(1 of 4) Virus Lessons from Sweden.

Sweden’s death-rate is now averaging less than one a day and new cases are at around 200 a day.
(2 of 4) They appear to be pretty much through it having achieved some semblance of disease breakpoint or an early level of herd immunity with vastly less economic devastation when compared to the rest of Europe and North America.
(3 of 4) Sweden stands at 0.058% of its 10M population having died of 'CCP Coronavirus' compared to: the UK at 0.061% of its 68M population; Spain at 0.063% of its 47M population; Italy at 0.059% of its 60M population; and the US at 0.060% of its 330M population.
(4 of 4) The bottom line is that Sweden has done it right making a vaccine largely irrelevant to them.

Source: worldometers.info/coronavirus/co…

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(2 of 5) Note the info from that CDC link on the IFR (Infection Fatality Ratio) -- the likelihood of death from the virus. Yes, that scenario 5 column in Table 1 is the one that one you want to look at.
(3 of 5) If you are under 19 years old then you have a 99.997% of surviving,

if you are 20-49 years of age then you have a 99.998% of surviving, ....
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(1 of 4) Why are we allowing these satanic heathens to get away with this blatant destruction of property? In 1968 orders were given to shoot looters and the looting stopped. We would NEVER allow a foreign enemy to come into our country and destroy property and lives!!!
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