The Western world is falling apart. It's OK to be distressed about this, but it's not right to be anxious.

Adam put his wife over his God; their world fell apart.
Cain killed his brother; their world fell apart.
Men gave their daughters as wives to angels; that world fell apart.
It fell apart so badly that God took it all the way back to uncreation. But Noah found favor in his eyes.

Then Noah got drunk and his son did something nasty and their world fell apart.

The men of Babel tried to build the highest high place; their world fell apart by tongue.
Then there were nations, and they all fell apart. Babylon fell apart, Persia fell apart, Greece fell apart, Rome fell apart. Israel fell apart after just one good king.
Then the Lord Jesus came in the midst of the rubble, and his ministry fell apart when he was executed by the forces of this death and chaos. And for a weekend, the world was the worst it could ever be.
And then, for the first time ever, God overturned a death sentence. For the first time ever, a man took up his own life on his own authority because of his own righteousness, and walked out of the tomb. Death ran backwards.
But death didn't stop running backwards when Jesus folded up his burial cloth. It has been running backwards ever since—because he is the resurrection and the life, and all dominion, over every man, tribe, county, district, nation, alliance, and continent has been given to him.
And so our reliance is not on the disintegrating world, where all things fall apart. It is on the reintegrating Word, in whom all things rise together. There is only one eternal nation, and one royal priesthood, because there is only one divine King.
Whether in one year or a million, the West will die. But Jesus rules the West, and Jesus opens tombs from the inside. The seed goes into the ground in order to spring back out again as something better. So be about the work of producing godly seed.

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22 Sep
It's important to understand how "white knights" enable and exacerbate the tendency of influential women to lead churches into error (cf. attached thread). Like women, men have natural instincts that, in their proper place, are good—but removed from it, quickly turn destructive.
Two interrelated instincts are to elevate women, and to defend them. Men defend women because we're made to subdue and protect; women are weaker vessels. We elevate women partly because they are our glory (1 Cor 11), and partly for reasons discussed here:…
However, there are many men in the church who have twisted these natural instinct into a mindset that automatically seeks and defers to female approval. This is their default frame. It is enormously destructive because it makes them easily-aimed weapons for influential women.
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21 Sep
When women hold power in a church, officially or unofficially, two things happen: (1) They strive to include anyone agreeable, regardless of error; (2) They strive to exclude anyone disagreeable, regardless of orthodoxy.
This is how women are designed, and it is good—in its proper context. This is why the proper context for feminine influence is under masculine rulership. False teachers are experts at being agreeable; men mimicking Jesus and the prophets are highly proficient at the other thing.
In an ecclesial context, therefore, women's social instincts are roughly inversely proportional to ensuring orthodoxy. Women are likely to approve and endorse flatterers, hirelings, soft men; likely to disapprove and ostracize truth-tellers, shepherds, tough men.
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18 Sep
Western circumcision is not like biblical circumcision. It removes far more—including highly sensitive nerves that can never regrow. Even despite this, men who have restored their foreskins report that orgasms that they would have previously considered a 10 are now like a 3.
Add to that the sexual dysfunction associated with circumcision, and how restoration tends to greatly improve a couple's sex life. The testimony of men who have experienced before and after is not lightly dismissed.
Circumcision is a way that the West has institutionalized making men literally incomplete, by physically removing part of their manhood when they are utterly unable to defend themselves. It is genuine mutilation in just the same way as Islamic female genital mutilation.
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16 Sep
Prayer is the most effective means we have of achieving victory in spiritual warfare, because prayer is how we petition our almighty God to come to our aid against his enemies. But there is a way that the power of prayer can be subverted by effeminate conditioning.
It happens by reasoning like this: since God is all-powerful and all-wise, he is infinitely more competent than us to both know how to achieve victory, and to implement that winning strategy. Therefore, once we have prayed, we should leave everything to God. Our job is done.
This is very much like thinking that since God is the one who changes hearts, and he can reach anyone he chooses to save through his Spirit without need of human help, therefore we need not evangelize. Just sit back and watch our Savior work!
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10 May
"Accordingly, each must be on guard for a particular set of sins. The man must struggle against forcing his principles and pressing upon others every possible consequence, and the woman must wrestle continually against her deficiency in logic that is manifested both in...
"...rigid tenacity and incorrigible willfulness, as well as in a fickleness that defies every form of argument. The man is susceptible to the danger of doubt and unbelief, rationalism and dead orthodoxy, while the woman risks no less a danger of...
"...superficial piety and superstition, mysticism and fanaticism. The loquaciousness of the woman contrasts with the incommunicativeness of the man. The vanity of the woman is no worse than the coarse indifference of the man. The infidelity of the man is matched by...
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5 Mar
Why must women be trained to love their husbands, love their children, be sober-minded, chaste, workers at home, and in subjection to their own husbands?

Paul explains: "That the word of God be not blasphemed" (Tit 2:5).
Women who invert this order, leaving their husbands at home, refusing their theological guidance and taking up leadership in the church, are *blasphemers.* @BethMooreLPM is a blasphemer. @aimeebyrdhwt is a blasphemer. Rachel Miller is a blasphemer.
And the elders who promote and enable these women promote and enable blasphemy. According to Paul, @jdgreear promotes and enables blasphemy. @albertmohler promotes and enables blasphemy. @RScottClark promotes and enables blasphemy. @ToddPruitt6, Carl Truman and many others also.
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