Someone suggested that Sweden opened and did about the same as the US, then wondered what Trump could have done. Following is my response.

It makes sense though, because the US never isolated or did social distancing. Some states and localities did, and saw good results.
The problem is that unless there is reasonable alignment across the population, you have one group of people working hard, and other groups out partying. When the inevitable leakage occurs it blows up.
Local government did not handle things well early, due to unknown issues. It appears that the Trump administration, although they were aware of this virus even in November did little or nothing to share the information or to in any way prepare at either fed. or state level. 3/
Trump has stated that he was trying to downplay, and effectively convinced many people that there was no problem.

What could trump have done? Worked with governors to apprise them of the seriousness of this. 4/
Coordinated with those governments to ensure that materials were available. Restricted international travel more than his ineffectual clamp down on China.

Wear a damn mask, not ridicule or pick on people who were wearing masks,...

...not hold fucking rallies inside with no masks or distancing, not instruct his people to remove instructions at his rallies to physically distance.

He did the exact opposite, in literally every way, of a responsible adult who was trying to limit the health issues from covid.6/
On top of all that, the economy still cratered. So he killed people to save the economy, but failed all around. He was left with a playbook that among other things said to get in front of it early, and to have consistent messaging. He and his COVID team ignored it all.
He also had the authority to ramp up production of medical supplies, and to replenish depleted supplies in the federal inventory.

He knew this was deadly; he had a playbook. He took actions with seeming intent to maximize pain to people and the economy.8/
Besides all that not much. 9/9
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18 Sep
The FBI, CIA, NSA, the special counsel, and the Republican-controlled senate have all stated that Russia meddled in our elections in 2016 to benefit Trump.

They all agree that they are at it again.
On top of it, the intelligence community is unanimous that white supremacist terror groups pose a clear danger.

So logically, supporters of the president have re-evaluated their position and decided to vote American.

Uh uh. 2/
Instead, the president is focusing on a group of African Americans with a clear grievance. Who held protests after a horrific murder as being enemies of the state and planning a coup.
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16 Aug
I sent the following to the Usps board of governors

Dear USPS Board of Governors,

I have been a board member, and know the distractions, so I’ll make this brief.

Reports in the media, from congress, and from the president’s mouth about the status of the postal system 1/
are quite worrying.

It appears that in a hasty attempt to reorganize the post office for what sound like valid reasons, but are belied by DeJoy’s actions.

In striving for efficiency, he appears to be demechanizing the postal service.
This will reduce volume and increase costs. Worse, he is doing it in the middle of a pandemic and going into a presidential election. He has already warned states that because of his actions, he cannot guarantee prompt delivery of the mail.
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15 Aug
This is the game. Ytump is trying to force as many democrats as poossible to the electronic voting both, where putin can then Hack the machines. If you believe the paper trail of mail-in ballots is less secure than hackable machines with no trail, you’re delusional, or...1/
...perhaps you care about Trump more than our national values.

Here’s how we’ll know. In swing states, and at certain places, the discrepancy will be historically large. Much larger than in 2016, and even more statistically unlikely.2/
The difference will far exceed any reasonably possible statistical error.

Trump and his camp will claim the people have spoken, all those statisticians were wrong again, and the white suburban housewives pulled him across the goal line. That will be a lie. 3/ @NateSilver538
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29 Jun
There’s short and long term, certain and uncertain. What I know is that I have the freedom to swing my arms until my fist connects with someone else’s nose.

The freedom to do what you want carries a responsibility to not hurt others.
Sometimes these items are quite clear, other times not. If someone knew they were sick with COVID and knowingly walked around coughing on people, I would not consider that freedom of expression, I would call it assault and battery with intent to kill.
Any one of us might be a carrier without knowing it. Not wearing a mask and ignoring distance is a statistical attack on everyone around you. 3/3
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2 May
Kavanaugh and Biden is really Trump and Biden.

Kavanaugh benefitted from a majority rushing him through a job interview process with the end and process already decided and the process. He was not part of an either-or process like an election. He was yes-no. 1/
Biden is at the start of his candidacy in an either-or battle with Donald Trump. It is well documented that Trump has had numerous complaints about sexual abuse, as well as many, many un-"proven" rumors.
Reade should be allowed her day in the spotlight. So should Trump's accusers. This issue is too important to the nation to allow NDA's bought and paid for by Trump and his allies to prevent open disclosure. 3/3
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