How many of you have heard of the Jesuit Filipino Priest SAM Lourdu Samy?

Did you know that he is 82 years old and has lived in Jharkand, Ranchi for many, many years and that the Samy in his name has morphed into Swamy?
Sam Lourdu Samy, Filipino Jesuit Priest is also one of the accused in planning to assassinate PM Modi..He is Accused of treason ,terrorism and complicity with Maoists Guerillas and Naxals amongst other crimes.
Now why would a foreign Jesuit Priest, a so called man of God...want to interfere with the governance of this country? Why would he want to assassinate a sitting PM? Who is empowering him in these seditious activities?
These are valid questions but before we ask the who .. we must understand the why. Why do these ppl especially these foreigners want PM Modi assassinated?
The BJP Government of Jharkhand along with the Central Government initiated a very successful Investor’s Meet, where 3 lakh crores of investment is going to happen in Jharkhand. Already they have signed 209 contracts which means jobs for lakhs of ppl.
More and more Jobs means less and less poverty and starvation in the state... and if such an effort is applied all over India... the country will become a developed country ... If this happens who are the biggest losers?

1. Foreign Conversion agencies
2. Communists
They come in many guises.. as Environmental protection activists, Human rights activists, liberals, women protection, animal protection, child protection etc... and have fooled and are still fooling our ppl for a long time.
All over India they have used the poverty, innocence and ignorance of the poor Adivasies to try to convert them. In 1970, this Samy went to Chaibasa, which was then part of Bihar and realised that it was not so easy to convert Adivasies... even though they were extremely poor.
So he began to turn them against the corrupt state administrations ... and transmorphing them into naxals without them realising it.

Once they got into trouble with the police over activities instigated by this Jesuit Priest ...
they had no option but to fall back on him and his organisation for lawyers and other help. This was when they were forcefully converted and turned into slaves.

Lawyers like Indira Jaisingh,Sudha Bharadwaj , Prasanth Bhushan etc ..
who come and argue for these Adivasies are part of the PUCL. Do u for one moment think that they plead on behalf of these Adivasies for nothing? Absolutely not... they r paid in the millions to defend them.
This money is usually sourced from NGOs and it is this source that PM Modi has knocked out.

Which means there is no finance to help rein the forcefully converted in... this means less power... less influence. So PM Modi must go..
This Foreign Jesuit Priest Samy, in 1996, formed Jharkhand Organisation Against Radiation (JOAR ) to stop the Centre owned Uranium Corporation Of India Ltd. (UCIL), Jaduga Mines , Singhbhum District , East Bihar from extracting uranium citing environmental reasons.
This was to force India to always have to beg from foreign countries for uranium.

Just like the Adivasies were forced to depend on the likes of foreigners like Samy, to extricate them from the debt and police cases forced on them by him...
India too was forced to accept poor deals and pay high prices for uranium that she already had.

It was when the naxal Biren Ghuria was arrested that the devious role of this Jesuit Priest was discovered.
He was arrested but let go due to undue influence from his organisation and other foreign conversion agencies. It shd also be noted that Samy paid Bhiren Ghuria’s court expenses.

Samy currently works thru NGOs like Prosecuted Prisoners Solidarity Commitee
(PPSC) and Bagaicha.
The traitorous activities of these NGOs run by this foreigner have lead to what is now called the ''Pathalghadi Movement “. This movement is spread across the Khunti ,Simdega ,Seraikela ,Gumla areas of Jharkhand.
This movement was also involved in aggressive protests against the hanging of the terrorist Yakub Memon.

In areas where they are in control... no outsider including the police is allowed in. Anyone who dares to do so is killed instantly. Yes.. Jharkhand has it’s own No Go Zones
Within their territory there is no environmental concerns, Human rights, freedom of expression or freedom to go where u like. Any action to the contrary ends in death. The Adivasies are nothing but fodder to this foreigner’s never ending greed and quest for power.
Their long term plan is to turn the entire country of India into chaos and civil war. Just like Iraq and other ME and African states. They hope to achieve this by an Armed Revolution in 2025 and convert India into PATHALGHADI INDIA.
The Police recovered the blue print of this plan from naxal Dr G.N.SAIBHABHA. Just think ... a foreigner ... a Filipino.. who is a priest to a foreign religion is actually planning to destroy our country... our way of life and worship!


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27 Sep
De-bunking : Aryan - Dravidian theory.

Aryan-Dravidian propaganda by Christianity-is the sustaing catalyst of casteism in Tamil Nadu

Over five centuries European nations have waged war over many countries and their culture.
The histories of the local culture and as well as their global narratives have been falsified to justify their colonisation.

In 18 th century Europe ,with the decline of the Church influence , were looking for a glorious past, as they could not place the Bible before Constantine
They hoped to find it in India.

In this search for identity, they began to hypothesise and construct an idealised “Aryan race” through distorted reading of Indian scriptures.

Fed by virulent German nationalism, anti-semitism and Race science.
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"புரட்சி என்பது மரபுகளை மாற்றுவது இல்லை மரபுகளை பலப்படுத்தல்" என்று ஒரு பதிவின் மறுமொழியில் ஒருவர் எழுதுகிறார். ஆகா பிரமாதம் என்று மற்றொருவர் அதை ஆமோதிக்கிறார். அட, நல்ல சூப்பர் தத்து(பித்து)வமா இருக்கே என்று சிலர்.

மரணக் காமெடி என்றால் இதுதான்.
"புரட்சி" என்ற சொல்லையே பாரதியார் தான் உருவாக்கினார்.

அதற்கு முன்பு அந்தச் சொல் தமிழில் கிடையாது. புரள் என்ற வினைச்சொல்லிலிருந்து அது வருகிறது - புரட்டுதல், தலைகீழாக்குதல், புதுமை, மாற்றம், upsetting, overturning என்பதே அதன் பொருள்.
Revolution என்ற ஆங்கிலச் சொல்லுக்கு இணையான ஒரு சக்திமிகுந்த சொல்லாக பாரதி அதைப் பயன்படுத்தினார். அதற்கு இப்படி 180 degree முற்றிலும் நேர்மாறான ஒரு பொருளைக் கற்பனை செய்து இந்த நண்பர் கூறுகிறார்.
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23 Sep
Monitoring Foreign Funds - NGOs

India’s Foreign Contribution Regulation Act ( FRCA ) , which was formed in 1976, is felt by officials as out dated in present day situs. For years India has known that foreign funded organisation have been indulging in subversive activies.
Following Kargil , Shri Vajpayee appointed a group of ministers to review national security system. Observing that foreign funded activities was THE major threat to internal security and realesed in 2001 a revision
It wants Ministry of Home Affaires to monitor to control the flow of funds into the NGOs

Yet taking action against these NGOs has still not been realised cause it was framed as “ religious persecution “ by the global nexus of Christianity operating in India.
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19 Sep
Most youngsters born in the 21st century wouldn't even be aware of this brand, let alone trying or using it. But this is a legendary product which ruled the roost throughout the 20th century, and kept all dental ailments at bay. Image
The origins of it lies in the vision of the Wodeyar Royal Family of Mysore Kingdom who promoted ancient Indian Sciences including Yoga & Ayurveda.

Way back in the 1890s, Wodeyars, as part of their long term plans to revive Hindu traditions,
had established Mysore Ayurvedic College which produced several Practitioners and Entrepreneurs who brought Ayurveda closer to the masses. BV Pundit was one such Scholar who graduated from the very first batch of Mysore Ayurvedic College and
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19 Sep
*To Understand the colonial mind game first understand history*

British had three entry points in Bharat. They cleverly used a social fault line in all three places to create long term breaking Indic momentum. It was a genius move that works as pays dividends till today!
*1. Bengal Presidency*: Created Brahmo Samaj & subtly admonished idolatry & promoted atrocity literature. Highlighted one off crimes as a endemic nature of Indic society. This was useful to showcase themselves as cultured and Indics as barbarians.
*2. Madras Presidency:* Created Aryan-Dravidian theory using completely fake science and Max Mueller. Even after modern science has made serious dents in this theory it’s still taught formally and is a source of divisive politics in South.
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14 Sep
This Manusmriti is a very big tool which is used by non Hindus to show Vedic hinduism as casteist !! I have debated with a lot of the anti hindus and challenged them to show me instances from Vedas, Puranas, Itihasas which they could not. However they simply throw passages.
Now the problem is I am yet to see a genuine Manusmriti. People show translated Manusmriti, abridged ones and shady versions.

They quote some random verses from Manusmriti about all kinds of random punishments to be given to lower castes.
For eg. they say Manusmriti said lead should be poured in ears of Shudras who hear Vedas. If this were true, we should have such incidences reported in at least one of the other religious texts, which there is no mention.
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