A woman says to me today: "I don't believe in all this COVID stuff."

"Me either."

(Looking around as if she will get in trouble): "I think they just want to block Trump."

It was uncanny. We both knew and agreed without having to say anything.
Now, the flip side is the signs where it says "dump Trump" and similar.

People absolutely deranged and brainwashed.
The enemy relies on fake news.

Break the fake news.
Example - the FBI sending out the Portland office to say that Antifa isn't setting fires. Of course Antifa is setting fires. The Internet is full of firsthand accounts.
Everybody knows that law enforcement doesn't comment on an investigation in profess. Why would the FBI do that, and destroy their credibility in the process?
People are afraid to speak out in real life, but that fear is dropping away. So are the masks which I see them not wearing.
Here is the thing.

When people speak out, they need a fact or a trustworthy figure to refer to.

For Covid, people trust @zev_dr.
That is why it is important that you share facts (or trustworthy figures) through word of mouth.
An example is the fact that most deaths from Covid occur in untreated elderly people with underlying conditions.

The nursing home murders.

People remember this.
The fake news does not want you armed with facts, and they seek to discredit trustworthy figures, because they are the gatekeepers for killers.
Censorship is another thing that "redpills" people.

So is watching blatant lies day after day on TV.
The enemy is soaked in arrogance. This is their downfall. So they force their lies on the people. They figure if the lies don't work, the riots will, or the fires.
One thing I saw in my visit to the Amish country is how important God faith is to trampling the enemy underfoot. This is VITAL.
The woman who made the comment to me (at the start of this thread) said: "They want to end religious services using the Covid."

How is it we all know the same trick?
The Amish stores are full of signs that put God first. It seems to me no accident that the area featured Trump signs and (in one place) a reminder that MASKS ARE YOUR CHOICE.
So - last thing - I wanted to recommend @GeorgWebb book "Awan Minutes to Midnight" but am not sure why the Kindle link isn't on Amazon for me. I read it today - the DS is most assuredly real.

And you know the funny thing? @GeorgWebb talks to "veteran journalists" for the book - they all know the truth - the heavy hand of the DS has their mouths sealed shut.
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I think this is it


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