A high maintenance, financially profligate and prodigal spouse will destroy your chances at a financially independent and free life, one without worries on finances. Choose your spouse carefully. That one person will decide the fate of your financial life.
You won't notice it at first. But your spouse will influence your spending habits a lot, at a subliminal level. It will be like getting fat. From one day to next, you won't notice much. A year later, you have totally changed appearance wise and you've gone from fit to fat.
It could be for keeping up with the joneses, it could be for keeping up face within family or in front of friends, or it could just be plain superficial materialistic desires. But it happens ever so subtly, initially you resist, but you will start relaxing and giving some leeway.
That leeway is the thread your spouse will pull, knowingly or unknowingly, and that leeway will expand. Before you know it, you're neck deep in debt, have no savings, having spent almost all your money on useless things and thankless people.
Worst part? The people you give money to, or spend lavishly on, usually don't show up to help you if you ever need it. Sooner or later, you realize that you should have saved first and spent what was left. This difference with your spouse will also lead to resentment.
That's why it is utmost important that both the spouses are on the same page regarding finances. If you're dating, look for signs that your potential spouse is a profligate/prodigal person. It's very evident and obvious in most cases. So, pick your spouse wisely.

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27 Oct
Interpretation of Financial Statements - preliminary filters.

1. Looking for sustainable competitive advantage:

When looking for sustainable moat, you wanna see consistency - in earnings, in having low debt, in having growing earnings, low spending in capital expenditures, etc.
The longer the company has existed, and if it sells you the same product for years (like Coca Cola), it reduces production costs and other costs (R&D, Training, marketing) slowly as the company ages.

When costs are reduced, margins and profits increase.
2. What to look for in an income statement:

Let's take a look at Apple:

i) You want to see earnings grow at a steady pace. Take a look at the net income below. Image
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27 Oct
How to calculate average points per trade of a system:

Assume only 5 trades (for illustration purposes) in the system:

Trade 1: +300 points
Trade 2: -180 points
Trade 3: +70 points
Trade 4: -130 points
Trade 5: +100 points
- Total points made: (300-180+70-130+100) = 160 points
- Average points per trade: 160/5 = 32 points.

So, when I say in the example (in the thread linked above) that the system makes on average 200 trades a year, and 29-30 points per trade in BNF, what do I mean?

Average points made per trade in BNF over the 200 trades.

That's what I mean.
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27 Oct
If you really want to learn from someone on social media, you don't have to pay for their courses or any special access programs.

Like Ekalavya, you can consume with intent whatever your self-assumed Guru puts out in the form of content.
When you use a bit of common sense, reverse engineering, and connecting the dots as a practice with all that they post, you can figure out with 95-98% what they do, how they do it, why they do it, etc.
When I initially started moving towards systematic trading, I read all of @madan_kumar's tweet threads, blog posts, zerodha qna interview and its comments section, his threads on traderji forum, etc. Those have the best insights most of which he likely condenses in his workshops.
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26 Oct
Independent theaters are going to survive Covid better than the franchises like Inox and PVR.

Independent multi-screen, privately owned theaters are likely to be self-owned(including building) by the owner group and must have contained the damage during covid early on.
Theaters are going to co-exist with OTT. The side-effect of OTT would be a slight/marginal reduction in piracy.

But people are never not going to go to theaters. A movie like Interstellar, Tenet, Endgame, Fast and Furious 7, Kaithi, etc., deserve a theater watch.
So, theaters are here to stay. Just that, I feel that independent and privately owned theaters have a far better chance of survival than the publicly listed franchisee type theater groups. Interesting times ahead to be witnessed.
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26 Oct
Most people who quit their job essentially as an act of showing middle finger to their bosses, and start a business don't realize that they are focusing on short term pain and ignoring the long term pain that running a business is.
Starting and running a business, especially as a middle-class first generation entrepreneur is not easy. If you do it only because you hate your current boss, a couple years down, the entrepreneurship world would eventually teach you working for your former boss was way better.
Pride, vanity, and moments of impulsiveness, focusing on stopping the short term pain - all these block your long term visibility, and gives you tunnel vision. This makes it very difficult for you to assess if your decision is one that's coming from a place of emotion.
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25 Oct
Last i checked, this strategy had the comments in the screenshot. Currently, I can only see the comment from the Tradetron founder.

Did the comments get deleted? Or did the original commenter delete the comments? Not sure.

But anything with respect to Tradetron, be cautious.
While I am all excited for legitimate algo-trading platforms which will aid retail trader in execution, the rampant allowance of anyone to create a strategy and manage people's money is dangerous.
While 99% of the SEBI registered or certified people aren't really any good, that's at least a good place to start to weed out the scammers and those without a skin in the game.
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