacy is not inherently toxic.

But here’s the thing: When you tell gay ppl they *must* be celibate or else go to hell, you are not preaching the Gospel. You are preaching death.
Celibacy is life-giving, for gay ppl as well straight, when discovered in the *midst* of relationship with Jesus Christ, not as a condition to be in relationship with Jesus in the first place.
No one’s salvation hinges on what we do, think, or believe a/b gender & sexuality. If it did, none of us would go to heaven. “He who is w/o sin, cast the first stone.” If you think your theology on gender & sexuality is perfect, you’re in for a surprise when you get to heaven.
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11 Mar
1. White progressives going at Jesus for being “racist” toward the Syrophoenician woman is peak 2021.

News flash. “Racist” Jesus isn’t a thing.
2. The claim centers on the story of the Syrophoenician woman begging Jesus to cast a demon out of her daughter. Jesus responds, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs” (Mk 7:27).

What’s going on here? Is Jesus being a racist a**hole?
3. The Bible is a piece of literature as much as it is a historical document. Pay attention to the structure of the Gospel of Mark and it becomes pretty clear what’s going on.
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22 Feb
The idea that rape is a product of “sexual temptation” stems from a toxic relationship to sexuality.
If you believe that sexual attraction is an overwhelming animal urge that requires a Herculean level of self-control granted only by prayer and spiritual maturity, then it’s easy to believe that ppl (in particular cisgender men) are constantly on the verge of raping other ppl.
In this worldview, *not* raping ppl becomes a virtue unto itself. If sexual attraction is always & only ever compelling people to sexually devour each other, then *not* raping ppl is a sign of self-control!
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5 Feb
“How can you be gay & celibate & not inherently self-hating?”

I get asked this question a LOT. People assume that the only reason a gay person would be celibate is internalized homophobia.

But they’re wrong.
Gay people can be celibate for all kinds of reasons.

Maybe they just don’t like sex very much and don’t particularly want to have it. Yes, it’s possible to have a sex drive and experience sexual attraction but still not enjoy having sex.
Or maybe they’re just asexual and don’t experience sexual attraction in the first place. Yes, gay people can be asexual and asexual people can be gay.
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18 Nov 20
I’m celibate. I follow historic Christian teaching on sexual ethics by default. Straight people who practice contraceptive sex don’t.
A lot of ppl get angry when I make this observation. They feel like they’re being judged. Like I’m telling them that they’re living in sin just for having sex with someone they love. That’s interesting, because it reminds of how gay ppl feel.
To be clear, I’m NOT saying that you’re living in sin for having contraceptive sex with your spouse, so no worries. I don’t think you’re living in sin! Birth control is a human right, & denying access to contraceptives leads to horrendous abuses, most often toward women.
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