@thebr0keb0i Of course he was part of the Epstein ring. Trump had a “modeling agency” which was closed before the election. Trump met Melatonin at the Kit Kat club via Epstein. Epstein brought girls over from Eastern Europe. One of the women that got out had to decorate their apartments.
@thebr0keb0i 2) Another one of the girls that escaped identified Trump at one of Epstein sex parties also she was trafficked out to Alan Dershowitz (who does nothing but deny) but Dershowitz did settle one 900K lawsuit w/her. There’s so much more...
@thebr0keb0i 3) Roy Cohn was Trump mentor. Roy Cohn held parties with underage girls. When Cohn died Trump kept the parties going. The one thing Epstein use to do was when some of the girls got too old to traffic he would marry them off to wealthy men to keep them quiet & the ring going
@thebr0keb0i 4) Was Melatonin a procurer? Don’t know the answer to that question. But Trump has to keep the pedo ring going. That’s the reason I keep tweeting out Where are the immigrant children? He took those children as soon as he got into office, keep the ring going
@thebr0keb0i 4) Think about this & it makes me sick to my stomach. AG’s last Barr, Jeffrey’s last name Epstein, there is a really a disease called, Epstein Barr. That’s sickening! There’s info out there on Trump but a lot of it has been scrubbed but u need to find the people he hung out with
@thebr0keb0i That’s how you find info about Trump. Look who he named as National Security Advisor (not sure of the title) but Alex Acosta is the one who worked the deal for Epstein. Who is one of Trumps lawyers, Dershowitz. Just keep digging...
@thebr0keb0i 5) Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell a know trafficker of young girls for sex for Epstein “well.” Once when Ivana & (one of the girls who got away) & Ghislaine we’re going shopping. The car was stopped at a red light at a prominent private school. Ghislaine jumped out of the car ran
@thebr0keb0i 6) over to the girls that were getting out of school and gave them her info for “modeling” and got their info & got back into the car. Procuring. That’s what Ghislaine did. Sarah Kellen, now Sarah Vickers, was also a procurer for Epstein.
@thebr0keb0i 7) This goes beyond Trump. Yes there is so much more. Look into Leslie Wexner, Mossad, CIA. It’s really disgusting. Russia may be meddling in our elections, but keep ur eye on Israel & who has Trump been doing a lot of work w/lately? Israel. Keep your eye on the prize.

• • •

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