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13 Sep, 10 tweets, 2 min read
Imagine Labor had won the last Federal election. Then imagine:
That we had the most intense bushfires in our recorded history and the PM went on holiday to Hawaii (1/10)
That Labor MPs were found to have used signs in Chinese during the election to deceive people into voting for them and the PM said nothing

That the minister for Sport had been caught illegally using millions of dollars to target winnable electorates and the PM did nothing (2/10)
That the country went into recession for the first time in 30 years and the government didn’t have a plan to get us out of it (3/10)
That passengers on a cruise ship were allowed to disembark without being quarantined resulting in the majority of COVID-19 cases during the initial wave and the government tried to blame it all on the State government (4/10)
That a second outbreak occurred in one state and the Federal government’s only response was to attack and undermine the efforts of the State government trying to bring it under control (5/10)
That the Federal government used a funeral to try and attack and undermine another State government’s efforts to protect their residents by closing their borders (6/10)
That hundreds of people die from COVID-19 in aged care facilities while the Minister for Aged Care reuses to take action or answer questions and the PM says they have his full backing (7/10)
That over a million Australians become unemployed and the government ignores huge sections of the community with its JobKeeper program

That the government get their sums on JobKeeper wrong by $60 billion then try claiming credit for it as a saving (8/10)
That businesses rort millions from JobKeeper and the government does nothing

And that the prime minister’s response to being asked any questions about all of this is to say they don’t accept it and walk away. (9/10)
Imagine the criticism.
Imagine the attacks from the media.
Imagine the cartoons lambasting the government.
Imagine the outrage at press briefings.
Imaging the editorials.
Imagine the outbursts for conservative commentators.
Imagine a balanced media in Australia. (10/10)

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11 Jun
"Australia when it was founded as a settlement, as New South Wales, was on the basis that there'd be no slavery...It was a pretty brutal place, but there was no slavery in Australia."
- Scott Morrison

Hold my beer...(1/7)
The Australian colonies were built with convict labour. Most convicts were leased out to private citizens and placed entirely under their control. The unwillingness of wealthy landowners to give up convict labour was the reason it continued for so long in Australia. (2/7)
Indentured labourers, known as Coolies, were brought to Australia from India and China in the 1800. They were given contracts to work for 5-6 years in return for food, lodging and minimal pay (which most never received). (3/7)
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8 Jun
In case anyone is wondering what Tony Abbott's services to Indigenous Australians are: (1/5)
During his tenure as Health Minister in the Howard government, Tony Abbott oversaw a $460 million shortfall in Indigenous health funding. (2/5)
Abbott's first budget cut $534 million from Indigenous funding while ignoring advice from Treasury on closing tax and superannuation loopholes and offshore tax evasion schemes, which would have saved 100 times that amount. (3/5)
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5 Jun
We're not racist but...👇
29% of our prison population are Indgenous (3.3% of Australians are Indigenous).
34.3% of incarcerated women in Australia are Indigenous.
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30 Apr
A few points on Andrew Forrest:

The cost of the 10 million COVID-19 test kits Forrest purchased through his registered charity, the Minderoo Foundation, will be fully reimbursed by the government. (1/7)
In return for for this taxpayer funded activity, Forrest has considerably enhanced his his standing with both the Australian & Chinese governments (whose Consul General Forrest brought along to the press briefing) & his ability to call in favours from both governments. (2/7)
Forrest's well publicised acts of philanthropy amount to a tiny fraction of the tax he refuses to pay. Not to mention the money he saved from running a tax-deductible campaign against the Minerals Resource Rent Tax, which helped deliver government to Tony Abbott. (3/7)
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5 Apr 19
43 years and 6 months after the Whitlam government was elected, both Labor and the Coalition had been in government for the same amount of time (21 years and 9 months).
In that time... 1/4
Annual employment growth was 0.216% higher under Labor. Given the size of today’s labour market that amounts to 25,710 extra jobs per year. Since 1972 565,000 addition jobs were created under Labor. 2/4
Overall quarterly GDP growth was 0.03% higher under Labor. In today’s dollar terms that’s approximately $1.7 billion per annum. Over 22 years that accumulates to a difference of nearly $40 billion, about $1600 per person. 3/4
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29 Dec 17
Australian welfare facts ⬇️
The Newstart allowance is nearly $200 per week below the poverty line
Over 730,000 children are dependent on welfare payments to their parents/careers
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